10 Proven: Your PC is Affected With Virus

10 proven sign your PC is affected with Virus.

PC is getting too slow ?? Yes its because your PC may be affected by Virus or Malware’s.

10 Proven That Your PC May Affected With Virus

   1. Slow Start Up And Performance :

  • If your computer’s performance is very slow,  first of all check that  it isn’t due to a lack of RAM memory or hard disk space.or the startups programs running your computer, If not, then it may be due to virus/malware. 
2. Window Pop Ups :
  • There are  times when it just randomly pops-up without doing anything. Suddenly when we try to open a program, it just shoots out and pops-up again.Never click on a suspicious pop-up – even if it says ‘a virus was detected’. This is an example of rogueware, which asks you to pay for a program to remove a fake virus but may in fact allow even more malware to be downloaded.
3.Browser Becoming Sluggish :
  • Your web browser becoming sluggish,home page changing or being redirected to unusual websites are all warning signs of a computer virus infection.
Affected With Virus
4. Email Is Hijacked :
  • If your fiends receive some emails by you suddenly then surely your email is hijacked. never click those emails link and ads and change your password soon .

5. Network Activity :
  • If your network is working even when you are not using it then it may be viruses which is busy sending information back and fourth  over network.
6. Error Messages And Crashes :
  • System freezes or shuts down for no reason.If programs start opening and closing automatically, or you see odd error messages, then you may have a virus infection.
7. Missing files :
  • Some viruses cause problem by deleting your files,programs and moving them around change their location.or encrypt your files which cause you won’t be able to open your files.
8. Storage Space Full :
  • If you find yourself devoid of storage space on your hard drive, a virus may be doing this to make your computer unusable.
9. Suspicious Hard Drive Activity :
  • When your not using your computer but still your hard make continuous noise or have any programs running,then may be it is viruses on your computer.
 10. Security Attacks:
  • There are viruses design to disable your security of computer.
If still you have not install anti viruses or firewall in your computer then do it now because it lead to viruses affection to your computer which cause data loses and many problems. 

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