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10 Best Phone Gadgets & Accessories for Techies

Best Phone Gadgets

Best Phone Gadgets

In these days all we want to do smart work and not hard work (which is a lot more timeconsuming) and in this era it is possible with latest trending gadgets and accessories booming in the market.

Most of the our work totally depends on the technology and we should need to aware about which one is best for us.

For the technology lovers, we have noted down a lists of best phone gadgets.

Just forget about loading yourself with different accessories and now just keep track on the best.

It not only about the brand or the best or worst it’s about some quality products which may help you to save your time and also improves your living lifestyle too.

Let’s see the best phone gadgets from the technology box :

1. Pocket Projector :

A pocket projector, the name defines that it fits into your pocket and you can carry it with you anywhere and anytime.

You may heard about the sayings that old is gold like that in olden times the projectors are used like television. The only difference is that it is updated with new latest features and it is small in size to ease for carrying in your pocket.

Pocket projectors are used for business purposes like meetings and presentations or can be used for personal use too like watching movies.

Here are some of the best pocket projectors:

2. Wireless Nano Router :

Nothing is best to buy than this gadget. It is used to create a private network for you when you don’t want to use the public wifi , which is not safe at all.

You can create your own network anywhere you go. This is best for travelers and students.

The advantage of this is that it provide you security. Just plug it and enjoy your own wifi.

Some of the best Wireless Nano Router:

3. Clip-On Smart Phone Lens :

This is the smartphone license that lets you zoom in things without losing its quality. It makes you take more compressive shots with your smartphone.

This is the coolest device in the box of best gadgets.It comes with different range and on different time-zones. There is a wide angle lens and a fish-eye lens is available.

The best clip on smartphone lenses:


4. A Tile Tracker :

If you are a person who forgets things many times that when and where he or she have used it last time or where he/she kept. Then this gadget is absolutely for you.

It can locate your everyday stuff like your smartphone, keys, power bank, which is important and you don’t want to forget when you are in hurry.

It works on Bluetooth. Then if the connection is established, it uses your location to locate your important things and provide up to date location service.

Tile Tracker

5. Cardboard Kit For VR :

This device is made by Google for experiencing the amazing world of virtual reality.

A low-cost device for developing an interest in virtual reality.

It pretends you like you are in that place which you are looking on this device. To start with it you just have to take your mobile from an optimal distance from the cardboard and you can look into a large variety of apps that unfold all around you.

It is not compulsory to use cardboard with VR but it provides better quality.

Cardboard Kit For VR

6. Mobile Gamepad :

A Mobile Game-Pad is a great way to take advantage of playing games on a computer by using your Android device.

It uses Bluetooth to connect with the controller and the amazing thing is that It allows playing up to 40 hours.

Mobile Gamepad

7. Charging Dongle :

Now you can charge your phone with the most slimmer dongle which is like a key or your clips.

It is easy to carry and simple to use.

Charging Dongle

8. A Headphone Splitter :

A headphone splitter that makes you use or allow to connects two stereo headphones.

With the splitter, you and your partner can listen at the same time on the same device. Its perfect and best phone gadgets for techies lovers.

Headphone Splitter

9. Rechargeable Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker :

This is one of the best product for the decoration lovers. It has a Bluetooth speaker and piano and also had a multi-color LED.

It has good sound quality with high volume. Battery backup is up to 1200mAH which stays long up to 10 hours. Available at the Amazon store.

Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker


10. Senstone :

A Senstone is easy wearable technology and better than android apps to use.

With SENSTONE, you don’t have to pull out your phone to take any notes.

It can record your thoughts quickly and it is so pretty like a bottle cap.

11. Amazon Echo Dot :

A cool thing now-a-days or we can say trending technology is Amazon echo or Alexa.

It can play anything on your demand like news, music, alarms, movie time, restaurant recommendations.

You can link with smart home devices to control your home appliances.

Amazon Echo Dot

These are the lists of 11 top trending best phone gadgets for technology lovers.

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