Amazon Alexa: Your Next Smart Home Assistant

Amazon Echo | Alexa Home assistant | Your Next Smart Home assistant

Amazon’s Alexa is virtual assistant, also we called it a smart home assistant developed in November 2014 by Amazon. Alexa provides outcomes for internet searches, order products from Amazon, and also function as a hub for harmonious IoT apparatus via voice commands.

  • It is used with android 4.4 OS and later,
    iOS 8.0 iOS and later,
    fire 5.0 iOS and later…
    It can be used with the first Amazon echo and then echo dot.

Amazon Echo (Alexa): Your Smart Home Assistant​

Amazon echo which is known as Alexa, is a smart personal assistant that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s made to be constantly awakened and on using voice control. Amazon Echo (Alexa) : Your Smart Home Assistant

Alexa is a cloud-based voice service, interactive AI bot, or personal assistant or home assistant with their echo, or echo dot another amazon’s smart home device. 

Amazon Alexa can do internet searches, and generate calendar events, modify to-do lists and notes, order goods, play audio, browse Twitter posts, and perform dozens of different jobs. When you talk to Alexa, it utilizes normal language learning and language recognition to automatically transmit your petition to Amazon’s servers, and that’s where the actual work is finished.

Setup of Alexa is much easy, only download Alexa app in your phone, sign up and place your Alexa at your home, plug it in and all set. 

Follow the instructions given on your screen in the Alexa app. And connect your wifi to Alexa.

The LED of the device blows out when it connects. First of all blue and then the colour turns into orange. 

Alexa your smart Home assistant, wakes up with your voice listing ‘Alexa’ or ‘computer’ or ‘echo’ whatever you want to call.

This home assistance uses seven microphone array voice recognition, due to this it is able to receive your voice from different directions.

Alexa Home assistance means it provides a Smart by Home Automation control feature which you can enable using the Alexa app installed in your android or iOS. Actually, the home assistant is the python program for making it user-friendly for richer automation control. It is the subscription provided by Amazon for Alexa users.

Alexa comes with few languages which are ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, JAPANESE, ITALIAN, SPANISH. It works on these platforms like..

Amazone Echo, Fire TV, Fire HD, ANDROIDIOS, CORTANA

  • FIRE TV: Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player and its micro-console remote is developed and designed by Amazon. The device is a small network appliance that could deliver electronic audio/video content streamed through the internet, to a high profile television.
  • FIRE HD: The Fire HD, also known as Kindle Fire HD, is a member of the Amazon Kindle Fire family of tablet computers.
  • CORTANA: Cortana is also a virtual assistant created by Microsoft.

What is the echo and echo dot?​

Echo and echo dot is just the brand of smart speakers. It has all the smarts of Alexa in small speakers this response to ‘Alexa,’ ‘echo,’ or ‘computer.’

Echo and echo dot is speakers. Echo dot is essentially the top portion of the regularly echo without beefy speakers underneath it and echo dot is to be hooked up to a set of external speakers.

Amazon echo (Alexa) and the Google home miniature are among the elite when it comes to smart hub speakers. You might even use it to make custom orders for Alexa.

How Alexa, your Home Assistant works?

Alexa record your command because taking sound and interpreting it requires a lot more computational power and after this be fetched sound will fetch by amazon’s server.

The server breaks your sound into individual parts and it searches for the keyword related to a task which Alexa has to perform and it carries out the corresponding function like if it recognizes words e.g ‘call’ or ‘phone’ it opens calling application. 

After the above process will complete server sends this information back to Alexa and Alexa will work as per the information.

What does Alexa do for you?​

Alexa user who owns an echo and has an app installed in their phone will make calls, messages and even it lets you send a voice message.

With your Amazon echo, you can control your TV using ‘Logitech Harmony’ (remote hub) which is compatible with Alexa.

It can do music playback, set alarms, streaming podcast, playing audio books, providing news about weather information, sports and other, voice interaction and more,

Alexa can also work with security camera’s like internet WiFi camera.

To know more skills provided by Alexa, you can go through Alexa app







Alexa Bluetooth speakers, you can use your echo device as Bluetooth speakers. Amazon’s Echo smart speakers will be best known for its Alexa voice helper that powers them, but they’re also able to function like the Bluetooth speaker to play podcasts, music and yet another audio programming in the smartphone, tablet along with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

How to connect Bluetooth speakers to Alexa?​

Your speakers should be in pairing mode

Open Alexa app >Settings >Your echo device name >bluetooth>pair

When your Bluetooth speakers show up within an app

tap on connecting, wait till Alexa confirm the pairing successfully and then all set.

This is all about Amazon’s Alexa, a virtual assistant or your next Smart Home Assistant…

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