Best Dating Apps In India: In this era of social distancing, everything seems to happen online and not only in this period, but also in the pre-corona time, everyone wanted someone just to date and have fun so that was the need due to which these apps came into existence. 

Now all of the users have this statement, “we know we should do online dating but which is the best app or the app which gives the surety of getting a partner”.

Let me break it to you, you can get yourself a partner, but a medium is important. So, here is the list of best dating apps in India one could get their hands on.

Best Dating Apps In India


best dating app in india

Whenever someone asks/tells their friends that they want to do casual dating and they don’t know someone, the first option they offer is Tinder. 

It is the most used and trusted dating app in India with the verbal promotion because of its simple UI. 

By UI, I mean the user interaction, which is so easy that almost anyone can use it, but it is not like that any one under 18 or fake profile can use it, as one needs to register with your phone number and email.

Now, it is as simple as if you like a person, you need to swipe right and if you don’t just swipe left and the next step is to wait till the other person swipes you right and if you both swipe right you would get a match notification and then you can chat and follow up with a date as per both of yours discretion. It is one of the best dating app in India.

This app is available on play store as well as its site. 



best dating app in india

The app whose rating is enough to support its title on play store. It is available on play store with the 130k ratings with 3.6 stars and downloaded over 5 M times, with title of editor’s choice on play store.

Now, you might be thinking that how to use this app?

To explain in a few steps, just download the app from the Google play store or App store as per your phone. 

As soon as you open the app, the home screen shows a GIF with options of registering either through Facebook or your phone number, which is a good method of authentication / verification, as no one can be fake on it.

If register with your phone number, an OTP will be shared to verify and by using facebook, you will be directly signed up. 

If you are signed up with Facebook, its done, but if you use a phone number you will be prompted with the option of pre-fill with Facebook or create account.

Basic info would be asked like your Address, Name, DOB, Gender, whom you are into, height, your ethnicity, asks whether you have children or not, your hometown, school, whether you smoke, drink or do drugs and after this interrogation you are good to go.

Now just like and send a catchy comment to get noticed by the person you are interested into and make a room in the one’s heart and mind.


3.GO gaga 

best online dating app in india

According to me if you are afraid of being judged or mobbed or any other horrific things, you should use this app as this allows you to meet the friends of your friends. Its title also consists of serious relationships. 

After downloading you can only log in with your Facebook account. After that you can edit your details or let them be it. Select your language in which you are comfortable talking with. 

Then you have to choose a character, then complete your interests, belief, lifestyles stuff then an AI algorithm would provide you with the perfect options and then you are good to go.



This is available on Play store with rating of 4.1 star and it has 5M reviews, 100M+ downloads, verified with play protect.

As soon you open the app for the first time you would be asked questions like your gender, logging in options come with Facebook. 

Then once you log in using Facebook then it would ask you your sexual orientation, your relationship status, what makes you happy, height, your body type, school, job description, your honest opinions(data that would be used by AI to match you), common question like you drink, smoke, do drugs and so on.

Then the best thing this app has is it gets your photo verified(hope so using python modules, but unaware of which) and after verification its done you are good to go.

This app has a simple UI if you like someone to send heart on right of photo swipe down to see their brief details and if not there is a cross on left and a heart is present to send a crush but that is a paid feature.

Website: Badoo


There are other dating apps too which remained prominent in the field but were banned by the Indian Army as they had their headquarters or base as China. So, might leak sensitive information across borders. Those apps are listed below:

  1.  Happn
  2.  TrulyMad
  3.  Coffee meets Bagel
  4.  Woo
  5.  OkCupid
  6.  Tantan

These were some most popular ones that were on the list and while auditing them their back-end was not so encoded and it might have been easily manipulated and compromised its data.

Best Dating Apps In India FAQs

Is it legal to date in India?

Yes, It is completely okay and legal to date, meet, sit in a park in India if you are above 18 and if you ain’t you shouldn’t. The only thing that  is not legal is kissing in public, having a private relationship in public despite their gender and this is what has been amended last year.

Which is the best dating app according to me?

It entirely depends on different factors such as if you are introverted then you shouldn’t (just kidding) if you need privacy and other but if you are desperate to get a date use tinder it will surely get you one.

● Are they all free to use?

As basic they are free to use, they use ads to gain revenue and some feature basically one or two is paid to earn a little extra fund.

● How to find a serious relationship on these apps?

First of all while logging in apps this would be a question of what sort of relation you want and when you meet/talk to someone if you feel the same as they feel then you can easily gain long term or what you asked for a serious relationship.

Do dating apps in India really work?

Yes, if you are searching for casual dating you can get them by these apps mentioned above.

What is the minimum age for dating apps in India?

18 years is the minimum age when you are eligible to date.

Do girls use dating apps as frequently in India as boys?

No, the answer is no because the sex ratio is off chart and the mentality of people is too substandard and the last factor is lack of sex education. Now these are not applicable on everyone some people are different and I agree completely to that.

● Are dating apps safe?

It totally depends on how and to what extent you are using, if someone is asking for your personal or financial details then you should stop/block.

● Tips to stay safe while using these apps!

First of all it is necessary that you use your profile picture as, when you want to meet someone then you should at least talk to them for two weeks or so to get their true identity and when you want to go on a first date/blind date meet on a public place of your choice, give your details as well as his to your family/friend, keep your family/friend number on speed dial as if anything goes sideways you have help.


Here is a detailed guide for you to choose the best dating apps in India (2020), amongst all these options, and I hope you will have been now able to decide it on your own that what type is the best for you. 

It is not completely safe and not completely bad as this is the age when you could get experience and the mind evolves but don’t fall too hard just for dates, keep them simple and easy.

Thank You!

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