Best Screen Recorder For Window 10

Wanna record an HD quality video from your desktop?? Then you are at right place.

Lets see what is the use of Screen Recorder Software.​

Best Screen Capturing Software for Windows – Free and Paid​ (Best Screen Recorder For Windows 10)

  • Screen recording software is a high-quality application that provides smooth screen recording with the audio narration.
  • It comes with different features like screen capture, interactive videos, floating buttons, game recording, tutorials, trim videos, and the software makes it simple.
  • Now-a-days many people make YouTube videos for tutorials and for other purposes too and for that they need best screen recorders to record screen properly.
  • For capturing the screen for windows users, here are the list of best screen recorders. 

Check out the Box of screen recording software and find which will be best for your PC.

1. ApowerREC
2. Camtasia Studio
3. Flashback
4. Fraps
5. MadCap Mimic
6. iSpring Free Cam
7. ShareX
8. CamStudio
9. Ezvid
10. Icecream Screen Recorder

1. ApowerREC

  • This screen recorder can capture anything from your screen like web meetings, all desktop videos, streaming videos anything you want to record.
  • Its one of the best features is that it can keep videos synchronized with audio. 
  • because of this feature, it can be used for making tutorials.
  1. Video EditingTo make your video editing ease, it can able to apply effects on recorded video.It provides advanced video editing features.
  2. Webcam RecordingWith your screen, you can record the webcam.
  3. Recording taskIt can automatically create the recording schedule.
  4. Video ConversationOne more good feature is that it can convert recorded videos to very different formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.
  5. Take ScreenshotsA single click can take screenshots and save them automatically.
  6. Recording audioIt can Record the audio customize it and adjust volume from sound card or the microphones.

2. Camtasia Studio:

  • Camtasia Studio created by Tech-Smith and comes with a natural video editing feature. 
  • One of the best screen recorder software provides the features for creating video tutorials and presentations through a screen-cast.
  • This software is user-friendly and has different features for a user which helps to capture the best videos.
  • It provides users to add animation, different titles, transactions, highlights, images, audio files and effects, voice narrations.
  • Video recorded by this software can be used for marketing, advertising, educational purposes, and business presentation. It depends on the need and interest of the customer.

3. Flashback:

  • From the box of best screen recording software, here is one more The Flashback Software.
  • This software is good to capture each and every corner of the screen.
  • We can also draw lines, different shapes, figures, add images and notes to it.
  • It also has the feature of converting videos to many formats and can share it on YouTube or Flashback connect.
  • Available for the 30 days trial.
  • Multi-color monitoring feature is added in a list of his best features.

4. Fraps:​

  • Fraps the screen recording software invented by Beepa.
  • It is an screen recording utility for Windows users.
  • It can able to capture the software that uses DirectX and OpenGL like PC games.
  • It has the feature to take screenshots, record videos and can check the frame rate of your games.
  • It is called as Bench-marking Software, that shows you frames per second.

5. MadCap Mimic:​

  • MadCap Mimic is a screen recorder or a simulation and multimedia tool that allows you to create fully interactive movies tutorials of software or systems, and eLearning videos.
  • If you want to use in technical support or sales and marketing field then you must go with this software.
  • MadCap Mimic 8 has been renovated for making it more efficient and powerful with excellent new features.

6. iSpring Free Cam:​

  • A user-friendly screen recording software for windows users.
  • This is completely featured for Creating, Editing and Instantly sharing high-quality screen-casts.
  • If you want to create high-quality flash movies go with this application.It can create power-point presentation for free.
  • An easy Screen Recorder for Windows.
  • It can record any part of your screen, can edit recorded videos with many features, you can upload them directly on YouTube or saves it as WMV.
  • It can solves many screen sharing issues.

7. ShareX:​

  • ShareX an Open-source, Free with screenshot and screen-cast utility Software for Microsoft Windows.
  • Published by the GNU General Public License.
  • The project’s source code of this software is hosted at the GitHub code-sharing and code development platform.
  • Available on the Windows Store and Steam.
  • It can record the screen, It can save the images into different formats, Record the best quality video, Generate animated GIF, and within a single click upload them on online.
  • Like the other best recording software, it can also capture the overall area of your desktop.


  • CamStudio a popular screen capturing software that allows you to record all screen and audio activity on your desktop and create AVI video files an industry-standard video.
  • This software is Microsoft windows free software.
  • This software provides you to control the output of your video.
  • A completely free and best screen capturing software for Windows users.


  • Ezvid a video editor and screen recording software has the feature of keyboard shortcuts for ease of use.
  • It has the ability to quickly record their screen.
  • The widgets which display on your desktop can make it possible to easily stop the recording.
  •  It has the feature to add effects to sound while recording.
  • Has a built-in video editing feature.

10.Icecream Screen Recorder:​

  • This software provides easy features for the user.
  • Like others, it can easily take screenshots and capture screen in good quality.
  • A multitasking tool.As it can record screen, can edit videos, and you can apply many effects on it.

Above shown recorder are some of the best screen recording software you can add to your wish list.

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