Best Technology Life Hacks You Should Know


  • If you want to download a YouTube video, just add “ss”to the URL between ‘www’ and YouTube.
  • If you want to download MP3 from YouTube type ‘listento’ after ‘www.’ to the URL.
  • On YouTube to listen songs on repeat mode just add ‘repeat’ between ‘www.YouTube’ and ‘.com’.
  • To move forward and backward on YouTube videos just use j or l respectively.
  • If your phone battery is really low even you need it for later don’t turn it off. Instead put it on airplane mode. Turning it off and on will waste battery life.
  • Storing batteries in the freezers can up to double their life-span.
  • If you want to access Pandora, Hula, or Netflix outside the US,  download the Chrome or Firefox extension called Media Hint.
  • For sharing headphones with friends, turn on the mono feature, so that your phone splits the sound equally.
  • Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen. Tap General and then scroll down and tap Accessibility. In the Accessibility pane, scroll down and tap the Mono Audio  On/Off  button to turn on the feature tap and drag the slider to only your left ear or R for right ear.
  • To resize a photo for Instagram, tilt your phone sideways and take screenshot of it. So It’ll fit perfectly without affecting the quality.
  • iPhone picture will be of better quality if you take the picture and then zoom in on the saved version rather than zooming in while taking the picture.
  • Need to test a printer? Print the Google homepage. It has all the colours you need to run a proper test, and will use almost no ink.
  •  If you download a “PDF” file and you see it ends in “.exe” delete it. Probably its a virus.
  • Save your PPT files as .ppsx (i.e power point show) will open directly to slide show.
  • While saving your excel file as .XLSB will shrink the file by half or almost 75%.
  • If you have a computer that blocks sites such as YouTube, Google Chrome’s incognito mode will let you access them.
  • Stop using Google to search information for estate to search for school essays, use instead. You will find more relevant information right away!
  • The program DeTune will transfer all of the songs from iPod/iPhone and put them into your computer.
  •  Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games.
  •  If you accidentally close a tab, Ctrl +shift+T opens it.
  • Your incognito mode browsing history is stored in system32 folder to be safe, delete it.
  • Press alt and click on any google image to have it directly.
  • If you forget your computer password boot up in safe mode, press f8 while startup then login as administrator and change the password.
  • Charge your laptop battery up to 80% only instead of 100%, for the reason that heating of laptop on higher rates can reduce battery life.
  • can gives you fake mail for signing up temporarily on some sites , due to which you don’t have to use your personal mail on every site.

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Best Technology Life Hacks You Should Know

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