Does Bluetooth Drain Battery : Myth Or Fact?

Does Bluetooth Drain Battery ?

Does Bluetooth Drain Battery? – Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to exchange media and text files and now Bluetooth devices like headphones\speakers else are launched to enjoy wireless music.

In may 1998 the Bluetooth SIG was launched with IBM and Ericsson as the founding signatories and a total of five members were there which were: Ericssion, Intel, Nokia,  Toshiba and IBM. The first consumer Bluetooth device was launched in 1999.

It’s just a misconception that keeping the phone’s Bluetooth ON drains our phone battery but it’s not true. Only when you use it consumes battery that too very less which is negligible.

Battery Drain According To Usage

For Videos

  • While wearing a Bluetooth earphone I watched a 30 min video which consumed 2% battery.
  • While wearing a wired earphone I watched a 30 min video that consumed 5% battery.

For Calling

  • While wearing Bluetooth earphones I was on a call for 30 min it consumed 4% battery.
  • While wearing wired earphones I was on a call for 30 min it consumed 2% battery.
    The reason why this happens

It happens because when we use Bluetooth earphones for watching videos or listening audio is only one way which is output, but when we use it for call audio is in two way output as well as input so it consumes more battery on the call than on watching videos.

My Review

I prefer using Bluetooth earphones for watching videos and wired earphones for calls.

Can your phone be hacked by keeping Bluetooth on?

It’s actually not true that Bluetooth can hack our phone. Your phone can also be hacked by a normal text message.

Many people say that keeping Bluetooth on at public places can give an invite to the hacker to hack your phone but it’s not true your phone can be hacked by Bluetooth only when you pair your device with an unknown device.

How to keep your phone safe by keeping Bluetooth on?

  • Never allow any Unknown Device pair with your Bluetooth.
  • Rather keep your Bluetooth attached to with any Bluetooth device.

Can Bluetooth cause radiation?

It’s just a myth that Bluetooth can cause radiation. It’s not proven yet that Bluetooth causes radiation or not.

Bluetooth earphones can’t cause radiation as it has very little power in it, keeping Bluetooth ON all the time doesn’t cause radiation.

Bluetooth Range

You all have heard that the Bluetooth range is only about 10 meter but it’s not true every Bluetooth device has a different range.

Lastly, I want to tell you all that Bluetooth is safe to use, and keeping it on all the time doesn’t cause battery drain nor let your phone hack and every Bluetooth device has different ranges.

Conclusion (Does Bluetooth Drain Battery?)

The point that Bluetooth drains the battery is just a myth.

We can keep our phone’s Bluetooth ON all the time from saving us from the headache like when we want to use Bluetooth speakers\earphones we need to first pair it and then start using it.

We can just simply switch on Bluetooth device and can start using Bluetooth device by just keeping phone’s Bluetooth ON.

Our phone’s battery doesn’t get consumed it only get consumed when we start using any Bluetooth device and that drain is too small let’s just say that it is negligible.

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