17 Most Powerful Command Prompt Tricks You Should Know

Command Prompt is one of the most powerful tool in Windows.

Things were not always like this but with the advent of GUI based operating systems, people started feeling that computing through command based tools was boring. This ultimately led the command prompt into obscurity.

Command Prompt Tricks: The Most Powerful And The Most Ignored One Tool

  • It can be surely useful for you. we can start with encrypting your sensitive data There are some commands which can be used to encrypt your files in your computer because it may be a low level of encryption but any encryption is better than no encryption.
  1. Firstly, Open your command prompt.
  2. Now change your working directory to the folder, where you save your files. (Use the cd command to do this)
  3. After you have done with the first step, Type cipher/E press enter. it will encrypt your all files inside the folder.
Command Prompt Tricks

Deleting the Folder

  1. Although, it is not possible to manually delete the folder, you can delete the folder by typing “rd con” or “rd lpt1” in Step 4 instead of “md con” or “md lpt1“. 

Shutdown, Restart, Log OFF your computer using command prompt 

Launch your command prompt.

To shutdown your computer Type shutdown /s.

To Restart your computer Type shutdown /r

To logoff your computer Type shutdown /l


Change the color of text in your command prompt

  • Type color color code press enter e.g. color 02 it turns into green
  Command Prompt Tricks

Change the color of text in your command prompt

  • type prompt following the text you want to display like prompt command prompt tricks
Command Prompt Tricks 

Change the boring title of your command prompt 

  • Type title ‘STAR WAR'(you can type here whatever name you want to give your prompt)and press enter
 Command Prompt Tricks

Hidden folders

You can hide your folders by checking hidden property but this will unhide if someone checks your hidden property so hide your folders by command prompt
  1. C:usercomputerdestop>>attrib+h+s+rhit enter.
  2. Enter your directory name like desktop in my case. e.g C:usercomputerdesktop>cd desktop
  3. c:usercomputerdesktop>
  4. To unhide folder C:userdesktop>attrib -h -s -rhit enter

To see the installed programs in your PC

  • Simply type the following commands and hit enter [‘wmic product get name’]

Run commands one after another

  • If you want to run command one after another just,
type ‘&&’ between more than two commands like “systeminfo&&ipconfig” and hit enter.

To check your drive

  • Type ‘chkdsk’, this will check your drive for errors and gives you a report.

like type –chkdsk D: hit enter.

To check network statics of your network

  • Type ‘netstat’, this will show network statics of your network, the no of active ports connections along with their current status.

To know all commands

  • Type ‘help’, command this will show you all commands used in ms-dos prompt.

Format drive using a command prompt

  • Type ‘format c:‘, it will format your drive, this is so easy.

This is some basic commands

  • cls – Clear Screen
  • dir – Directory Listing
  • cd – Change Directory
  • move – Move Directory/Files
  • copy – Copy Directory/Files
  • ren – Rename Directory/Files

Check connections

  • Use ‘ping’ or ‘telnet’ command. 

To check your system information like memory, processor in detail then

  • Type ‘systeminfo‘ you will get detailed information of your system .

To end some tasks by this command 

  • Type  ‘Taskkill‘ in command prompt, it will kill the task  

Some shortcuts used in command prompt

  1. Pressing f7 shows recently used commands.
  2. Press arrow keys to cycle through the previous commands.
  3. Press tab button to completing command
This is all about Command Prompt Tricks it is great tool for everyday PC users because it’s easy to use, yet powerful.

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