Confirm Form Resubmission Error

The Confirm Form Resubmission is Not an error, it is a browsing feature. According to the Developers and Superuser posters, it is described as a feature of Google Chrome.

It helps to ensure that duplication of details doesn’t take place.

For example: When you are filling an exam form and you’re trying to go back to the previous page, it doesn’t allows you sometimes.

Reason Why does Confirm Form Resubmission Error Show Up?

  • Poor internet connection.
  • The Page that contains a certain kind of form has refreshed.
  • If in the middle of the form being submitted, you hit the back button.

This pop up emerges while you either return to the back page onto your web browser or to refresh it. This pop up has been accounted for by numerous clients now and again, but this bug continues showing up in all the versions of google chrome and numerous different gadgets.

The reason is that google chrome deals with a weekly built-in module of google chrome that deals with forward and in reverse developments. so it been difficult to take care of this issue.

How to turn Off Confirm Form Resubmission.

We should take it as a warning of google chrome feature. It has been created to prevent browsers from accidentally duplicating POST actions on forms.

More often the error comes when you are filling any form such as students exam form, login and sign-in pages. Or while adding the data or deleting or editing, etc.

Its nothing but a PHP code which saves user to do the same task repeatedly.

To turn off the confirmation form resubmission.

  • Update Google Chrome and Don’t Use Back Button. Confirm form resubmission issue will fix if you will update google chrome. (Most of the time it works.)
  • One of the simple tricks is to never go back or don’t use the back button. After submitting the form close the tab and use another link.
  • Check your internet is working well or not. It will also occur because of your poor internet connection.

Reset chrome setting.

Reset means clearing your browsing data on chrome, which allows you to go back to the webpage.

It is done by chrome setting-Show Advanced Settings-Restore settings to their original defaults-Reset Settings.

Remove or re=install Extensions.

Sometimes your extension would be corrupted, so try to remove and reinstall them.

To Disable Confirm Form Resubmission From Chrome

  • First Right-click on your chrome shortcut
  • Select Properties
  • In the target field, add: -disable-prompt-on-repost without the quotes after chrome.exe
  • For example, my target field looks like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe disable-prompt-on-re post. (We have shown in the below-mentioned picture.)
  • Then exit the browser and open it again (using that new shortcut).
Confirm Form Resubmission

This is some of the simplest solutions to get over out of Confirm Form Resubmission error.

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