13 Cool Google Search Tricks You Should Be Using!

Google Search Tricks | Google Search Tips | Google Search ShortCuts

You all must have heard about the word “Google.” Whenever you have a doubt or want answers, whether it’s a smart question or a foolish one, we all google it. 

Everyone must have used Google Search at-least once in a day for various reasons. Students use it for clearing their doubts, business people use it for their research, and some people use it for entertainment.


All you have to do is take out your computer or a phone, open Google, type your question, and then google provides hundreds of links in your answer varying from helpful to really absurd one in just a fraction of seconds. 


So if you want your exact answer, you really need to know a few tricks on how to search as Google knows everything, it will narrow down your search by providing built-in tools. But before, you have to be familiar with these tricks.

Here is the list of Google Search Tricks which everybody should know.

Google Search Tricks

1. Definitions

If you want to find exact definition of any word you just have to type ‘Define’  In front of the word you want.

E.g: Type “define infinity” or ” just type infinity “result will be like below image.
google search tricks

2. Quick Maths Problem

For the quick math problem you just have to type that equation into google.

E.g: 12+2/5-3
  • Google Search Result 12+(2/5)-3=9.
  • Google Gives Your Answer With The Proper Parenthesis
google search tricks

3. Unit Converter

We also search Unit Converters easily

 e.g: I Want To Know 10m to mm 
  • After Search 10m=10000mm
google search tricks

4. Online StopWatch

Search “Online stopwatch” on Google by simply type ‘ stopwatch.’

e.g Type “online stopwatch” here is the result below 
google search tricks

5. Search Using Image

Drag and drop. Drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on images.google.com.

Upload an image. On images.google.com, click the camera icon, then select “Upload an image.”

Copy and paste the URL for an image.

Right-click an image on the web.

6. Find site Related to one another

Search ‘related:flipkart.com

For more shopping sites like Flipkart.

e.g Typerelated:flipkart.com” and see the result below 

google search tricks


7. Search For Multiple Phrase or Words.

Use ‘or’ keyword. So if you have two similar keyword that fall under the same category, No need to search separately.

Type ‘how to install windows’ ; OR ‘how  to install Linux’

Technology‘ Or ‘Networking

e.g. Type “cakes or pastry” you will get more results related to it like below image.

google search tips

8. Make Good Searching Habits.

  • Like, instead of searching ‘find the best restaurant nearby me’ search ‘restaurant near me. Generally the websites don’t use words like you daily speak. They use the specific phrases so do a search like that.
  • Instead of ‘ i forgot my phone password’,  search ‘how to recover phone’s password’.
  • Like the specific keyword would search for you more relevant content than a long phrase.
e.g Type “Latest mobile phones” will show you mobile phones that will currently arrive in the market with a description and websites on which it is available.

google search tricks

9. To Find a Specific File Type

Search ‘ file name:file type (like pdf ,doc ,docx etc)’

e.g Type “rich dad poor dad pdf” result will be shown in below image you will get pdf file of that book.

google search tricks

10. Use Quotes To Exact Search:

  • Type your searching words in quotes like “How to make a cake,” which will give you exact search results.

11. Use Tabs :

  • Whenever you search for something, search by using tabs, it will be easy to find what you exactly want.
  • The tabs provided by google like Web, Image, News, and More, usually people uses these tabs, but if you are not one of them and making efforts to search exact  then use now.

12. Use Colon:

  • When you want to search a certain website use colon to find exact content on exact site.
  • like Computer images : unsplash.com
  • It will makes easier for you to find images on the site you want.

13. Use Quotes:

  • Example : “Royal enfield price in Maharashtra
  • Like above you can use quotes for searching on Google it will sort the searches for you and gives you exact results.

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Google Search Tricks | Google Search Tips | Google Search ShortCuts

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