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CRED App Reviews:

You guys ever think about that payment of credit card bill will be also become rewarding and getting cashback on bill payment of credit card. Getting free membership of popular apps also.

Don’t have enough money to pay house rent, then pay with your credit card through cred app and get a reward point in credit card and get an extra 45 days for these payments.

About CRED

CRED is a members-only club that rewards individuals for their timely credit card bill payments by providing them with offers, cashback, and access to premium experiences

It is a platform that allows credit card users to manage multiple cards along with an analysis of their credit score, reward points on the card.

Members with a high Experian or CRIF score(good CIBIL score) are eligible for exclusive rewards upon payment of their credit card bills through the app.

Among many of the features in the app is CRED’s credit card spend tracking and management feature which provided the user with analysis of spend tracking, the efficiency of usage of the card.

Features of Cred App

1. CRED is also equipped with the CRED to protect feature(provide data protection) which is an AI-backed system that keeps track of every single nuance of a credit card payment journey – right from due date reminders, spend patterns, and other card usage statistics.

2. Provide many exciting rewards, free membership of popular apps like swiggy etc.

3. Provide cashback on every bill payment.

4. Sunburn free VIP passes.

5. Variety of rewards of various forms such as access to events, experiences, gift cards, and upgrades from brands like Diesel, Cure.Fit, Myntra, Olive Bar & Kitchen and many more.

6. Get an equal amount of points of bill payment e.g.- if you paid a bill of 10,000rs. Then you will get points of 10,000 that you can use in for redeeming rewards and offer.

7. Provide payment facilities through UPI app, Debit card, and Net Banking

8. Get a reward for the payment of house rent. Yes, you can pay your house rent and get rewards, cashback, offers, and rewards points on the credit card.

9. Faster bill payment, usually amount credited on the same day(payment of credit card through official website takes 2 working days or NEFT payment also takes 2 working days)

10. Track hidden charges on the credit card.

11. Track all expenses.

12. Interest-free 45 days period.

13. You will get the remainder message to WhatsApp before the due date. It helps you to avoid paying interest.

14. You can play games in the WIN section and you can win so much cashback from top brands.

15. When you have multiple Credit Cards with you. It helps you manage it under one roof.

CRED App offers
CRED App ​offers
CRED App offers
CRED App ​Offers

Enough to know about the cred app, time to get the benefit of CRED app, and enjoy cashback on every payment.

How To Create An Account On CRED App

  1. First, open this link-> CREDApp(must go through this link for an extra reward like gift voucher)
  2. Install the app
  3. Now enter your full name(enter the name of cardholder, makes the high chance of getting membership)
  4. Now enter your mobile number(if possible enter credit card registered mobile number)
  5. Now it will fetch your Experian or CRIF score (if you have a good score then you will get membership of cred app)
  6. Now add your credit card, it will verify your card by depositing rs.1
  7. That’s it.
  8. Now start referring to your friend and family and earn cashback and voucher.

Refer and Earn

By referring to your friends and family you will get an gift voucher. If they did payment you will get 5% cashback in your credit card of the amount paid by your friend.

Follow these steps to refer:-

  1. Open CRED app.
  2. Click on CONTROL.
  3. Now click on refer & earn gems.
  4. Now share your referral link.
Cred app rewards
Cred app rewards

You can check how much gems you earned. Follow these steps:-

  1. Open CRED app
  2. Click on control
  3. Now click on gem and check your gems and if you have enough gems the redeem it for vouchers.

Want to know how to pay rent through cred app ?

  1. Open CRED app
  2. Click on CONTROL
  3. Now click on pay rent
  4. Enter your rent amount
  5. Now select pay with the credit card or pay with UPI.
  6. Now enter landlord’s full name and click proceed.
  7. Now enter the landlord’s bank account detail. If you don’t have account details, you can enter the landlord’s UPI id. Click proceed
  8. Now enter the residence address and click proceed
  9. Check the details that you filled correct or not and click proceed to payment
  10. Select your credit card and pay your rent
  11. Enjoy reward in your credit card and 45 days extended date for your rent payment in your credit card.

CRED App Reviews:

So, my cred app review is, I know this app was related to the credit card so thinking about risk but this app was completely safe and secured.

I’m also using this app form for the last 2 years. And didn’t face a single issue related to this app.

And the best part of this app you get the awesome reward, sunburn VIP passes, GOA sunburn passes, free flight tickets, swiggy membership, and AMAZON, Flipkart vouchers.

My CRED App Rewards

CRED App Reward
CRED App Rewards
CRED App Rewards
CRED App Rewards

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CRED App Review

Conclusion (CRED App Review)

If you are thinking that should I trust this app or not? so, you can trust this app. This app is approved by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and Led by Kunal Shah, the founder of FreeCharge.

So, here we discussed everthing necessary about the CRED app. Hope you liked this post (CRED App Reviews).

Incase of any kind of doubt please feel free to comment us. We are here to help you all. Keep yourself safe .

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