How to delete or deactivate Likee App Account ?

How to delete likee app account permanently: LIKEE is an app that lets you create and share fun videos with all your friends and family. To use it you have to create an account and login with that account. You can login through gmail or facebook.

LIKEE gives you different options to make videos which includes special effects and as well as music. LIKEE is a really fun social media network. You can find millions of exciting videos here.

Before this app was only called LIKE app and now it is called LIKEE .

However, if you want to delete like app account permanently for any reason here we suggest some methods by which you can delete the LIKEE account or deactivate the LIKEE account or ID .

delete like app account permanently

NOTE : For the newbies _____

LIKEE app is an app community where you can make videos of yourself by using the inbuilt features (such as filters, animation, special effects) and share them in LIKEE community and as well as through facebook, whatsapp, instagram and many more.

But the problem lies in deactivating or deleting the LIKEE app account, you cannot directly deactivating or deleting the LIKEE app account. Since there are no options available earlier. But now the option is available.

We researched about this issue and came up with some helpful information, which might help you regarding your issues .

You can follow the below steps to deactivating or deleting the LIKEE app account:

STEP 1 : Open the LIKEE app and click on the profile icon which is on the top left corner of the screen.

STEP 2 : Now you are in your profile and you can now see many options. Swipe down and now you will see “SETTINGS”. 

STEP 3 : Click on settings and swipe down and you will find “DELETE ACCOUNT” option in the interface or screen .

STEP 4 : Click on delete account and you will be seeing this 

[NOTE : Before deleting the account you must read the “ATTENTION” section.

In short , it says that after deleting you cannot retrieve or get back your data and all the videos will be permanently deleted .]

STEP 5 : Now click on “next” which is at the end of the screen or interface .

STEP 6 : Now a feedback form will be displaying in the screen or the interface .

You have to fill the form and describe your issue in detail that why you want to delete the account ( within 1000 words ).

STEP 7 : Now take a screen shot of your LIKEE account and attach the picture in the “+” sign available below the feedback .

STEP 8 : Now enter your email or Phone number in the below section so that you get a notification that your account has been deleted.

  • If the account is not deleted, you will get the reasons why your account has not been deleted.

STEP 9 : Now click on submit button and your account will be deleted within 24 hrs .

Conclusion(Delete Like App Account Permanently) :-

Here we have seen how to delete the account or deactivate the account from LIKEE.

We feel highly obliged by playing a role of helping hand and would like to hear more from you. I hope all your queries and doubts are solved through the above steps.

Kindly pay attention to all the instructions mentioned above step by step.We are sure that will help you in your queries and all problems. Finally be safe and keep your surroundings clean.

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