5 Easy Steps To Delete Telegram Account Permanently

Step by Step Guide to Delete Telegram Account Permanently.

Telegram is the cloud-based instant messaging app. Most popular after Whats-aap and Instagram which provide users an end to end encryption services which keep you secure over the network. It is available on Android, IOS, Windows phone, Windows NT, mac-OS, and Linux.

Like the other messaging apps such as Whats-App, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram can also allow you to send, exchange messages, photos, videos, voice notes, audio files, and stickers. Its fast simple and secure app to use.

The telegram was launched by Nikolai and Pavel Durov, founders of Russian VK(Russian largest social network). Telegram has billions of users. It had 100 million users monthly and 350,000 users signing up every day.

Now it reached up to 200 million users in 2018. Including 40 million telegram users in India.

Sometimes because of some personal reason few users just want to delete the Telegram account permanently. But you need to remember one thing before deleting your account that when you deactivate your account then you will lose your contacts, messages, chats, groups and other data permanently.

You can’t undo it even if you sign up telegram again. Lets jump to our main topic how to delete telegram account permanently.

Steps To Delete Telegram Account Permanently

Step 1: Delete your Telegram account manually

1. In your available browser type “https://my.telegram.org/auth?to=deactivate”

2. Now you jump on login page type your number in the given box and click next.

delete telegram account

3. It will send an authentication code on telegram copy the code and paste it here.

4. click sign in.

5. After that tap on deactivate account.

6. You will see a reason box. Type the reason why you want to leave the account and click done.

7. You can see a popup message on screen saying Are You Sure? Just click on “Yes, delete my account” button.

and That’s it! you’re done with this. Your Telegram account is deactivated.

One special added feature of the telegram is that it allows users to delete the messages sent by us as well as the messages sent by the other person.

You can send files up to 1.5 GB, all the media can be stored in the cloud. The most important thing is that its free forever without any advertising and tracking.

After deleting account successfully, if you have thinking to start it again then you are unable to create account. you will have to wait a while for new account with same credentials.

Step 2: Delete Telegram account by your Telegram App

1. In your telegram app go to settings.

2. Click on privacy and security.

3. Tap delete my account if away for 6 months. It will show options which is shown below in the screenshot.

Choose your option and log out of telegram.

After that, if you never log in before your selected period e.g if you select deactivate account for 1 month then you do not log in till one month then after one month your account will be deleted permanently.

All your data, contacts, groups will be removed permanently.

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