6 Most Powerful Easy Online Tricks You Should Follow

Easy Online Tricks You Probably Know But Never Care To Follow

Now-a-days, In this online world something and somewhere you did anything wrong and probably you don’t know that which may harm your privacy.

Like daily when you google anything you go through the hundreds and thousands of sites in that yo make money transactions, you share passwords, share personal details, in short, you think that you are safe but you are not because of your easily avoidable mistakes.

To avoid that you should think before you click that… 

Let us see what easy online tricks you should know and follow :

1. Using Public Wi-Fi:​

  • If you are using public WiFi then be alert hackers can easily intercept your Information.
  • When using Public WiFi this is the golden chance for the hackers to gain your privacy.
  • Because these types of networks may lead to leaving vulnerable and harmful data.
  • On the public WiFi never do any money transaction.  t is better to use a private network.
  • Automatic connectivity ON? then turn it OFF.
  • While using public network don’t access your private accounts like Social media sites or any important private accounts.Avoid sharing your information to any sites.
  • Always think to use a VPN solution.
  • Check for SSL of every site you use.
  • Use Trusted antiviruses.
  • Don’t use private accounts on public networks.


2. Multiple Accounts Same Passwords :​

  • All social accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Paytm, Google Pay, Phone-pay these accounts needs an  ID and password that you create while you creating your account.
  • And as we have multiple accounts, we need passwords for that every account but remembering this is difficult.
  • The solution on that people use the same password or they use their birth dates mobile no as a password and leave it.
  • But you know what guessing the passwords is easy for the hackers.
  • Then better to use a password manager for that and use strong passwords. Always use different passwords for different accounts.
  • Use a secure password manager that will generate strong passwords for you using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, and store them all in an encrypted vault.
  • Don’t use easy passwords like your name, birth date and all

3. Don’t Click On Every Random Popup Or Attachment :​

  • Sometimes, I think not sometimes on every next day there is some fraud messages, emails, spam we receive and by mistake, we just scroll it down and click on the link we can’t find anything and we go back off the mobile and leave it.
  • But wait, dude you did wrong, these links are sent by the hackers or criminals to spy on you, to access your device, to hack your device.
  • So just think before click on any random links you receive. 
  • Use chrome ad block extensions to avoid such links.
  • Avoid falling for the unknown offers, ads that contain links.

4. Use trusted and paid Antivirus:​

  • Keep your personal computers healthy, safe and secure.  For that use trusted antivirus.
  • Not only antivirus matters, you have to be up to date the programs, system and virus signature files too.
  • It will help you from viruses, worms and other unwanted invaders which make your computer sick.
  • Don’t use a free antivirus.
  • Use only paid antivirus always.
  • Update your antivirus on time.

5. Staying Logged In Leaves Your Account Vulnerable:​

Generally, people think that they use their personal PC or Laptop or mobile and no one will use their personal devices. So, they don’t log out any of their accounts.

  • But it also dangerous for you. Risks of keeping logged in leads to security hazards.
  • Unauthorized access could leave viruses. It compromises your privacy. 
  • Remote hackers who gain access to your computer via IP address can then take over your computer and start wherever you left off.
  • Always log out after use. Don’t stay logged in.
  • Always make sure that you log out all accounts.
  • If you log in from any other device make sure to log out.

6: Update Your Apps And Software Asap:​

  • Software, applications or the programs in your PC needs to update on time.
  • This can fix some important issues and security fixes which help to make your device safe from vulnerabilities. 
  • Software updates contain new features and it removes some weaknesses or errors from apps which called as vulnerabilities .
  • Check for updates.
  • Keep your device updated.

These are some easy online tricks you should follow to be safe online.The online world makes your life easy by providing a lot of facilities but you have to take care of many things at the time of use.

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