9 Ways to Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting and Recon­nect­ing Issue

Solved: Why Does My Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Issue

There can be numerous points why this happens which can vary from just old un-updated network drivers to the network card not working properly. 

The point is it feels the worst when you are watching a great movie or series online and this happens. Don’t worry we got you covered just follow the following steps and your problem will be solved. 

There is no proper or exact reason why this happens because it has a variety of problems that happen.

Common Causes:- 

Why Does Internet Keeps Disconnecting And Disconnecting

As mentioned above, there can be numerous problems but the most common reasons that might happen are mentioned. 

  • It might happen someone else turned off the wifi so check for it. 
  • Check if the router is overheating. It is suggested to keep it in a place where the router doesn’t receive direct sunlight or not near a flame or above the microwave oven because that might overheat and result in the disconnection of your network. 
  • You may be at the edge of the range of the Wifi as it results in reconnecting the wifi or connected but no internet. 
  • Channel overlap, as there are 3-4 routers near your router which results in not getting a stable connection. 
  • If you are connected to a public network then you must go to the login page to fill your details to get the free internet you were seeking. 
  • This might happen that you downloaded any file or tap on any link which was malicious and it might be messing up with your network and running your antivirus now would be the best option. 
  • The network you are on might be public and your antivirus doesn’t feel safe to let your system connect to it and trust me it is doing the right thing but if then also you want it to connect then turn off your antivirus’s network section. 
  • If you are on your network and you didn’t get to connect and if the windows pop up asking to re-enter your password then trust me someone may be trying to hack into your wireless fidelity(wi-fi). And if you were dumb and did this changing your password would be the best option.

How To Solve Wifi Keeps Disconnecting and Recon­nect­ing Issue !!​

We talked about why this happens and now how to solve this problem is what you all might be thinking.
So, listed below are the most common and mostly all the solutions that will result in helping you this time. 

1. Position Of Router

  • The first solution you can try is moving the router closer to you or you move closer to the router would solve it. 
  • The thing with the new fiber routers is they can mostly boost your speed by 6-8 megabytes per second if you connect your laptop or pc it with the cable as it is not the old cables it is the fiber cable and it is much faster than wireless transfer. 

2. Forget And Reuse The Password

If the first one didn’t go well and you don’t want to add wire then try the following.
  • Try to forget the network and re-enter the password to login successfully, this should hopefully solve in a few cases. 
why does my wifi keep disconnecting

3. Reset And Restart Your PC

  • The biggest tech hack turns off the router and laptop or pc simultaneously and then turn it on as if any glitches were happening to restore the system of the base will rectify them and solve automatically and trust me this works in most of the case.

4. Update Your Network Drivers

Update your network driver it is pretty common that you didn’t update your drivers as who cares about that. 

1. Search for the device manager in your windows search or the control panel.

why does my wifi keep disconnecting

2. You would get a window with a bunch of options, seek for network adapters.

why does my wifi keep disconnecting

3. Click on it seek and double click on your network interface name and go to the driver section and click on update chose to automatically search for the driver.

why does my wifi keep disconnecting
why does my wifi keep disconnecting

4. This will update the drivers and your problem will be resolved.

5. Using Third Party App

  • Even after solving the above steps you didn’t get your issues solved, then try using third-party apps as speedily, they speed up the dropping rate between your system and the router and this will result in the smooth working of your network and there are some additional features to it which might be useful to you.

6. Changing Setting Poor Connection

  • If you are facing this problem in your MOBILE, then open wifi option and then click on advanced settings and then uncheck the avoid poor connections as if your network is slow your device will now still connect to it and solve you’re reconnecting your wifi.

7. Network Troubleshooter

  • Go to the control panel and search for network troubleshooting and fill in all the problems you face that should solve it.
why does my wifi keep disconnecting
why does my wifi keep disconnecting
why does my wifi keep disconnecting

8. Hardware Issues

  • If you updated your windows and you start facing this issue, then it might happen the new feature might not suit your system or network, restoring your computer to a previous point would help in solving this issue very easily.
why does my wifi keep disconnecting
Why does the internet keep disconnecting and disconnecting

9. Restoring Windows To A Previous Point

  • Even after all these steps, your problem is not solved then it is possible your network card which receives the data and transmits it is damaged and corrupted and now you need to buy a new one and it doesn’t cost much you can get it as low as 600 rupees. 
  • Or this is also possible that your wifi is not working properly and it needs to be serviced and the best way to check is to try connecting to your network with another device if the problem remains then you can call your service provider and complain about it to get it repaired.

CONCLUSION (Solved: Why does my wifi keeps disconnecting problem):

Here we discussed everything about how to resolve the wifi keeps disconnecting problems. I hope you liked this article.

It is the era where networks play a vital role in your life. You might need other tech help and trust me we provide solutions to most of it. Visit us with any of your technical problems and get your answers.


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