Top 10 Food Bloggers In India You Must Follow

Stay connected so that you also get this amazing food treasure that I have found, and I would like to share it with all the foodies-turned-chefs out there.

So, what is food blogging and how can this help food lovers, even in their daily routines?

Food bloggingFood blogging means sharing online about any type of food or recipe which may be in any form like videos, photography, writing, or any other media format.

In simpler terms, food blogging is blogging about food. Very simple! Right?

So, there are a variety of food bloggers out there, taking advantage of different platforms for showcasing their works and services.

Different varieties of food bloggers are:

  • The ones who share self-made cuisine and their recipes.
  • The ones who do not cook dishes but blog about reviews/criticism of others’ cooking, e.g., the food at restaurants.
  • The ones who travel to different places to blog about the food, sharing those recipes/cuisines from different places.
  • The ones who are food photography bloggers, giving the main focus on the photography/presentation of different dishes they come across, every now and then.

You must be thinking why all this fuss just to know a few names???

Well, I must say that it is the salt to the dish I have prepared for you (just speaking the language of these chefs, hahaha!)

This is because here is a list of those amazing food bloggers who are a complete package, having all these capabilities, but not compromising the performance.


Here is a list of all the top food bloggers in India who are undoubtedly among the best in their work and all these areas mentioned above.

RankingFood BloggersBlog Name
Food Blogger

I wonder how food becomes so tasty being full of these mixtures of ingredients and yet so good-looking. This is magic that these food bloggers totally have. You should and definitely will find out their magic, what they do on the food they make or eat.


A mother of two and a great chef, truly justifying her label name- ‘Master Chef Mom’, she has been on this journey for more than two decades now.

Uma Raghuraman creates a mark among the best food bloggers in India by showcasing her amazing talent of cooking not only in India but outside the country also.

Her cooking includes usual day-to-day cuisines but what makes them different from the normal-boring kitchens is that those are not at all boring. She makes the daily recipes with twists and turns, but without losing their original taste and ethics.

You also don’t have to worry if you are a young mother as she got you covered there also. She has posted several interesting recipes for toddlers that she used during her time of motherhood. These recipes will help you to make healthy dishes that your children will not only eat without throwing any tantrums.

Her blog consists of 1000+ recipes that will make the master of your kitchen too. And of course, you can always show off in front of your guests!

And her cooking tips will give your style a little extra bounce.

The sole mission of her blog is to promote traditional Indian and authentic recipes/ cuisines from different parts of the country.

She has been mentioned in many famous blogs and magazines. She is also counted among top food bloggers around the globe. She has been the winner of many food blogging awards.

She has also won the ‘chef’s table contest’ held by Netflix India and the ‘Best Food Instagram Award’ and ‘Savuer Blog Award’ just to name a few.

Besides being a chef, she is an author of a cookbook also, where she has jotted down her amazing cooking skills and interesting lunch box recipes which she wants others to know.

Her book ‘My Genius Lunch Box’ is available on Amazon/Flipkart.


Types of recipes:- Vegetarian recipes

  • Baking- cakes, cookies/biscuits
  • Beverages- drinks/shakes
  • 100+ lunch box recipes
  • Gluten-free recipes
  • Vegan recipes
  • South Indian
  • Street food
  • Salads
  • Sweets

Other platforms in use:-

Contact:- masterchefmomcooks at

2. DEEBA RAJPAL – Passionate About Baking

From a food blogger, food stylist, recipe writer to even a food photographer, for about a decade, Deeba Rajpal not even holds all the efficiencies of a food blogger but is also one of the best combinations of these. This justifies her place in this list of best Indian food bloggers.

She validates her blogger name, which her work truly reflects. She is a baking queen. Her creations are lavish and simple at the best. She believes in baking from scratch which makes her dishes so rich and queenly.

Her baking mostly focuses on involving whole wheat grains, making baking even more healthy. Her food styling techniques are inventive and stunning. In this area, she believes that minimal is sufficient. She is a prop stylish too.

You will mostly see vintage props used in her food photography, enhancing the beauty and supporting simplicity. She likes to keep her photography natural and expressive.

Her outstanding work has given her heights in the food world. She has been announced the winner of numerous titles, contests, and awards, be it for Instagram or be it for renowned magazines.

She has been working with some top clients in the field. You may have seen her with the Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna, where she shot some episodes of ‘Saffola Fit Foodie’ aired on television.

She writes for many well-known magazines. She does many styling shoots and cookbook reviews for global clients. Her amazing work is known all around the globe.

This India-based food blogger-cum-stylist really enjoys what she does and breathes the energy she gets from her work.

Blog:- Passionate About Baking

Types of recipes:- Vegetarian/Vegan recipes

  • Baking
  • Savoury
  • Beverages
  • Indian-themed
  • Desserts(mostly)

She has been writing for some famous websites also like:-

Other platforms in use:-

Contact:- deebarajpal at


Started the blog in 2009, as an online record of her family recipes till she is being named as one of the top 10 food bloggers in India, Dassana Amit has gained a lot of popularity through these years by her continuous efforts of putting only the best recipes of the time, whether they are hers or the ones that she has got in inheritance.

The main highlight of her work is the way she teaches or explains her recipes. Her style of touching every detail that matters in the cooking is what pleases her followers and clearly attracts more.

There are more than 1800 tried and tested vegetarian recipes on her blog, which she describes showcasing every important little detail through pictures so that the readers do not find any difficulty, and even beginners can try those out. Her cooking involves organic ingredients as maximum as possible.

Professionally trained as a home science student in cooking, confectionery, and baking, her sharp and effective skills are a reflection of her education in the field. Not only in Indian cuisines, Dassana has been trained for international cookery also.

Apart from cooking, she has knowledge about nutrition and healthy diets also, which she uses in her recipes on the food blog also. Dassana and her family too are meditation lovers, she believes that it is meditation that keeps her fresh and calm every time.


Types of recipes:- Vegetarian recipes

  • Across whole India
  • Baking(cake/Italian)
  • Festive Specials
  • Sweets

Other platforms in use:-

Contact:- vegrecipesofindia at


Well, I don’t think there will be any household nowadays, where the name of Nisha Madhulika is not even heard. So, undoubtedly, she makes her place among the 10 topmost food bloggers in India.

The YouTube cooking sensation and also a food blogger who has posted by far amazing, delicious, and a large variety of food recipes which are more than a thousand.

And her amazing and lavish kitchen cookware/utensils make a heavy worth of her kitchen. This truly reflects her love for that place. From not knowing a single dish to make, to even organizing a party at home, from making snacks for tea-time, to even preparing a full-course meal, she got you covered all.

Apart from being a home cook, a food blogger, and a YouTuber, she is also a restaurant consultant. Her professional handling and cooking skills clearly justify this fact.

I doubt you would not be knowing her name, but if it so, do check out her food blog or even her YouTube channel if you really crave homemade cuisines, as she makes it look so simple to cook those.

Making her place in the top 5 YouTube stars in Asia, she has also won many such titles and awards and some from renowned magazines.


Blog(Hindi):- nishamadhulika

Types of recipes:- Vegetarian recipes

  • Indian
  • Curry
  • Side dishes/Chutney/Pickles
  • Street food
  • Snacks
  • Special zero-oil
  • Soups
  • Kids special
  • Festive specials
  • Vrat/Fasts special
  • Beverages
  • Salads
  • Microwave /Baking
  • Sweets

Other platforms in use:-

Contact: nishamadhulika at

Vegan Food blogger

5. ARCHANA DOSHI – Archana’s Kitchen

Archana Doshi is a health-loving person and promotes the notion through her delicious, healthy, and still easy-to-cook recipes.

She has been persistently promoting healthy cooking ideas through her recipes since the start of her blogging journey which was way back in the year 2007.

As everyone has a story about their journey, well, hers is too, and a funny one where she started the blog to maintain records of daily family recipes.

Since then, her main goal is to give cooks a variety of interesting and easy recipes, especially the home cooks, who struggle every day to present healthy but not-so-boring dishes.

Her cooking includes basic usual dishes to festive and special ones, and from Indian cuisines to recipes from across the globe. There are more than 10,000 such deliciously healthy recipes on her blog.

Archana knows that food is the most important parameter of fitness, and being a food blogger she has to keep all types of her audience helped and contented.

So, not only cooking, but her blog has taken care of people with some prominent health issues by providing them recipes and meal plans for their daily routines.

Besides this, her blog also holds several food contests that motivate the urging chefs to showcase their talent and cooking skills, hence, encouraging them to be determined with their motive.

A very large number of people follow and look up to her for simple cooking/kitchen tips, as she also gives ideas and tips on selecting the best kitchen utensils. She also holds live cooking classes on her blog.

She has also started a mobile application by the name ‘Archana’s Kitchen’, where also you can get all her recipes, tips, and healthy ideas. You can download the app on Android or iOS.

She truly deserves to be counted as one of the best food bloggers of India, and across the globe due to her amazing and inspirational work.

Blog:- Archana’s Kitchen

Types of recipes:- Veg/Non-veg recipes

  • Indian
  • Across the world
  • Beverages
  • For toddlers
  • Baking(cakes/cookies/biscuits)
  • Dietary/ Meal plans
  • Lunch box
  • Desserts

Other platforms in use:-

Contact:- contact at archanaskitchen. com


This software engineer turned chef makes her place in the list of top food bloggers in India because of her adventurous skills in cooking.

Her being a software engineer may confuse you for a bit but I know, once you know Richa by her work, you will be amazed by her healthy, yet interesting recipes. This is what she has been doing since 2007.

Though at the start she was not that perfect and turning healthy meals into yummy ones is a bit of a task to do. Struggling and working hard on this part, she finally achieved the confidence in presenting tasty-healthy food on the table.

She chose baking to be her super-power in this battle and started showcasing her skills through blogging in 2009. Turned into a vegan since 2010, she strongly believes in this decision and has veganized many Indian cuisines too, which is still in process.

She tries to present a variety of interesting healthy day-to-day recipes but with totally vegan ingredients.

There are more than 1000 such recipes and some previous non-vegan too in the archive section of her blog. Due to her belief in a healthy lifestyle, many of her recipes are soy-free and gluten-free also.

She is encouraging and helping out many people following a plant-based diet across countries in the daily hurdles of substituting processed food with organic ingredients, which she also follows in her cooking.

She is achieving this through her two published best-selling cookbooks also.

Her two cookbooks are mentioned below along with the respective Facebook pages of these two books.

Facebook page:- Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen – 9k+ followers


Types of recipes:- Vegan recipes

  • Baking(cakes/biscuits/cookies)
  • Festive/special occasion recipes
  • Asian/Indian vegan
  • Gluten/Soy-free
  • Kids approved
  • Appetizers
  • Savoury
  • Snacks
  • Salads
  • Italian
  • Desserts/Sweets

Other platform in use:-

Contact:-  veganricha at

7. SAILAJA GUDIVADA – Sailu’s Food

A food enthusiast and then a food blogger, Sailaja Gudivada made her way through by inculcating the ideas that she learned from the traditional cooking methodologies and certain tips and tricks from them.

She believes in maintaining the ethnicity of the food recipes that are passed on to us but at the same time, is open to cooking western dishes also.

Being originally from South India, most of the dishes are based on Andhra style cooking but since the start of the blog, she has tried her hands on the many other varieties of recipes ranging from the North of India to across the globe.

On her blog, besides some simple cooking tips, you will also find information about Indian spices and ingredients and quick-to-make dishes.

Also, she gives suggestions for substituting hard-to-find ingredients into your recipes. Her blogs also contain how-to articles based on cooking.

Sailaja uses her organically grown ingredients or vegetables, whatsoever possible for her daily cooking, and tries to use only organic produce directly from any farm if not available in her own garden. She encourages the same thought through her blogs.

Sailaja is a true example of determination for all those people who are willing to make their daily home-cooked meals healthy and tasty, also trying out different varieties of recipes, representing the Indian culture, and welcoming the western cuisines too.

Alongside, she is inspiring others also to do so. Thus, she is being counted among the best food bloggers in India.

Blog:- Sailu’s Food- deliciously Indian

Types of recipes:- Veg/Non-vegetarian recipes

  • Separate Andhra recipes
  • Indo-Chinese
  • North/South Indian(veg/non-veg)
  • Breakfast
  • Cakes
  • Curries(veg/non-veg)
  • Chutneys
  • Lunch box
  • Snacks and chaat
  • Festivals
  • Sweets

Other platforms in use:-

Contact:- sailusfood at


From the sudden start of her blogging journey in 2009, little did Sharmilee Jayaprakash know that she will be counted among the top Indian food bloggers. Quitting her decent-paying job, she dedicated her prominent years of life towards the food blogging field.

To be mentioned here, having an IT professional background, she was not an expert cook at first but her hard work and persistence to do so kept her attached.

Being from South India, her recipes are mostly based on South Indian cuisine but also some from other different parts of the country.

Inspired by her mother, you can find that motherly touch in her recipes and that will help you more if you live away from home. She gives amazing cooking tips for easy cooking along with her tasty recipes.

Also, she has made a solution for choosing cookware for particular purposes like cooking or baking, by introducing an Amazon store by her name, where you can find all these amazing helpful options for your cooking utensils. You can check out on Sharmis Passions- Amazon store.

Blog:- Sharmis Passions

Types of recipes:- Veg/Non-vegetarian recipes

  • Indian Bread
  • Rice bowls
  • Breakfast
  • Baby food
  • Festive Specials
  • Side dishes
  • Millet recipes
  • North/South Indian(veg/non-veg)
  • Chaats and snacks
  • Beginners
  • Soups and starters

Other platforms in use:-

Contact:- sharmispassions at

Loaf - Food Blogger

9. NANDITA IYER – Saffron Trail

Nandita Iyer, besides being a food blogger, is also a food expert and nutritionist. These experiences have truly helped her to maintain her food blog full of nutrition-rich recipes.

Helping out her followers and readers with nutrition-rich recipes along with educating them to inculcate healthy cooking ideas in their daily lives, Nandita is working amazingly through her blog, hence, marking her plain in the best food bloggers in India.

If you are a health enthusiast, which you should be, you should definitely check out this nutritionist-turned-cook’s blog or other platforms she uses for such tasty, yet healthy recipes.

Since her start in 2006 after developing her interest in cooking, her blog has become one of the most followed food blogs. She started the blog as a daily record of her experimental recipes, which turned out to be inspirational and educational for many people out there.

The main aim of her blog is to give easy and healthy cooking tips/ideas to the corporate or busy scheduled people, who hardly find any time to eat cook healthy or even eat healthily.

Her blog is full of such recipes for people who are health conscious or need that sort of perspective. 

Being a writer also, she writes columns for some prominent magazines. Besides, she is the author of a book- ‘The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian’, which you can buy on Amazon or Flipkart.

Blog:- Saffron Trail

Types of recipes:- Vegetarian recipes

Other platform in use:-

Contact:- saffrontrail at

10. PADHU SANKAR – Padhu’s Kitchen

Padhu Sankar is an amazingly complete package of a food blogger. Well, we can say she is self-sufficient.

That is because, she writes the recipes herself, cooks them, posts the photos of her dishes on her blog, and also maintains her blog, being a web designer also. What an amazing and fulfilling combination, just like her recipes.

Being an adventure-loving person, Padhu really loves to experiment in her kitchen with new ideas indulging in the same usual recipes, just to give newness to the boring dishes. Hence, her posted recipes are tried and tested several times in her very own kitchen.

You will find her blog full of various Indian recipes originating from places from the top to the bottom of the country. These recipes are healthy, delicious, and some with interesting twists.

She has also taken care of the beginner cooks, by sharing simple-easy recipes, guiding step by step.

Being a mother of two, Padhu knows the struggle to feed little children with healthily tasty food. So, she has also introduced such recipes on her blog for helping out those people.

Besides cooking, Padhu’s interests vary from gardening to traveling. You can also check out some gardening tips on her blog, which she has learned while maintaining her kitchen garden. She has also grown some organic veggies and uses her toxin-free kitchen waste for the compost.

Due to her amazing and innovative ideas of making food so rich in nutrients and utilizing her platform for the best of use, this India-based food blogger totally deserves to be one of the top 10 food blogger in India.

Blog:- Padhu’s Kitchen

Types of recipes:- Vegetarian recipes

  • Baking
  • Indian
  • Festive
  • For bachelors/beginners(simple to cook)
  • Beverages
  • Desserts
  • Side dishes/Chutneys/Pickles
  • Snacks
  • Weight-loss
  • Breakfast varieties

Other platform in use:

Contact:- padhusblog at


Now that you got plenty of names in the field of food blogging, which is clearly an emerging and most loving domain nowadays.

And if, looking at these people you have got encouraged about starting your food blogging journey, then, best wishes from my side, if they have done it, so can you!

But if you are here to find out the best recipe makers or cooks/chefs, or you are a food enthusiast like me, then I hope you have got what you were looking for. These food bloggers are truly an example of persistence and dedication in their fields.

I have done my best to find out the 10 best food bloggers in India, but if you think there are more such names, so please do let me know in the comment section, I would really like to know more if I have missed any.

Note:- Here, I presented a list of all the amazing top 10 food bloggers in India. Although every person on the list does an amazing job, and I do not support any ranking criteria.

This list is based on facts gathered from legal and reliable sources, there may be a chance of any changes in the same.

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