How To Build A Carrier With Front End Developer Skills

Front End Developer Mean: The person who does coding for the interactive part (User Interface or UI ) of any website or application is known as front-end developer. 

By interactive part I meant that the things that you see buttons visible on the application or website, forms and all the parts which so ever require designing. 

So it’s common sense that an application won’t run on just the button they need to be connected with the features of the application and for that the person(coder) concerned is known as a back-end developer.

The coder who has both the front and back end developing skills is known as full stack developer.  

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Front End Developer Skills

1.What Technical Skills are Required To Become A Front-End Developer!  

  • One thing to remember about any skill/language in computer science is that you can never know everything, so know the basics and start with the coding and you will figure everything out on your own while making projects. 
  • So, there are many languages that one can learn, but the best languages one should learn are HTML, CSS and Javascript. These work as the bone, flesh and blood of the website respectively.

2.What Non-Technical Skills Are Required To Become a Front-End Developer??  

These skills are pretty common and obvious that are required in almost any sector and these skills would be checked through the interview you would be passing the skills are: 

  1. Great Communication
  2. Team worker
  3. Fluent english speaker
  4. Feedback writing
  5. and all the work that are obviously required but not mentioned. 

3.Difference Between Front-End Developer and UI Developer

  • There has always been a question between almost every developer is a front-end developer and UI developer is the same or different. So the answer is they are pretty much the same but not exactly same. 
  • UI developers are coders that code only in HTML and CSS. Whereas the front-end developers are the coders that code with HTML, CSS and Javascripts. 
  • So, the basic difference between them is that Ui developers cannot add animations and other stuff that can be done using javascript. 
  • So, all front-end developers are UI developers but all UI developers are not front-end developers.

Now, let me describe what these languages are: 

1.HTML : 

  • Hyper Text Markup Language is the language which is concerned with the font, color, graphic and hyperlinks on the website or any application. 
  • The best framework to learn for this language is Bootstrap.  

2.CSS :

  • Cascading Style Sheets is the language that is concerned with the layout and arrangement of any content on the website or any application. 
  • The best framework to learn for this language  is JQuery  

3.Javascript : 

  • This is the language that helps with adding all the effects on the website, which means this is all the fun to do apart from html and css.
  •  The best framework to learn for this language is Angular, AngularJs and React. The frameworks that are mentioned above are the best in my opinion and may vary according to your usage.  

4.JQuery :

  •  This is nothing just the collection of plugins and extensions that make your work easier while you are working on javascripts.  

5.CSS Preprocessors : 

  • These are basically the other elements that help you increase your speed while writing your css coding.   

These are just the definition of the languages and where to learn them for free have been listed below. 

4.Which Main Languages or Frameworks Do The Popular Company’s Developers Use!!  

There are many languages to choose from and they choose the best and simplest languages for their developers.Below are listed what languages and frameworks do most popular companies use:- 

Flipkart: This company uses react, react router, phrontend as there would be much more but listed are these.  

Amazon: They use Javascript, Typescript, Angular.JS, Less and much more as it has the best interactive experience.  

Uber: They use Node.js, Angular, LESS, SASS, React and much more.  

It is always better to learn the languages and their best framework so that it makes your work easier and it saves your time. 

5.What Jobs You Will Get After You Learn Frontend Developer Skills?  

The biggest question that would arise in your mind is why should I learn this stuff. What jobs would I get? 

So, here’s the answer and the jobs mentioned below have been listed after scrapping through the jobs site like indeed, naukri, wikipedia

Front-End Software Engineer: This would require experience in some professional projects and of course an engineering degree. 

Front-End Junior developer: This would require 1-2 year experience with projects strongly based on UI/UX and other skills such as wordpress and photoshop.

 As you gain experience you will increase your job opportunity as you could become a senior developer or front-end engineer and many more such posts are available.

6.How These Jobs Will Not Be Disturbed After Artificial Intelligence Will Boom??  

As a hoax is running around that artificial intelligence is going to take over the world and this speculation is entirely based on people’s knowledge about artificial intelligence on the basis of movies they watched about it and trust me it is never going to happen in the near 25-30 years.

Today is the era of the internet every startup, shop, business, organization, entity requires a website and as these grow so does the requirement of developers increases. 

Artificial Intelligence could definitely make websites but they can’t think about the new ideas as they are not blessed with the natural gift of the brain. So, this won’t affect the need of front-end developers.  

7.Skills That Would Make You The One

The above listed languages and frameworks are something most of the developer’s would get excellent at and still thrive for great job offers, so how to ensure getting a good job with a decent salary.

The answer to it is to learn the basics of back end too. I know it would sound absurd to you but learning basic of these would not take more than a month or so.

Just learn the simplest of all languages, python as it is the most required language of 2020 and it will be around for a long time. 

According to some developers, if you learn back end too and write it in your resume you would most likely get a higher salary than others or would get a raise very soon. 

All the things you do as a student, learner upload it to your Git-hub directory and make a website for yourself as it would also be seen on the interview and it would show you have hands-on knowledge of what you read.

 Improve your communication skills as this is the most important thing that would be required for you because you are not a full stack developer and you would be required to work with the back end developer.

 Improve your writing skill and speed cause you would be required to write feedback and reports. These skills will make you stand out in a queue. 

8.Online Availability of The Content That is Required To Learn The Basics Of Front End Developing.

So, now you know what to learn but you would be thinking that you don’t have ample amount of money to spend to learn those skills but this is entirely wrong as ELON MUSK says knowledge is free.

I am about to mention all the sources to learn these stuff:- 

  • First, everyone is familiar with the term youtube that you use watch vines and streams, go on and simply search html/css/javascript beginner to advance course you would get 10’s of 100 of courses for free that in your friendly languages such as english, hindi or your regional language. 
  • Second, Udemy the saviour in disguise. The reason why I say this is because that website courses for 399,499, 8499 and so. Now the surprise is that you could get coupons so these courses are free for you, now again where to get them. 
  • Don’t worry we are very user friendly we give every small detail. You can get them at,,, udemycoupon.learnviral . So these materials are free to use at your disposal.
  • Third, now if you say you don’t like video lectures or you don’t have that amount of data, I completely got you. You can just visit websites that teach you these stuff for free with great on hand training. 
  • These websites are, and my personal favourite Even after this you don’t learn this then you clearly have no intention of learning.  

9.CONCLUSION (Front End Developer Skills)

Here we discussed everything about the Front End Developer Skills. Hope you liked this article.

We have covered all the aspects of any topic that would occur but if you still got any sub topic that has not been covered or you want knowledge about any other topic you can write it below . 

Front-end developer is something you can do as freelancing or contracts and earn some extra cash flowing towards you, you can sell websites made for entrepreneurs and have this as your secondary source of income.

Always remember persistence is the key to hard-work and eventually to success.  

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