Why Future of IoT Will Make You Question Everything

The Bright Future of IOT | Everything you need to know about the Internet of Things.

Hello friends, have you ever thought what will happen if the devices start speaking to each other?

For instance-Your alarm clock wakes you up at 6:00 AM and it is connected to the internet and at the same time, your coffee machine starts preparing coffee for you by censoring your alarm sound. 

Isn’t it amazing?

This is the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and this level of comfort will provide you in the future.

So, Theoretically Internet of Things or IoT is the devices that are connected to the internet to communicate with each other. Whatever, whether it is living or non-living, those which are connected to the internet is IoT. 

What is the Future of IoT and How it Will Change Our Lives in the Upcoming Years

Internet of things (IoT) is expanding globally very rapidly and everyone starts to understand the need to welcome it in their personal as well as working life. The market value of IoT is expected to reach USD 1256.1 billion by 2025. 

The impact of IoT will be seen at every corner of the world very soon. IoT gadgets collect data and provide ease in performance. It provides great economic benefits and also reduces human involvement which in turn decreases the chance of mistake.

For Example, There is a fan manufacturing company and three workers are working, one is painting the fan, the other is drying it and the third one is packing it.

  • So this task will take so much of time if done by us and there are chances that its packing is done not properly or paint is not levelly spread so, to avoid this we can install the IoT gadgets which at end of each task will make sure it is perfect or not.
  • This way time is also saved and also human labor without any mistake. It reduces company expenses on labor. 
  • Not only for the company but it also provides comfort in your personal life. Every personal appliance which you are using at your home will become smart. Even your light bulb, you can light your bulb even by clapping your hand.
  • The information provided by IoT devices analyzes the data and provides important information that helps the owner to understand the pattern of how he uses the thing. This will help him to fulfill the demand and makes necessary changes.
  • In operating the company there is a lot of expenses that can be reduced through IoT devices which will reduce the consumption of energy.
  • IoT is most of the important invention of the 21st century and in the future, its demand going to reach its peak.
future of iot

The Future of IoT: 10 Trends to Expect in the Forthcoming Time

1: Sci-fictional homes will be your home
2: The living will become easy in smart cities
3: Smart Office and School
4: The smart car will be the new fashion
5: IOT increasing your life span
6: Artificial intelligence and IoT
7: Voice User Interface
8: Miniaturization of “things” and Power
9: 5G network-a new fuel for the development of IoT
10: Routers will likely continue to seek new ways to enhance security

41.6 billion connected devices by 2025

In 2019 IoT devices reached 26.6 billion. Every second- 127 New IoT devices are connected to the web. A new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices generating 79.4 zettabytes of data in 2025.

As the number of IoT devices is increasing, the concern for security and privacy are rising.

1. Sci-fictional Homes Will Be Your Home :

You must have always fascinated by having a home that they show in movies where everything is automated. This is possible in the coming future through IoT devices where you just have to wake up and your coffee is ready.

If you left you are unlocked and went somewhere due to the presence of sensors,your house will predict that you are not here and it will automatically lock your home.

There are a lot more wonders IoT can perform. In the coming time, your refrigerator may start ordering for things if it senses that you are short of something like eggs, juice, or your favorite drink.

The place for IoT gadgets in our lives will become essential and its impact will be large and incredibly amazing. These devices not only fulfill your easy tasks like cleaning your home or dishes but also complex tasks like accounting or managing household. 

All you have to do is to install the device, let them record your activity and your bot is ready to go on with your task. Future of Iot will Increase our productivity level in the coming future. 

2. The Living Will Become Easy In Smart Cities:

Not only people but cities will also run through IoT devices to save money and time. For instance-: The street lamps will be Censored to the movement and only when lights up when someone crosses by.

This will save a huge amount of money and power. The security will increase due to IoT gadgets. 

The street lamps will censor to sound and if there is any hollering or yelling the street lamp lights up more brightly and also the alarm can ring to aware of the local people. Your home will be safer by installing biometric or face recognition at the entry point of your home.

In the coming time, it is also possible that your doors and windows can sense movement and if by you chance left your home unlocked and went somewhere, it will detect and locked them by themselves and a message will reach you at your smartphone. 

The IoT devices are capable of so many things like managing households, improving safety measures, reducing power consumption, and cost.

3. Smart Office and School:

Office and school are the places where adults and students spend half of their time respectively. So filling these places with “things” will be more convenient for us.

Like maintaining the AC temperature of the room automatically. The workers and students will be more productive if new changes and more comfort will come. 

4. The Smart Car Will Be The New Fashion:

It is estimated that the globally connected vehicle market is going to be valued at $212.7 billion by 2027, emerging from $42,6 billion in 2019.

You must have thought of many IoT devices but your car in one of them must be surprising but it is possible and few driverless cars had already been introduced like “Robocar” which completed 1.8 kilometers track by using its navigation and artificial intelligence in July 2018.

However, many people are not comfortable with this facility as they think it’s a risk to their safety but in the coming future, we will are going tackle this problem too. 

The vehicle will be connected and censored to prevent an accident. One we have already witnessed, which is an airbag facility. 

When there is any hit the car censor it and airbag come which saves the driver’s life. These devices will also prevent traffic and parking problems. 

In the parking lot if any vehicle comes it will automatically inform them of the vacant place to park their vehicle. There is a lot more such comfort and safety in the coming future.

5. IoT Increasing Your Life Span:

Many IoT devices have been developed and are developing to scan various diseases at an early age so that treatment starts as soon as possible and you will be cured fast.

Recently many healthcare apps had been developed with the help of IoT where you just have to fill it with few details and your disease or cause of problem revealed. 

The cancer scanning device maybe develops which will scan cancerous cells and tell you the stage. Many such gadgets can come in the coming time and make our life more comfortable and secure.

6. Artificial Intelligence And IoT:

Machine learning is an Artificial intelligence in which the device learn without programming them based on their observation. AI and IoT will follow a pattern.

The sensors in IoT will help you to collect data on patterns of usage, even your toast maker collects data on your habits. 

These collected data help you to make your action easy. When these collected data will be transferred to AI, these give some beneficial output or action and then implemented them by IoT. 

AI(Artificial intelligence) is considering to be the most important part in the development of IoT.

7. Voice User Interface:

VUI will gain pace in the coming future to increase your comfort level where you don’t have to type anything. You just speak and your work is done. 

8. Miniaturization Of “things” and Power:

Your IoT devices will likely be miniaturized in the future, without affecting its efficiency. The more small your Device is the easier it is to access it.

The more focus will be on energy consumption. Consume low energy and give more output will be the new agenda. Natural energy would be used to run IoT devices like solar energy or wind energy.

9. 5G network – A New Fuel For The Development Of IoT:

Fifth-generation cellular wireless will give more speed and capability to connect more smart devices at the same time but the however introduction of the 5G network will make the devices vulnerable to direct attack. 

Today’s 4G network can support up to 5500 to 6000 NB-IOT devices on a single cell. With a 5G network, up to one million devices can be controlled by a single cell.

10. Routers Will Likely Continue To Seek New Ways To Enhance Security:

Your home or work devices will be connected to the internet which will make them prone to cybercrime and also

The IoT manufacturer will try to avail the device to the market as fast as possible without paying much attention to the security and here comes the role of the router to play.

The router can give protection at the entry point. This will provide some security like password, firewalls, etc. 

Everything has two sides:

Besides providing comfort and making our lifestyle easy IoT can be dangerous to our privacy. In this digital era, privacy and security should be check.

There is a lot more possibility of hacking your system and gathering personal detail. The rivals can use IoT devices as a weapon like hacking the thermostat in the harsh winter or even can control all your home appliances.

We not even reached 1% of the comfort IoT devices can provide. There is so much to develop in this sector and we are seeing it possible in the coming future. The world will emerge as a censored world where everything will be done on one tap. 

Conclusion (The Future of the IOT)

Here we discussed everything about the IOT(Internet Of things), and The Bright Future of IOT. Hope you liked this article.

In case of any kind of doubt please feel free to comment. We are here to help you all techies. Keep yourself safe.

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