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Google Search Tricks

Google Search Tricks

The World’s Number One Search Engine GOOGLE. We Daily Search On Google So Many Different Things That Is From A to Z Whatever We Want, But you know there are some Technics Of Searching Which Make Your Search Ease. Here is the list of Google Search Tricks which everybody should know.


  •  If You Want To Find Exact Definition OF Any Word You Just Have To Type ‘Define’  In Front Of The Word You Want.

 2. Quick Maths Problem

  • For The Quick Math Problem You Just Have To Type That Equation Into Google .
    E.g: 12+2/5-3
   Google Search Result 12+(2/5)-3=9.
   Google Gives Your Answer With The Proper Parenthesis

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 3. Unit Converter

 I Want To Know 10m to mm 
 After Search 10m=10000mm

 4. Online Stopwatch


 5. Search Using Image

  • Drag and drop. Drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on
  • Upload an image. On, click the camera icon, then select “Upload an image.”
  • Copy and paste the URL for an image.
  • Right-click an image on the web.

6. Find site related to one another

  • Search ‘’
  • For more shopping sites like Flipkart. for multiple phrases or words.

  • Use ‘or’ keyword to so
  • Type ‘how to install windows; OR ‘how  to install Linux’
  • ‘Technology’ Or ‘Networking’

8.make good searching habits

  • Like, instead of searching ‘find the best restaurant nearby me’ search ‘restaurant near me generally the websites don’t use words like you daily speak they use the specific phrase so do a search like that.
  • Instead of ‘ i forgot my phone password’,  search ‘how to recover phone’s password’.

9.To find a specific file type

  •  Search ‘ file name:file type (like pdf ,doc ,docx etc)’

10.Use Quotes to exact search.

  • Type your searching words in quotes like
  • “How to make cake” which will gives you exact search result.

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