Complete Guide To Become A Python Developer

The Complete Guide To Become A Python Developer

As the python language’s popularity is increasing in the market, the demand for python developers is highly rising. So you must be forced to think that how you can become the python developer. 


After all, you are reading this to know this only. So let me first tell you

Who Is A Python Developer?

So there is not a perfect definition of python developer extracted from a textbook.

A python developer can be a software engineerweb developerdata analystautomation tester, data scientist, etc. According to the skill-set one has a python developer who has certain domain and job roles.

Now the next question of yours will be why to learn python when there are so many languages available.

Why Learn Python?

Python is best for beginners as well as for the coders who have a great experience. Python is greatly preferred for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence which makes it even better. 

  • It is a strong general-purpose language with great analytical capabilities and multiple libraries like Matplotib, Numpy, Pandas, etc. 
  • Easily to access and high in demand is enough to become a python developer. The skills that are in demand serve well for job openings and help you stand out among the crowd. It has so many features that force the developers to switch to this over other programming languages. 
  • Easy syntax and readability make the python easily to learn. Because it is easy the developers did not require to put so much effort into building complex programs. 
  • Due to being open source and free, python can run on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Google, NASA, Facebook, Netflix, Mozilla firefox, IBM are the few giant companies that use python language. 
  • So you can imagine what kind of impact python has on the industry. If you are a python developer it is sure that you are going to be paid very well. 

Application Of Python

1. Web development:

Web applications can be made with the help of python at a rapid rate. This is because of the frameworks that python uses to create these applications.

2. Game development:

Python can also be used to develop interactive games. Games like vega strike, Civilization-IV, Disney’s Toontown Online, etc. have been made using Python. Python has libraries like PySoy which is a 3D game engine supporting Python 3 and pygame that provides library and functionality for game development.

3. Machine learning and artificial intelligence:

The programming language that is mostly used in these future technologies is python because of its libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn and so many more. Use the library, learn the algorithm, and then you have the solution to your problem. You can also design your own code which will give you a better result.

4. Audio and video applications:

Python can develop an application that can perform the multi-task and give output media. Audio and video applications like CPlay, TimPlayer had been made by using python and these provide better stability and performance than other media players.

5. CAD application:

Python makes Computer aided designing (CAD) very simple too though it is a complicated application to make. Functions, objects, and their representation are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making something like this. The most popular application for CAD is Fandango.

6. Business applications:

The business applications are needed to be scalable, extensible, and easily readable and they are very different from our normal applications and Python provides all these features.

The cross-platform operating system is supported by python which makes building applications with it more conveniently.

What To Learn In Python?

  • The basics like its history, syntax, installation, constructs like statements, variables, and operators.
  • About basic data structures like sets, dictionaries, and lists.
  • Learn how you can create a virtual environment.
  • Understand the difference between python 2 and python 3 and find out about its applications.
  • Learn important concepts like loops and decision making.
  • Move on to recursion and function.
  • Understand about modules and packages and get experience with common modules like calendar, os, and namedtuple.
  •  Learn to generate some random numbers and regular expressions.
  •  Understand file handling and learn some complex concepts like generators and decorators, shallow, and deep copying.
  • Learn more complex topics like XML processing, networking, multiprocessing.
  •  Find out exceptions and learn how to handle them.
  •  With python learn to build GUIs.
  •  Learn to unit test, debug, log, serialize, and access the database.

How To Become A Python Developer

You should start with python fundamentals and master in these topics given below which will serve as a foundation for any programming language.

  •  Data structures and algorithms.
  •  Variables and data types.
  •  Modules and File handling.
  •  Loops, conditional, and control statements.
  •  I/O operations and exception handling.
  •  Database knowledge

You can choose a career path after mastering these fundamentals and similarly work to master your skills to achieve your goals.

Learn web frameworks.

Being a master in web framework and learning the topics given below will direct you to become a web developer.

  • Django Or Flask
  • Server-side development
  • MVC-MVT Architecture
  • Scriptwriting
  • Front end skills

You can start with Django which has a very strong framework following the DRY (Do not repeat yourself) principle. It takes care of trivial things as well as makes work easier. You can also develop a GUI application or web developer application to master your skills.

ORM Libraries

  • ORM stands for object-relational mapping. Using an object-oriented paradigm this a way to query and manipulate data from the database. 
  • ORM libraries like SQLAlchemy and Django ORM can be learned to use.

Towards Data Science

  • Concepts and skills like Mathematics And Statistics, Data Visualization, Interpretation and data analysis, Libraries( Matplotlib, Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn), Manipulation of Data, Database Knowledge will take you one step closer to data scientist.
  • You can take up a data set and analyze and interpret the data for practice. The advanced topics towards becoming a data scientist are Machine Learning Algorithms, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics
  • Libraries (Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Keras), problem-solving skills, Building Prediction Models. By making prediction models for a start you can practice. Using the logistic regression model takes a data set and predict the result. 
  • There is a crucial application of python in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning so learn various algorithms and implement those used in these areas.

Automation Testing

  • When it comes to testing automation you can go further with better programming skills. 
  • To master your automation skills you can write python scripts to check functionality and can perform a test to process.

Basic understanding of front-end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).

  • It is important to know that how front-end works, how will the application appear, what can be possible or what can not as often python developer has cooperated with the frontend team to make a match server-side with the client-side. 
  • Although it is not very important for python developer definitely the knowledge and experience on this in some projects is warmly welcome.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Web Scraping Using Beautiful Soup, Requests library
  • These are the extra skills you can learn to be a better programmer. The key to becoming a python developer is to implement the theory to learn. The 20% of your total effort should be the theory you learn and the rest 80% should be the effort to implement the theory you learn.

Build Projects In Python

  • After acquiring the skills you should start building some python projects to increase your confidence. You can build something to solve an actual problem you face. 
  • Once you become confident you can build for popular open-source projects like Django.
For different constructs keep reading official python documentation.

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Read Some Good Books On Python And Enroll In A Python Course.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, it is always good to read books because there is always something new to learn. These are the few popular books on python

Have a look into a source code of your favorite python package and know how it works.

Write Readable Code

Although it seems obvious, it is important to mention it. Your code should be read and understood by others. If recruiters are seeing your code, they need to understand what you have done otherwise it could go against you.

There are guidelines to help you to write readable codes and they recommend using these:

  • Tabs and spaces
  • Indentation
  • Maximum line length
  • Blank lines
  • Line breaks
  • Source file encoding
  • Naming conventions
  • String quotes
  • White spaces in expressions
  • Trailing commas

Keep your resume and profile updated in job portals.

On job portals like Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor and CareerBuilder, keep your information up to date and always look out for python developers’ jobs on these sites.

Who Is A Good Python Developer?

  • A good developer should have a problem-solving mindset.
  • A great communication skill to communicate with your team and project requirements.
  • Should have knowledge of how things work internally.
  • Having strong technical skills.
  • Should be eager to learn new tools and libraries.

Python Developer Salary

Python Developer Salary: In India, the average salary of entry-level python developers is Rs 4,27,293 and of mid-level is Rs 9,09,818 and the average salary of an experienced one is RS 11,50,000.

In the US in 2020 the average salary of python developers according to Indeed is $120,365 per year. The top 3 best-paid states for python developers are Washington Dc, New York, and California.

Future of Python Developers: Bright or dull?

Python didn’t have a very bright scope in the past years but it has been seen great and remarkable growth in the 21st century.

126,424 websites had been made using a python programming language in contemporary time. Python plays an important role in the technologies of current and future times like AI and ML. 

The use of python in these technologies ensures its bright future in the coming years. It is a cost-effective and secure programming language which allures millions of businesses to get their software developed by using python. This shows that python had much more scope and its future is definitely bright

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