How To Add Drop Down In Excel

Doing things with excel are quite complicated if you are not an expert, because when we were creating this post for how to create a drop down list we face little difficulties, so then we decided to make a post to find out the new things in it.

In the Excel Related data is stored in tables which are a collection of small rectangular boxes or cells organized into rows and columns.

All versions of Excel can store several spreadsheet pages in a single computer file. 

The types of data that a cell can hold include Numbers, Text, Dates and times, formulas and etc…

When there is large data in excel sheet, it is difficult to find out the data which user want.

In this case you have to scroll down and up or you have to search the values which is quite hectic.

To make your search easy and to find exact value you want, here you will learn to add drop down list in the excel sheet and it’s so easy to create, apply and use.

Lets have a look into it,

How To Add Drop Down In Excel

Step I : This is your excel sheet. Select the cell where you want to put the drop down list.

how to add drop down in excel

Step II : Select Data- Data Validation from the option given below.

Step III: Then select List.

Step IV: In the source you have to enter the values you want to put in the drop down list, by pressing shift arrow like you can see in the image.

Step V: Here is the List by just clicking OK.

Again wants to create list of choices for which tea you wants to order so I make drop down list of different tea in another column .

For this you just have to enter the value in the source by putting Quma(,) one after another.

Here is another drop down list for this sheet.

If you go through this you can see how easy it is to create a drop down list in excel sheets.

You can use ALT+ below arrow to go through the list.

To make every list drop down list like YES/NO for every item.

You just have to select those rows and again go to the data validation and checks the box of apply these changes to all other cells with the same setting.

You can now see every cell has drop down list.

We can also copy and paste the data validation on other cells and have your drop down list in another locations.

This is as much as simple you can do with your excel sheet.

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