How To Create PhonePe Account: A complete guide

PhonePe is a payments app that allows you to use the BHIM UPI feature. It mainly focuses on UPI payment, uses your credit card and debit card or wallet to recharge your mobile phone, pay all your utility bills, insurance, and also make instant payments at your favorite offline and online stores just by scanning QR codes or by UPI id. 

Link your bank account on the PhonePe app and transfer money with BHIM UPI instantly.

Features Of PhonePe

1. Pay bills and insurance premiums, recharge, send money to friends and family, buy gold, invest in debt funds, and shop at your favorite stores.

2. Choose payment options like BHIM UPI, the PhonePe wallet, or your Debit and Credit Card.

3. A new feature like PhonePe gift card 

4. You can link your Flipkart pay later account also(the mobile number should be same)

5. Book flights, order food and buy groceries. Use all your favorite apps without downloading them in the PhonePe switch category.

  • NO NEED TO EXCHANGE BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS with anyone just transfers money to UPI id

7. No need to add money on the wallet. Do direct transactions from the bank account.

That’s enough got to know about PhonePe and its feature, time to create an account so here we go,

Steps To Create a Bank Account in PhonePe

  1. First of to all click on this link -> (Click here & install PhonePe), you will be redirected to play store or apple store
  2. Install phonepe
  3. Open phonepe and enter mobile number which is register with the bank account
  4. Enter OTP which you will receive
  5. Now fill the details
  6. Create VPA address (You can create or default it will show u suggestion mostly VPA address are like your mobile number e.g.- [email protected])
  7. Select your bank, it will automatically fetch your bank account
  8. Now enter details of your debit card
  9. Now create UPI pin(don’t share it with anyone)
  10. That’s it. enjoy

*Note* remember mobile no. should be the same as a bank account mobile number. It will help to fetch your bank account otherwise you are not able to use a PhonePe.

How To Add Bank Account In PhonePe

If you already have PhonePe account and wants to add more bank account in PhonePe so follow these steps:-

Steps to add a bank account in PhonePe

  1. Open PhonePe app
  2. Login into app
  3. Click on my money
  4. Underpayment method, Click on bank accounts
  5. Click add a new bank account
  6. Select your bank
  7. The bank account will be added
  8. Click on UPI pin
  9. Enter your debit card details like last 6 digit card number and expiry date
  10. Now enter OTP and create UPI pin(don’t share it with anyone)
  11. That’s it enjoys

How To Remove Bank Account in PhonePe

By chance, if you want to delete your existing bank account than follow these easy steps to delete bank account in PhonePe:-


Delete Bank Account in PhonePe


  1. Open PhonePe app
  2. Login into app
  3. Click on my money
  4. Under payment method, Click bank accounts
  5. Now click on the delete button
  6. Now click on unlink button
  7. That’s it that particular bank account will be removed from the PhonePe account.


So the conclusion is that I explained simple and easy steps to remove the linked bank account from PhonePe, also attached the screenshot for a better understanding of the procedure od removal of the bank account from PhonePe. If the closed bank account is still showing in PhonePe, then you can remove it from these simple steps.



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