How To Delete Tinder Account [Complete Guide]

Found your dream man or woman or just got tired of swiping left or right? Maybe you just got tired of dating online. By whatever reason you have to delete your Tinder account, if you are not finding the way to delete your Tinder account, then read this article till the end. 

We have covered every possible and easy way in a nutshell, to make you understand how to delete Tinder account. Dive deep into the article and learn some useful tips about tinder.

How To Delete Tinder Account Permanently?

To delete tinder account permanently you just have to follow some simple steps:

Step 1: Open your tinder account on your device. On the top right corner of your profile icon. Click on it.

Delete Tinder Account

Step 2: Go to settings.

Step 3: Scroll down till the end, there you will see Delete my account option. Click on it.

Delete tinder account

You will get two options. Whether you can deactivate your account temporarily or delete it permanently.

Step 4: Click on Delete my account

Delete Tinder Account

Then Tinder will ask you the reason for deleting your account.

Step 5: Click on any reason which you prefer.

Tinder will also provide you with the option of hiding your account. So if you want to delete your account then you have to choose to delete.

So, it’s completed. Now your account is permanently deleted and no one can find you on tinder now unless you have another account.

How To Delete Tinder Account Without Using an App?

You can also delete Tinder account without installing an app. If you are having a problem accessing your account via your phone or don’t want to reinstall the app then there is a way to delete your account without using the tinder app.

By using a browser website you can delete your Tinder account.

Step 1: Go to the browser of your choice

Step 2: Open the tinder homepage by visiting

Step 3: Login to your tinder account.

Step 4: Go to your profile then head on to settings.

Step 5: Scroll down and there you find the Delete my account option. Just click on it

Step 6: You will get 2 options either to pause your account or delete my account. Click on delete my account option.

Now your account is deleted

Deleting the app doesn’t delete your Tinder account.

Unlike some other apps you can not delete your tinder account if you just delete your app from your mobile phone. Your whole data and photos will be still there. People can also see your profile. So if you want to get back to swiping you just have to redownload the app and you are good to swipe.

However, you have found your match or got engaged or married then, your partner may ask you why are you still there, are you searching for someone new? So to avoid these questions, you must delete your account.

How long does your Tinder stay active after you delete it?

If you have uninstalled your app from your phone then, your profile will be less visible to all other users but there will be no change in your profile, all the photos and data will be there as it was before. Tinder has a feature that, if you are inactive for more than 7 days then your profile will be completely invisible to all other users on the app.

But if you have deleted your account, your account will be completely deleted with all your information and photos which you have provided to the tinder. You will start from fresh if you have downloaded the app and created a new account.

Can you recover your Tinder deleted account?

So, the answer to this question is simply NO. You cannot recover your Tinder account once you delete it permanently. Like other apps Tinder does not provide you with the option of “cooling off” period during which if you changed your mind you can start using your account as before.

Tinder delete your account permanently as soon as you hit that delete my account button. You can create your new account if you want to come back but you won’t be able to access your previous account if you have deleted it. You have to start from scratch. You have to again upload your photos, input your information and find new matches.

Why should you delete Tinder account?


Some people create a fake account and try to be someone they are not. They pretend that they are real and will talk to you very nicely, so when you think that someone’s profile is too good to be true. Have a look, it might be a scam. They steal photos from other user accounts and pretend that they are them.

They do this to ask gifts from you or to wire them money. They may ask for your inappropriate photos and use them to blackmail you afterwards or they might gather all the information about you and later will steal your identity.


Hackers use the tinder for their phishing purpose. They will observe your account and get your contact details. Then they can email you some malicious links or can ask for bank account details. They might ask you to verify your payment details which tinder will never ask if you are using it’s free version.

Can we hide our Tinder account?

So, the answer is Yes. You can hide your account if you want others not to find you on Tinder.

You just need to go to settings of your account and then scroll down till last. You will find the delete account option. Click on it then you will find the option “Pause my account”, click on it. Now your account will not be shown to anyone.

If you are done hiding your account and now want others to find you then you need to turn on the “Show me” option from settings

Why did Tinder delete your account themselves?

You must be posting something objectionable on your profile and thus was violating the service of terms. So they will protect themselves and will delete any objectionable photos or your communication with others accounts.


In this article, I have tried to provide you all the information about how to delete Tinder account permanently. I Hope this helps you to solve your problem or to gain some information. If you find this article informative, please share it and let us know if you have any doubt.

Thank you.

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