How to Format Corrupted Pendrive

Hello techies, welcome back to our new article on how to resolve the issue for a corrupted pendrive. In this article we are going to show the methods of resolving the issue of your corrupted pendrive. We will show you how you can fix your busted pendrive within few steps.

How To Format Corrupted Pendrive

Step By Step Methods To Format Corrupted Pendrive

Step 1First of all connect your corrupted pendrive in your personal computer or laptop. Connect your pendrive in the USB slot provided in the system.

How to Format Corrupted prndrive

Step 2After connecting your pendrive you have to click on the start menu of your computer. You can also press the window key on your keyboard.

Step 3Now in the serach box you have to type and search for cmd (command prompt).

Step 4Now you will be showing the application of the command prompt. Then right click on the command prompt app.

Step 5 : Now you will see run as administration option, click on that option.

Step 6Now you will be seeing the screen of cmd. There you have to write diskpart without any space.

Step 7After writing press

Step 8Now after pressing enter, you have to write list disk.

enter key

Step 9Then press enter, now you will be seeing all the disk that are present in your system

Step 10Now select the disk which is corrupted. You can judge the disk by using the size of the disk mentioned in the diskpart.

Step 11Now your corrupted disk has been selected.

Step 12Now type clean and press enter

Step 13 Now type exit . This wrap up all the process


Here, we discussed everything about How To Format Corrupted Pendrive. Hope you liked this article. We have tried to explain the concept in a simple language.

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