How To Format Write Protected Pen Drive

When your USB drive is write-protected it is because the USB drive has a security feature called Lock Switch. Which keeps your data safe.

Most of the time the USB drive comes with the write protection feature, Which protects your USB drive from accessing the data by you or any other person.

Due to corrupted files and data, the USB file shows inaccessible. It can likewise be a consequence of harm or some different glitches on your Drive.

How to format write protected pen drive?
  • First of all check for the Lock Switch, Because many USB drives come up with the Physical Lock which is given for your data security. When you turn it on it will not allow accessing the data from your USB drive.
  • This is for your security so you need to check whether that lock toggled it to the locked position, if yes then simply toggled it to unlock position.

If there is no switch to your USB drive then it should be some other reason.

Remove write protection by formatting your USB. You can’t organize it through conventional strategies. Else, you will meet the error message that removes write protection from the drive.

  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. On cmd type disk part and hit enter this will open Diskpart.
  3. Type “list disk” and hit Enter. it will show all the storage disks of your System listed on the window. identify your USB drive from them.
  4. Type select disk by typing number correctly and press enter,like Select disk1.
  5. Type “attributes disk clear readonly” hit Enter then this command will clear the write protection attribute from the selected disk.
how to format write protected pen drive

This method will remove write protection from the drive.

  1. After this type “clean” for clearing the disk.
  2. Then type “create partition primary” for Creating the specified partition
  3. After type ” format fs=ntfs” It will completely formated.
  4. Type “exit” to go out of it.
how to format write protected pen drive
You can also remove the write protection using this Tool.

Step 1. Download AOMEI Partition Assistant and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Select your USB drive, click right and select Format Partition.

Step 3. Select the right file system like FAT32 and click OK.

Step 4. Come back to the main interface, click Apply > Proceed to execute the changes.

After the write protection of the pen drive will remove.

  1. In your search bar or ‘cmd‘ insert Regedit and search for the Registry Editor.
  2. Then you are on the Registry Editor window, you will see the Computer option on the left-hand panel. Simply navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies.
Try Regedit to Remove the write-protected USB Drive
how to format write protected pen drive

3. On the main panel, you will see Write Protect Value, then change the “Value Data” 0 from 1. then click “ok“.

how to format write protected pen drive

Try this Methods to remove write protection from your USB and Let us know in the comments.

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