10 Ways To Increase WiFi Bandwidth

How To Increase WiFi bandwidth?​

In this 4G, 5G world of internet how you feel when you’re watching a video or playing your favorite game PUBG and your WiFi speed getting slow….of course irritating feeling.

It is because you have become habituated to the fast internet speed. Slower internet speed will never let you select HD video streaming on YouTube and Netflix as well. 

There are many configurations and factors which affect our Wi-Fi performance and speed.

Here I’ll share some of the best ways to Increase WiFi Bandwidth.

To increase WiFi bandwidth(speed) means we have to increase bandwidth. Bandwidth is the maximum data transfer rate of network or internet connection.

It is nothing but to measure how much data can be sent over a specific connection in a given amount of time. A gigabit Ethernet connection has a bandwidth of 1,000 Mbps, (125 megabytes per second).

Speed and Bandwidth are two different things, Speed is a bit rate of the circuit while bandwidth is the amount of speed available for use.

Before going towards Speed we should lookup first here.

How To Increase WiFi Bandwidth?

To know whether your bandwidth is low or high just run an internet speed test.


increase WiFi bandwidth

If your WiFi speed is up to 20mbps it doesn’t mean that it remains stable in case of connecting multiple devices or any other reasons.

There are some simplest ways to increase WiFi bandwidth.

1. If you never get enough bandwidth just change your ISP.
2. Upgrade your internet plan to a better plan.
3. Another way is to reduce the number of connected devices to your WiFi. It increases your bandwidth.
4. Sometimes your device is not able to receive bandwidth speed, then you need to check your device connectivity.
5. Use a VPN the virtual private network that helps you bypass bandwidth throttling, and will also encrypt your internet traffic, so you can browse the internet securely and privately.

Here Are The 10 Ways To Boost Your WiFi Speed / To Increase WiFi bandwidth.

1. Check your broadband speed:

Checking the broadband speed means to check your upload and download speed. For this go with some good speed testing sites. Such as speedtest.net. Otherwise just heat ‘speed test‘ on google it will provide in-browser speed checking tools for you.

2. Place your router at a good place:

Don’t hide your router behind any obstacles take it out from there and place it on an open space. It’s an important issue which may have an impact on the router’s performance.

3. Keep your Router updated:

Many malware and viruses may attack your router which leads to a big loss.  To avoid this issue keep your router updated all the time. Or replace your router to the new one it will definitely boost your WiFi speed. The latest Wi-Fi standard is 802.11ac.

After replacing your router then check what Wi-Fi standard you’re running on:
1. Click on the Wi-Fi shortcut (usually found on the bottom right of PC screen).
2. Hover your cursor over the broadband service you are using.
3. The standard will be listed next to ‘Radio Type’

4. Reconfiguration:

Reconfigure your router so that it will find the reason why WiFi is getting slow.
For this, you just need to manipulate setting directly from the router dashboard on a computer browser. Or go with the router’s handbook for the configuration menu.

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5. Use Latest WiFi technologies:

  • IEEE 802.11ac the latest wireless technology. It provides superior download and upload speed. It improves range compared to older WIFI.
  • Most of the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac routers offer two Wi-Fi bands, which means they’re sending two network signals; one at 2.4GHz, and one at 5GHz.
  • Every device needs updating. So making use of new tech helps to improve your WiFi speed.

6. Switch WiFi channel:

  • When you set up your router it detects a channel for routing and makes it its default router but sometimes it’s crowded or its a channel 1 or 6.
  • Problem is most of the router choose this channel and so WiFi traffic jam, as too many packets trying to drive on the same line.
  • Solution on this is to switch the channels from default to another then use great tools available for checking which channel is best for your router. Like NetSpot, a professional and easy-to-use WiFi analysis, and surveillance tool.

7. Use 5GHz :

  • 2.4 GHz wireless frequency is the crowded and low speed of data transmission rate.
  • On the other hand, 5 GHz wireless frequency provides faster data rates at shorter distances and is typically much less busy than the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency.
  • Its good to use if your router supports this technology.

8. Limit your Router’s frequency band :

  • If you can’t afford new technology like switching with 5GHz then try to limit your router to sending out signals at intervals of 20MHz.
  • Limit the guest access to 20 MHz, which offers a stronger signal with fewer drop-outs.

9. Update WiFi adapter or driver:

  • Everything needs an update after some time, likewise your WI-FI adapter or drivers need to be updated, it could give it the push it needs to get working again. Unless it’s unable to communicate with our PC or laptop.
  • Using some tools like Driver Talent offers the best downloadable update available for most operating systems.

10. Replace your Antena:

  • If your router uses internal antenna then with the external antenna it gives you a stronger signal. Most of the time antenna comes with the router but if not then add it by yourself.
  • Choose either omnidirectional antennas, which send a signal to all directions or directional ones, which send a signal in one specific direction.

Last but not the list:

The all-time working advice.

If your device doesn’t work then try switching it ON/OFF. Apply this method on your router. This simple trick can improve your WiFi speed. A Reboot clears the router’s memory and allows updates to install.

Conclusion :

Fast networks have been the game changers in technology, innovation, productivity and instant collaboration.

Most of the time our signal gets interrupted right when we are in the middle of something important. Lets make your WiFi faster than usual and avoid streaming video, gaming without any disturbance in network and so on.

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