How To Install Tails

How To Install Tails:

TAILS: Tails is a transportable operating system. It is an encrypted operating system that encapsulates open source privacy tools that are used worldwide.

All these functions are done in a small device that is portable. Tails help in neglecting the censorship and protects your privacy.

Tails have been accepted as an important aspect by journalists, hackers, and IT workers. 

Full Form of TAILS

The full form of TAILS is “THE AMNESIC INCOGNITO LIVE SYSTEM“. It can be easily run by MAC and PC with a USB drive, Tails runs DEBIAN so it is easy to run on all platforms.

It is free software and independent security researchers can verify all the works.

Sensitive documents are put on work that requires the selection of applications which is included in Tails.

Tails provide secure communication and all the things can be used as and when we want.

Instead of starting Windows, macOS or Linux, we can directly start Tails USB stick with ease in operations.

When the computer shuts down it leaves no traces. The TOR network is used in privacy protection online and avoid censorship. We can enjoy internet surfing with very much ease of inexperience.


We require 2 USB Drives of 2 – 4GB USB drives. 1st USB – used to prepare and install Tails and 2nd USB – run the OS.

We require a phone or tablet, and an app that scans QR codes.

It requires 2-3 hrs of time. The installation process happens with ease and makes sure you read all the important documentation of the installation process.

Download the software and get ready for a new experience.  


How To Install Tails in 13 Easy Steps​

These steps are simple but we recommend you to read the documentation properly which will provide you the correct optimization of the OS.

STEP 1- Read all the terms and conditions, warnings, and the about page of the official website. After that make sure that your system is ready to go with all the basic minimum requirements.

STEP 2- If there is any kind of virus, we suggest you remove it or reboot your computer system, this makes sure that if you download any kind of file, it will not be affected or get corrupted.

STEP 3- Now you have to download the TAILS from the prescribed website i.e, the official website, and now select the OS.

STEP 4- Now make sure you verify the TAILS to make sure that the original file is being downloaded or not.

STEP 5- Now we have to insert one USB drive (NOTE: We had 2 USB drive, GIVEN: PREREQUISITES)

STEP 6- Now we have to download the USB installer which is downloaded from the installer package.

STEP 7- There will be a pop-up for all the Windows OS users, this pop-up is for the confirmation of the installation.

 STEP 8- You have to now restart your computer or laptop and when the bootup process is taking place click on Boot Menu KEY and then select Boot Tails from the USB drive.

STEP 9- Now we have to insert another USB drive(NOTE: We had 2 USB drive, GIVEN: PREREQUISITES)

STEP 10- Respond to all the prompts by clicking on next in the TAILS installer.

STEP 11- Now reboot your computer system or laptop by restarting it.

STEP 12- Let the second USB be intact and remove the first USB.

STEP 13- Now run Tails by repeating the starting up process.

Note: Tails will not protect you from complicated hardware or software.


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