How To Remove Background Noise in Audacity

Easy Step By Step Guide To Remove Background Noise in Audacity

Audacity is a very well-known open-source cross-platform software for music editing. It’s not for professionals – this is meant for those who need some basic editing capabilities to fine-tune a music piece. 

Filmmakers need to cut off the background noise in general. Audacity is such a user-friendly platform, it is built minimal and plays a key role in sound editing, it is simple and also allows you to focus on various processes with ease. With an installed audacity platform, you can cut off the background noise in a music piece effortlessly.

The audio you want to edit and remove background noise isn’t necessary to be originally recorded on Audacity itself. Even if it is not something that you are going to create, the background still matters for processing the audio or creating music. 

If you don’t remove noise disturbances in the background, the processed audio using Audacity will not sound good and impressive at all. You don’t really need a sound engineer or someone experiences to point out the noise disturbances, anyone can easily notice the noise disturbances in the background.


  • Yes, it works. It completely depends on what type of noise you have in the background of your audio recording. However, you cannot be able to completely remove or cut off the noise from a single stereo track. 
  • Suppose if there is any crowd chattering noises in the background while you record something, the frequency of both the primary signal and the background noise are almost comparable. It’s very hard to remove such noise disturbances because they can as well affect the original vocals in the audio piece.
  • Audacity helps you to suppress the noise, it helps to reduce the impact of the noise by a very great margin and remove it with ease and effortlessness.

But how do we remove background noise in Audacity platform? Worry not. We have got everything covered in this article. We also described elaborately the procedure to cut off the background music using Audacity. Dive deep into the article and keep reading and learn with us.

How To Remove Background Noise in Audacity – A Step by Step Guide.

First and foremost you won’t be needing to cut off background noises if you don’t have them at all in the first place. So, when you record a song or any audio piece just make sure you are at a place with no echo. If you can find a studio utilizing some soundproofing materials, that would be way more helpful. Now lest get back to the process of cutting off unwanted noise using audacity.

  • Refer the official website of Audacity and get it installed on your personal computer.
  • Launch the app and now click Ctrl+Shift+I, to import the audio file.
  • If you can’t find the audio file on your windows, you can guide your way through Files> Import > Audio, to import the audio piece which you want to cut off the background noise disturbances.
  • remove noice in audacity
  • Simply select the portion of noise to be cut off, for effective results without really affecting the original vocals in the audio file.
  • After successfully importing the file, now select the complete audio track by clicking on Ctrl+ A (if the whole audio track has disturbances) and now navigate your way to Effect-> Noise Reduction.
  • remove noise in Audacity
  • If the audio piece doesn’t gave the background noise everywhere, select the region with try splitting the stereo track into mono tracks.
  • After doing the above-mentioned process, select the areas in the music piece to cancel out the background disturbances.
  • In dB, set the noise reduction scale and adjust the sensitivity, also make sure you set a frequency smoothing band to reduce the noise.