How To Uninstall Oracle 11G

We will learn how to uninstall oracle 11g database from windows 10*64 version. This same process can also use for a 10*32 bit version because the same process is followed by the 32 bit too.

To completely remove ORACLE 11g DATABASE from your computer we have to follow step by step process.

How To Uninstall Oracle 11g


In case if in future if you reinstall the oracle database after uninstalling then it will give you an error called “environment variable path is too long

To avoid the error of future installation we have to delete the Environment variable from the system.


how to uninstall oracle 11g

In the system variable-> find variable name PATH.

Then EDIT the environment variable.

Here you can see several paths from this you have to select ORACLE 11 g environment variable and delete it.

To identify, search the path similar toC:\app\mann\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\binselect the path and then hit on delete.

The environment variable of ORACLE 11g will be deleted. Here the first step completed.


After deleting the environment variable we have to delete the windows registry for oracle 11g.

But while deleting the windows registry for oracle 11g be careful because any wrong action will cause errors in your windows.


Open command prompt by pressing WIN+R. Simultaneously open windows registry by entering Regedit in your RUN dialogue box.

Here you are in the windows registry.

There is two types of registry and we have to delete both of them. First oracle 11g software which runs all serives of Oracle in background. And the other one is the registry which is responsible for proper working of your oracle database.

Here you will find all the directories which we have to delete.

To find the registry for oracle database services press alphabet O and navigation will take you to all those registries whose name starts with O. As oracle registry starts with O so it is super easy to find it.

In this we have 8 windows registry, make sure only have to delete that 8 registries, not others.

So right-click on every registry and click delete.

Now we have to delete the Windows registry for oracle database software.

Again GO TO



Press alphabet O it will find oracle reg.

Then find and delete the registry one by one.

But be careful before deleting it, if there are other software installed in your PC from oracle then take look at the registry and then delete only oracle 11g database reg.(also take a backup of registry).

Here 2nd Step Is Completed.

To bring all the changes in the computer we have made recently just restart your computer.

After this 2 steps restart your computer and let’s go to step 3(to bring the changes of the system we have made)

Now we deleted the entire oracle registry from the computer and after this, we can delete ORACLE HOME. we are free to delete oracle folders from windows 10.

The base directory is an app and located in C drive or in the drive where your OS is installed.

Go to the main drive and delete it. In case if it won’t delete try to restart the computer or make sure you perform the above steps properly.

Next, find the oracle folder and delete this too.

After this delete oracle database folder fromC:\programData\/microsoft\Window\Start Menu\programs.

If you follow all these steps properly it will remove the oracle 11 g database from your Windows 10.

The second most method you can use is to use deinstall tool which is recommended by oracle itself.

Remove the oracle 11g by using this but follow instruction given on

Otherwise it may harm other functions of your system.

To remove oracle software from a Linux server.

There are various techniques with which you can expel the Oracle programming.

Before deinstalling oracle, ensure you have erased the oracle databases (and different administrations) running from the ORACLE_HOME

The following are the various techniques wherein you can remove Oracle from Linux server:

Technique 1 :

Recollect install oracle software, you use runInstaller from the installation media. The same runInstaller can be used to uninstall oracle software and all associated files.

Go to runInstaller area and issue underneath order:

./runInstaller -deinstall -home /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/

Technique 2 :

Under your ORACLE_HOME, we get a deinstall utility that you can use to remove the oracle software from your Linux server.


Technique 3:

Stop all the oracle databases / processes running from the ORACLE_HOME.


rm -Rf *
rm -Rf *
Remove oratab file
rm /etc/oratab

Conclusion (How To Uninstall Oracle 11g):

Here, we have seen how to uninstall oracle 11g. Use the above shown tips and techniques to remove or uninstall oracle 11g.

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