How To Use Teamviewer

What Is Team-Viewer and How To Use Teamviewer​

Do you want to complete your work from home

Wanna use your office PC at your place without going to the office? Then this software is for you The Team-Viewer. 

It is user-friendly and provides a lot of features for you.

It can allow the user to access any other computers remotely which makes it easy to invite an expert to help you remotely by using its amazing features.

Using Team-Viewer one can connect with their friends from your PC to teach them something remotely.

It is called as another remote connectivity solution with a fast and secure network.

It can allow managing meetings from anywhere.

This is the cloud-based service for the file transfer, desktop sharing, to make web conferencing and also file sharing over the computer network.

Team-Viewer saves your contact details as well as device information.

It can list out your contact details in a single click.

Users can use it in a different way for the commercial purpose or they can use it privately.

A simple chatting feature and video conferencing are provided by Team-Viewer.

It can make a file transfer from your device to any connected device.

What is Team-Viewer and How to use Teamviewer

How to Install Team Viewer​

  • Go to
  • Download the Team-Viewer. Choose one, Commercial or Private.
  • In just a few clicks you can install in your device.
  • Create a username and password to use it later.
  • After the installation of the Team-viewer, it comes with its main interface.
  • The two important features of Team-viewer is- it can remotely control other PC and the other is meetings.
  • It has different features.
  • The second one meetings are divided into two sections one is Host meeting and other is Join meetings.

How To Use Teamviewer​

  • Let’s start with the remote control feature. Just click on the remote control tab.
  • Here you can see your ID and password and you can change it any time.
  • To connect with your partners PC, exchange both of your ID’s, enter each other’s IDs and then proceed.
  • Select any features, like remote control, file transfer or VPN, whatever you want.
  • You can make this process reverse with the same process, you just need to enter your ID first on your partners PC.
  • This is all about how to use it easily.

Meeting Feature Of Teamviewer​

  • Now start with Team-Viewer meetings, first select what you want.
  • It may be either a presentation meeting, a video call or a phone call.
  • Team-Viewer meetings can manage your meetings by scheduling it.

To join meetings :

  • Enter the name and meeting ID received from the user who invited you for the meeting.

Join your meetings:

  • Enter your name and meeting ID, which is received from the person who invited you for a meeting.
  • After this, you will receive a link, click this link. It connects you to the meeting.
  • For security, the initiator of the meeting sets a password.
  • This way Team-Viewer make it easy to attain the meeting from your place.

TeamViewer on your phone​

  • You can do the same thing with your phone. Team-Viewer is available for android phones too.
  • You just have to install the android application on your phone and your friends phone too.
  • Again the same process, enter your friend’s Id, then click on connect.
  • It only needs a good internet connection and here you go with it.

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