Complete Guide to ZIP a folder in Linux

Guide To Zip A Folder In Linux. | Linux Operating System | linux zip folder

Many people think Linux is an operating system, but Linux, in fact, is a kernel. Now, what is a kernel? A kernel is the core of the operating system that handles memory, manages CPU and devices associated.

It hides low level details and also provides an interface between the hardware of the system and system processes. Linux kernel provides a shell to the user and also allows the user to communicate with kernel via shell.

Linux is traditionally associated as being an operating system for programmers and coders but over the years there have been many changes and real attempts to make Linux more attractive to general consumers.

Linux is used by almost every major space programme in the world, including NASA and ESA. Private space companies like SpaceX also leveraged it, with the latter having completed more than 65 space missions and many more counting with the assistance of a fault-resistant Linux system in their powerful Falcon 9 rockets.

Interesting Facts About Linux

  • First-line kernel, The first-line01 had just 10,239 lines of code.
  • Linux kernel today has millions of code lines, written mostly in language C.
  • Slack ware is the oldest Linux distribution which is still in the process of development.
  • First GUI that ran on Linux was the X window system. It ran on kernel version 0/95.

Advantage Of Linux Operating System

  1. It is free of cost.
  2. The source is open.
  3. Using Linux is secure.
  4. It is monolithic.
  5. It is advantageous because of its customizability.
  6. Linux is reliable.
  7. It serves as a perfect medium for coding.
  8. Best community.

Ok now let’s just proceed to the point with A quick Linux fact.  Ubuntu is the most popularly used version of Linux. This word derived its origin from an African language and refers to a philosophy of virtual compassion and humanity. Interesting isn’t it? Now let’s go dive deep into the article and let’s learn about how to zip a folder in Linux.

What Exactly Do Zipping Means?

ZIP is nothing but the archive file format. With the help of zip, multiple files can be compressed into a simple single file.

It saves a lot of the disk place and also the network bandwidth. This quick tip helps you all to know how to create a proper zip folder in Linux distributors.

Zip is widely used by the system operators to compress and reduce large files that put a lot much load on your system. Whether it is Windows, Linux or macOS, zip is available in all of these operating systems.

With the help of zip, files can be easily transferred. Files become easily manageable with the usage of the Zip. These zipped files can be easily transferred from one machine to the other quickly when compare to those of unzipped or uncompressed files.

In the article we tried our best to make you understand how to zip a folder in Linux using some basic and easy zip commands.

How To Install ZIP File In Linux?

In order to start the process, first make sure you have your zip installed. In some variants of Linux and Unix, zip is installed with the operating system by default. Zip can be manually installed by yum. There are also alternative methods but by using yum, the process becomes lot more easy.

# yum install zip

And boom, your zip is successfully installed using this command.

Now let’s discuss more in depth about how to zip a folder in Linux.

How to ZIP a folder in Linux


This is noted as one of the easiest way to zip a folder on Linux. Use the zip command with “–r” option and yes, then you are done. Easy, isn’t it? Also keep note on your archived files and also the list of folders that are to be added to zip. It helps create the zip archives.

$ zip  –r <output> <folder –1><folder –2> <folder –3>......<folder –n>.

If you are not sure where your stored zip files are, you can search them easily by using the command “find”.


Using “find” command to search for the archived files and to zip your folder, is a greatest, easiest and most used way. If folders are to be zipped in the current working directory, following this find command would help.


There is a way to zip your folders on Linux with ease if you are using GNOME or KDE.


  • First of all, open dolphin by clicking on the “Application launcher” This is present at the left bottom of your screen. Now type the text “dolphin”.

  • You will find a “Dolphin- Filemanager” Click on it.
  • How to ZIP folders in Linux
  • Now by holding the “Control” key and by left-clicking on the folders to be compressed, select the folders that are to be zipped.
  • After the process of selecting folders or files to be zipped, right-click and select the option “Compress”.
  • Now hover your cursor over the “Compress” option and now select the “zip”(here) option in the menu
  • How to ZIP folders in Linux

  • After some time zip folder is created with your selected files, depending on the size of your selected or so-called archive files.

And boom, you flawlessly created a zip folder with multiple files on Linux.


  • If you are using GNOME, on Debian 10 or on centOS 8, you can zip or compress files directly from user interface itself.
  • How to ZIP folders in Linux
  • At the top left corner of your desktop, select “Applications” and now search for the option “Files”.
  • After selecting “Files” your explorer will automatically start.
  • You are in the File explorer section now.
  • Select multiple files by pressing on “Control” key and by left-clicking on the files that must be zipped.
  • After selecting the files to be zipped, now right-click and select “Compress”.
  • How to ZIP folders in Linux
  • Now click on the “Create” option and you are done. That’s all your zipped files are prepared.