How To Increase Ram In Android Without Rooting

How to increase ram in android without rooting.

Hello guys, hope you all are doing well. So guys if you play games in low-end devices or if you use Instagram, Whatsapp, etc apps in a low-end device. You might face some lags and hang up on your smartphones.

This article will stand by your side and will be a value addition in your troublesome day to day life.

So, today we are going to solve your issue regarding the hang which your smartphone faces due to low RAM (Random Access Memory).

We as smartphone users always want uninterrupted access to everything. Slow working phones may sometimes be so frustrating that you might want to throw the phone out of the window. Right??

Here we will show few ways that will increase ram in android without rooting it.

So, when you open up any article there are many ads or you may say methods that give you a suggestion regarding increasing the ram of your smartphones.

Even there are RAM Extender app and many more. But in the end, the last requirement is that your smartphone must be rooted.

What about the non-rooted users ??? The non-rooted users have comparatively fewer methods or ways to increase their ram.

So, in this article non-rooted users will find a very easy method to increase ram in android without rooting it.


STEP 1: Open Google play store and install an app RAM Booster(Memory Cleaner).

how to increase ram in android without rooting

STEP 2: After installing the app open it and you will find an interface like this

STEP 3: You will find on the top that how much ram is Freeable, then you will see 
overall storage usage, overall ram usage

STEP 4: Scroll down then you will find a RAM usage graph, this will show that how your smartphone uses your ram.

STEP 5: Scroll up and at the bottom center of the screen you will find a button that displays the ram that is freeable, click on that.

STEP 6: There will be a pop up in which you will be shown the apps that will be
closed by the RAM Booster app, then click on the rocket sign.

STEP 7: It would take a few seconds and you are now ready to go with your boosted phone.

In case the above process didn’t go well you may also follow the next suggestion.


STEP 1 : Install an app from play store (Smart Booster Free Cleaner)

STEP 2 : After installing open the app.

STEP 3 : Now you will be seeing an interface like this

Now click on the three line at the top left corner of the screen

STEP 4 : After clicking you will come to this page

STEP 5 : Now click on settings. You will get these options. And now from these options click on Ram Boost .

STEP 6: After clicking on Ram Boost you will have these options. Now select the Boost level option.

STEP 7: After clicking on the boost level option you will be shown many levels of boost
Select one according to your needs. In our case, we have selected STRONG.

STEP 8: Now swipe down and select the Boost automatically option. This will  automate the whole process that was done in the above steps and further you won’t require to do the hectic steps.

STEP 9: Now come back to the main screen and tap on the ‘ Free RAM ‘.

STEP 10: Now lastly clicking on ‘BOOST‘ will solve all your problems concerning low
ram without rooting your device.

The KILL ALL option will kill all the background apps that are running. You can also
enhance your ram by killing all the apps running in the background.

The above steps are using the third-party app. (Increase ram in android without rooting and without using any third-party app)

Do you want to increase your ram capacity without using any third-party app?

We also have some solutions to increase your ram without using any third-party app.

Using a third-party app may also sometimes be cumbersome. After all, it will also be consuming some ram on your smartphones.

So we are having some ideas or methods or ways that can help you in increase ram in your smartphones without using any third-party app. And here we go with the solution to your issues.

1. You must be using light wallpapers rather than the dynamic ones.

  • The dynamic wallpapers are the live wallpapers that we use in our smartphones which use an excess of ram which makes your smartphones slow.
  • For eg. there are various themes and wallpapers that we use to make our user interface look more presentable .(These wallpapers and themes uses lots of ram of our smartphones.)
  • Its not like that we can’t use wallpapers ,we can use it. But we should be using such wallpapers that are not dynamic.
  • Rather you can use light wallpapers this will save your ram and makes your smartphone faster.
  • On the other hand, using light wallpapers will save your battery as well.
  • Hence the performance of your smartphone will enhance and you can enjoy the lag-free experience.

2. Disable the Preinstalled app.

  • There are many apps in our smartphones that are preinstalled that even do not matter to us.
  • Even when we do not use those app regularly, these app starts to work in the background and starts consuming RAM.
  • Since preinstalled apps can’t be uninstalled but they can be disabled. So to do this you must go to settings, then go to apps. Now select the app that you want to disable.

So simple ….. Isn’t it??

Here you go with another solution.

3. Animations look cool when you pass along swiping your menu or scrolling down. 

  • But on the other hand, they eat RAM a lot !!! We can even deactivate them
    in the developer option.
  • We must go to the developer option, then advanced settings and then animation, from there we can deactivate it.


  • Hope that the above-mentioned steps would have helped you in increasing your ram capacity in android without rooting.
  • We would like to hear from you, your suggestions are always welcome.
  • Please do comment about the article and do tell us about the ram.
  • In the above steps, we have shown in detail about increasing the capacity of your ram without rooting your smartphone.
  • If you are also worried about your smartphones being slowed down and lagging.
    Do follow the above steps, it will help you with your issues.

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