Top 10 Korean Restaurants in Pune That You Ought to Try!

Top 10 Korean restaurants in Pune that you ought to try!

“Crash Landing on You”, “Squid Games”, “Parasite”, “BTS”, “BlackPink” – we have all been consumed by the “Hallyu culture”. While we were salivating over Tteokbokki being shared by the father-daughter duo as a birthday treat, giant bowls of Ramyeon being made by the protagonist while dancing. These are the visuals that we have lived for as a K-drama fans.

Now that we are done imagining how it shall all taste, here is to the most updated guide on the top 10 Korean restaurants and kitchens in Pune that you should absolutely try. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the Korean delicacies that are being served in our very own city.

Best Korean Restaurants in Pune

1. Café Peter

The pioneer of Korean food culture in Pune and a fabulous franchise model that is loved to bits, Peter Jung fell in love with Pune in 2010 and decided to set up shop as “Café Peterdonuts”. Since then, they have expanded to a multicuisine format but what still draws the crowd is their special focus on Korean food. They were the first ones to serve Americano and free wifi, both of which were lapped up by their patrons.

Korean food on offer

Korean soupy ramen, Dak Gang Jeong (Crispy fried chicken glazed in a sticky, sweet, and spicy sauce) which is a big part of Korean street food culture, Bulgogi chicken pizza, Gochujang cheese ramen, Gochujang roasted steak is a peek into the Korean food verse but also entices newbies to try out.


With coffee included, your wallet gets lighter only by 1000 bucks. They have superb seating along with a red and black theme which is super chic and soft lighting. Their desserts are also a must-try, especially an apple pie, donuts, and cheesecake just to calm down your taste buds.

2. Iya’s Kitchen

The newest baby in town was made possible by Indraha Khaladkar, Rutuja Khaladkar, and Srihari Mamadapur. They were operating as a cloud kitchen on Sinhagad road, now they have put up shop on Sus Pashan Road. They have been dishing out authentic Korean food ever since.

Korean food on offer

Jjangmyeon with your choice of protein that is soba noodles along with sauteed vegetables in black bean sauce, Bibimbap (a wholesome nourishing bowl of sticky rice, protein in doenjang sauce, sauteed veggies, and seaweed paper), Korean barbeque, Sushi/kimbap, Inari pockets (Fried tofu pockets with filling), Tteokbokki and Maxim coffee which is extremely popular in South Korea.


With coffee/beverage included, the cost of two will go up to 500/- which is extremely reasonable for the quality and variety of Korean dishes they make. They have plans to retail K- culture merchandise and expand into a store for readymade Korean food that one can pick up on their next visit

3. K

This small place is done up minimalist, but the Korean food is all maximalist, trust us! It is a tiny place that is easy to miss so be careful when you are driving past it. Their head chef is Korean hence one can be assured of the experience of eating here.

Korean food on offer

Gimbap, Spicy Kimchi Pork, Dak Galbi, Tteok Galbi steak, Kimchi fried rice, Noodle bokki which has rice cakes, fresh noodles, eggs, and vegetables in Korean hot sauce, Mandu, Kkanpunggi which is like Dak Gang Jeong and Maxim Coffee


With coffee, it comes to around 1200/- which is on the pricier side, but the mantra is “the more the merrier” so bring in a large group of friends or foe and enjoy the meal without burning a hole in your pocket.

4. Seoul Jib

This literally means “Seoul home” and home it is for Koreans who are homesick. It serves as a guest house for ex-pat Koreans and hence, their meal setting is fuss-free. They are the only place that serves Soju (rice beer), and Makgeolli (rice wine), hence making it stand up to the truth of Korean food – wine and dine!

Korean food on offer

Their Kimchi is one of the best and you can also order and buy it. The menu is in Korean but easy to navigate with the hosts helping you out. Kimbap, Jjang Myeon, Gimbap, Kimchi fried rice, Banchan (unlimited side dishes), Tteokbokki, Ramyun.


The cost for two including soju may go up to 1200/- but this is reasonable considering they do not Indianize the flavors and keep it real. This is a good enough reason to go and indulge in your Hallyu fantasies of Dak Gang Jeong and Soju so cheers to an afternoon of drinking and eating

5. Internationally Local

Shreyoshi Chatterjee Verma came back from Korea and settled here and decided to bring the flavors closer home. She runs a cloud kitchen out of Undri and serves up to Hinjewadi. People swear by their Bibimbap. She makes her own Kimchi, Sesame soy dip. She also makes customized dishes as per order.

Korean food on offer

Gimbap, Californian cream cheese rolls, Bibimbap, and Ramyoun are her specialties and makes burgers with Korean flavors.


Being a home chef and depending on the menu, the cost may vary. We would advise that you can call up or text on the number provided to ask for the availability and charges. This is a BrainyWit recommendation!

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6. Origins

This oriental-themed restaurant with paper lamps gives the feel of a fuss-free eatery. Their focus is on oriental cuisine and Korean food is a very large part of it.

Korean food on offer

Smoked Korean-style Barbeque Chicken, Seafood Ramen, Miso Soup, and Uramaki rolls ( Yes, it’s Japanese) but will give Gimbap competition.


The cost for two comes to around 1600/-. This is quite reasonable considering they have a decent portion size, wide variety, and penchant for understanding dishes

7. Wasabi 15

This Asian casual dining takes from the concept of “Fast Healthy food” from Japanese and Korean grocery stores that double up as cafes too. They deliver your food to the table in 15 minutes and boy, do they have variety.

Korean food on offer

Pa Jeon (savory pancakes), Kimchi ‘eon, “Ampong chicken/ Seafood (Korean noodle soup), ‘Ap Chea, Kimchi fried rice, Bibimbap, Gimbap


The cost for two will set you back by a max of 700/-. The casual dine-in vibes justify the price you pay and the quality of service is exceptional.

8. Makizushi

This delivery-only cloud kitchen specializes in Ramen and Sushi. Their foray into Korean food is specifically focused on Ramen. They have a dedicated late-night clientele that can place orders up to 1 am

Korean food on offer

Korean hot bean, Kimchi Ramen, Flaming Korean rice bowl, Korean hot bean noodles, Korean Rabboki Ramen


A meal for two will set you back by 1000/-. This is value for money considering the fresh produce they use, and the exotic ingredients added to make the orders stand out.

9. Shizusan

This Asian sit-down restaurant near the Airport has some Korean food up to its sleeves. Though primarily known for Baos and Sushi, few Korean dishes have made their mark.

Korean food on offer

Kimchi jjigae, Jajang Myeon noodles, Gochujang spiced rice


A meal for two will set you back by 2000/- if you go easy on the alcohol. In  Brainywit’s opinion, the prices are reasonable considering they are based out of a mall and it is located in a premium neighborhood. It sure gives the Asian bistro vibe we need while gorging on Korean food.

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10. Dorje and the Bell

This cozy little eatery serves some lip-smacking Ramen and a side of dishes that are Korean-inspired but not your regular Ramyeon. With bells and bamboos adorning the place, it is a great place for you to hang out with your friends and family.

Korean food on offer

Korean BBQ Paneer, Korean chicken wings. Do give their Guava Mojito a try if you are into spicy-sweet.


Extremely affordable and value for money, it will set you back by 600/- for a meal for two. This is also a Bwit recommend for their Shabales (fried savory hand pies).

SL NoBest Korean Restaurants in PuneLocationWebsite
1Café PeterAundh, Baner, Camp, Viman Nagar, Koregaon
4Seoul JibExpressway,
5Internationally LocalUndriinternationally local
7Wasabi 15Viman NagarWasabi 15
9ShizusanViman NagarShizusan
10Dorje and the BellPimpale

Now that you have this list handy, share it with your K- fellows and friends and go hang out with them. Please let us know if you found this list helpful. Brainywit aims to keep you curious and updated, as always

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