10 Best Machine Learning Institutes in Pune [2021]

Machine Learning Course in Pune | Best Machine Learning Institutes

As everyone is now hoping this COVID-19 pandemic to end soon and hence, many people are planning their next step to be taken once everything is normalized.

We also must be then ready to grab the very next opportunity we come across and decide wisely to shine out in the coming competitions. 

So, here is a chance of a great deal for those who love “Machine Learning”, or want to, as this topic is very favorite nowadays. For that, you have to give justice to your doubts and continue reading this article until the very end.

It is true that selecting the best training institute amongst all the various options available, is a bit confusing result to get and especially when there is an ocean of these out there! 

This article will guide you through the selection process of The Best Training Institute For Learning Machine Learning(ML), that too fulfilling your conditions and situations.

So, Let me start the article on Top 10 Machine Learning Courses Institutes in the city of Pune.

List of 10 Best Machine Learning Course in Pune City

1. TECHNOGEEKS – Technogeekscs.com

machine learning course in pune

Who are they?

Technogeeks is a training institute in Pune providing Information Technology services by experienced IT professionals related to different technical fields like Artificial Intelligence, Hadoop, Python, Selenium, etc..

They have a notion there which is- “Come to Learn, Go to Lead!” Before deciding this as the solution to your quest, you can also take their trial demo class and don’t you worry about the joining dates, as they start a new batch every month.

Special Features/Reasons to Join Technogeeks:-

  • IT professionals working as teachers/trainers here have minimum experience of about 8 years. 
  • Training provided in 3 stages which are the ‘Beginners’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Project Use Cases’. 
  • Freshers/Students and the working professionals coming to learn at the Technogeeks are trained in distinct batches for setting up a common approach and comfortability. 
  • Placement opportunities are available for the trainees(discussed below).
  • Back-up recorded sessions are provided in case of any missed lecture. 
  • Trainees can also ‘re-join’ the same subject training with a validity of 1 year, in case the situation occurs.
  • They assure 100% practical attitude while training.
  • They also give regular tests and mock interviews for developing the confidence of better understanding of the subject among the trainees. 
  • They provide Online study material also. 
  • The guidance provided for making a resume
  • Data Science Certification provided.

After Training Opportunities:-

Apart from providing training for different technical subjects, Technogeeks also lay out various job offers for the trainees. These job offers can be related to any subject they teach. 

Many reputed companies like Infosys, Mindpool, Accenture, Persistent, etc. have given job offers to many trainees in Technogeeks. 

There is a desirable count of students of Technogeeks getting job placements. So, if you have understood the concepts very well by their trainers which they will make sure happens, you get a high chance of getting a job offer!

Reviews on different websites:-

Google– 4.8 stars | 918 votes
Just Dial– 4.7 stars | 872 votes
Urban Pro– 4.6 stars | 26 votes
Sulekha– 4.3 stars | 27 votes
Yet5– 5.0 stars | 116 votes

2. RADICAL TECHNOLOGIES – Radicaltechnologies.co.in

machine learning course in pune

Who are they?

Radical Technologies is one of the leading software and administration / management training institutes in Pune. 

They claim to provide the best way of giving training in subjects related to IT sector for better job opportunities. 

They provide courses related to Big Data Science, Software Testing, Storage Platforms, Web Technology, RPA, Management, and many more. Faculty in this organisation are well trained and highly experienced. 

They use hardware systems/workstations of renowned companies like IBM, HP, Sun and the servers by CISCO. Free Demo Class is an option given to those who are willing to join Radical Technologies for a trial.

Special Features/Reasons to Join Radical Technologies:- 

  • Professional trainers have 10-20+ years of experience. 
  • Data science training here is given by a certified data science trainer with 11 yrs experience. 
  • Around 200+ corporate trainers. 
  • Claim 100% Placements for deserving students. 
  • Projects are also completed after the end of the training under that particular course. 
  • They claim of providing Job Guaranteed Master Programs. 
  • Tie-ups with more than 120 renowned MNCs.
  • Machine Learning training comes here with a variety of other combinations such as with Python, R and S-A-S(Statistical Analysis System) tools. 
  • Real-time Projects(5 major and 10 mini) and related Assignments(100+) are also given to trainees for better understanding of the course.
  • Certification of a particular course is also provided by following the proper legit procedure of the same. 
  • Training of Resume making also.
  • Doubt clearing sessions are also scheduled even after the course completion.
  • Free repetition of the same training batch for a limited time of 6 months. 
  • Flexible batch timings in case of any missed lecture. 
  • Project Completion Certificate is provided according to the performance of the trainee. 
  • Mock interviews service is also provided.

After Training Opportunities:- 

Radical Technologies (Aundh) have tie-ups with 180 prominent companies in various sectors. They not only claim to provide 100% Placement to the trainees but also train them until they get any job offer.

They even post job openings through their website medium. They train their students in a way to make them ready for the corporate world. 

Their number of placed students is also pretty nice, which is more than 10000. Their other programs related to job placement like resume making, mock interviews and assistance too help more in the process.

Reviews on different websites:

Google– 4.6 stars | 1515 votes
Just Dial– 4.5 stars | 2029 votes
Urban Pro– 4.8 stars | 775 votes
Sulekha– 4.0 stars | 2527 votes
Yet5– 5.0 stars | 126 votes

3. IMARTICUS LEARNING – Imarticus.org

machine learning course in pune

Who are they?

Imarticus Learning is an academic training institute marking its place in the list of eminent training institutes, not only in the subjects as Machine Learning and Deep Learning but in the financial service field also. 

Besides these subjects, many other booming sectors are also in highlights here. 

The attracting factor about this institute is that they accredit their trainees with a professional degree- ‘Prodegree’ in several sectors they train. 

There have been many and surely, will be more coming such programs on Machine Learning subject organized by them in coalition with leading companies like IBM.

This institute gives assertion on making the candidate well-prepared to shine out amongst the other competitors and mark best positions in various professions out there. Many ‘Imarticans’ trained here have already achieved their goals.

Special Features/Reasons to Join Imarticus Learning:- 

  • Professional training is given followed by accreditation with a professional degree
  • They provide Post-Graduate Program as well as Prodegree. 
  • Collaborations with world-renowned companies. 
  • Globally certified trainers constitute the faculty team having experience of about 10-20 years. 
  • Awarded many times with excellence awards as a training institute. 
  • They also provide a ‘Mentorship’ program for guiding the trainees in
    proper analysis, before and during the training.
  • Count of More than 200 well-trained teachers. 
  • They also give job preparations training after the Machine Learning Post-Graduate program. 
  • Placement oriented Hackathons are arranged by this institute. 
  • Authentic Certificate for completing the course is also given. 
  • Trainees can practice hands-on in their Real-time projects. 
  • Related study material is also provided to the trainees.

After Training Opportunities:- 

Imarticus Learning institute has a good record of placements through their training. According to their claim, 8 out of every 10 students get placed, in an average, about 80-85% student placement.

Also, this institute has collaborations with eminent technology and financial service giants like Goldman Sachs, HDFC Bank, Capgemini, Morgan Stanley and many such.

Their association is said to be with 480 leading companies worldwide. In the ML and AI domain, over 1400 placements are recorded. 

But, if you are still not ready yet, you can always join their Hackathons based on placements purposes.

Reviews on different websites:- 

  • Google– 4.8 stars | 283 votes 
  • Just Dial– 4.7 stars | 283 votes 
  • Urban Pro– 3.0 stars | 0 votes 
  • Sulekha– 5.0 stars | 1 votes 
  • Yet5– 5.0 stars | 4 votes


machine learning course in pune

Who are they? 

SevenMentor, a US based company, is an educational as well as a corporate training institute, making its place in the best training institutes in Pune. 

Their Python Classes branch in Pune is an example of their work in the field of Data Science.

Very relative to corporate world, this institute has its hands over different sectors of the corporate world and hence, have a great experience to share with the trainees.

Along with the IT courses, they also serve training in many other fields like HR courses, Designing courses, Corporate courses, as well as for some competitive exams too. 

Coming to the Machine Learning training part, they have 3 types of batches also, suitable for every candidate, which are the Weekday, Weekend and the Fast Track Batch. They also organise free ‘Demo Class’ for trail basis.

Special Features/Reasons to Join SevenMentor Python Classes:-

  • Work according to the current trends in the market.
  • Relative Course Certification is provided to the trainees after course completion.
  • Practical approach of training is showcased be their various practical sessions held during the ML course.
  • ML training is given by professional experts having 7+ years experience.
  • Particular department for managing the placement activities.
  • Provide job opportunities related to the specific course according to the efficiency of the trainee.
  • Free wi-fi facility provided for practice purposes.
  • Study material related to the course is given free of cost to the trainees.
  • Assertion to trainees of having proficiency in Machine Learning and the ability to work in the field of AI.
  • Digital classroom availability.
  • Interview preparation is also a benefit here.
  • Online training also provided which includes recorded sessions and counselling too. 
  • Desirable number of mentors are here to help you through any difficulties.

After Training Opportunities:- 

After completing their Machine Learning course, trainees can be capable of grabbing many opportunities in this field and can acquire great positions in the industry. 

They claim to make the Machine Learning Engineers well-ready to make it in prominent companies like- Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd., Bajaj Finserv, Leaders Edge, etc.. with nice rate of salary growth. 

Trainees after successfully accomplishment of the Machine Learning course here, they claim that the trainees can get job roles for ML Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Analyst or so

They provide Global Certification which gives weight to your resume. They also provide the guidance on performance in interview rounds.

The record of placements in SevenMentor is also pretty good.

They have tie-ups with leading companies providing a better opportunity for job placement according to the efficiency of the candidate. 

They have job openings in different sectors also.

Reviews on different websites:-

  • Google– 4.9 stars | 1576 votes 
  • Just Dial- 4.8 stars | 3675 votes
  • Urban Pro– 4.5 stars | 69 votes 
  • Sulekha– 5.0 stars | 19 votes 
  • Yet5– 4.9 stars | 286 votes

5. ETLHIVE – Etlhive.com

machine learning course in pune

Who are they?

Having trained a large number of candidates, ETLhive is one of the famous institutes in Pune for providing training in numerous IT sectors.

Besides, this training institute is known for training other courses also. They provide Data Science training which includes the Machine Learning course.

They too provide a free trial lecture to avoid any confusion in opting them.

Special Features/Reasons to Join ETLhive:- 

  • Training is provided with experienced industry professionals.
  • Better infrastructure facilities provided in the premises such as better computer labs, conference rooms, cafe area for breaks and wi-fi facility also for practical sessions. 
  • They have started an e-learning program also for online training and counselling.
  • Corporate training is provided for building confidence in industry-related situations.

After Training Opportunities:- 

Experience shared from industry expert trainers here helps overall behaviour building of the candidate. 

Assistance is provided throughout the course. Also, they claim to provide assistance to as many candidates as they can even after the course.

Reviews on different websites:-

  • Google– 4.5 stars | 1781 votes 
  • Just Dial– 4.5 stars | 2088 votes 
  • Urban Pro– 4.4 stars | 556 votes 
  • Sulekha– 4.6 stars | 174 votes 
  • Yet5– 5.0 stars | 21 votes

6. ETHANS TECH – Ethans.co.in

machine learning course in pune

Who are they? 

Ethans Tech is one of the leading training institutes for providing training to freshers as well as working candidates also.

This institute is not only popular among students and professionals too for the training of software technologies but also in the case of other popular fields also.

Free Demo Class are for the freshers to confirm on them for the training.

The training course of Machine Learning can be taken as a separate course here, but can also be combined with the other related fields.

Special Features/Reasons to Join Ethans Tech:- 

  • Trainers here are working professionals in the IT industry. 
  • The maximum number of trainers/faculty here are experienced in the specific fields for more than 10 yrs. 
  • Concerned with the improvement of the skills of the candidate. 
  • Placement assistance is provided throughout the course. 
  • Course-related real-time projects are being performed by the candidates for improving their practical knowledge. 
  • Machine Learning curriculum includes regular practical sessions and constant guidance. 
  • Proper Certificates are given after the course completion based on the accomplishment of projects by the candidates.

After Training Opportunities:- 

Proper placement help is provided through timely updations of job openings via certain contact mediums by Ethans Tech. Job openings are also available from their side.

Reviews on different websites:- 

  • Google– 4.6 stars | 1514 votes
  • Just Dial– 4.7 stars | 1124 votes
  • Urban Pro– 4.0 stars | 167 votes
  • Sulekha– 4.8 stars | 111 votes
  • Yet5- 4.5 stars|  26 votes

7. 3RI Technologies – 3ritechnologies.com

machine learning course in pune

Who are they? 

3RI Technologies is one of the best machine learning course institutes which claims to provide premium quality training not only in the field of Data Science but also in other prominent fields too. 

Special programs of the candidates and teaching provided by highly experienced teachers are the basic attractions here. 

They also claim to make the candidates here all-set for the industry with the help of several programs.

Special Features/Reasons to Join 3RI Technologies:-

  • Industry professionals as trainers here with experience of more than 8yrs. 
  • Collaboration with more than 300 companies.
  • Provide Quality Training for getting better industry experiences and offer letters. 
  • Many job-related programs are organised by this institute improving the communication skills, confidence for the group discussions, aptitude training, and mock interviews
  • The flexibility of selecting batch timings according to the candidate. 
  • Good quality lab equipment is used on the premises. 
  • Trainees can get globally certified here for the respective courses according to their efficiency. 
  • Study material is also provided related to the course.

After Training Opportunities:- 

3RI Technologies claim to provide the students with a 100% placement guarantee through their different programs related to the same. 

Career guidance is provided throughout the course. A good number of trainees here have already been placed in some eminent companies.

Also, this institute has tie-ups with over 300 companies and also some of them are clients here. They have multiple job openings also.

Reviews on different websites:- 

  • Google- 4.6 stars | 1612 votes 
  • Just Dial– 4.3 stars | 252 votes 
  • Urban Pro– 4.5 stars | 74 votes 
  • Sulekha– 4.1 stars | 749 votes
  • Yet5- 4.5 stars | 17 votes


machine learning course in pune

Who are they? 

Systems and Network Technologies is one of the leading software training institutes in Pune city from the sector of Information Technology to Corporate training and program regarding the placements of the trainees here as well.

Special Features/Reasons to Join Systems and Network Technologies:-

  • Trainees here are accredited with Certificates after the course.
  • Global Certification is also provided according to the performance of the trainee.
  • Career guidance is also a feature.
  • Trainers who are working professionals in MNCs, hence, are experts in their fields.
  • Full furnished labs are provided.

Reviews on different websites:-

  • Google– 4.6 stars | 177 votes 
  • Just Dial– 4.7 stars | 389 votes 
  • Urban Pro– -|- 
  • Sulekha– 4.8 stars | 191 votes
  • Yet5– 5.0 stars | 2 votes

9. ANEXPERTISE – AnExpertise.com

machine learning course in pune
machine learning course in pune

Who are they?

Anexpertise is a software and corporate training centre which helps students in not only making them understand what they have come for but also to realize what should they know more. 

From the start of taking the course till the very end or also after that, their placement-related behaviour grooms the candidate effectively. 

Here also, trail lectures are provided before the start of the course for representation or a preview of their teaching methods and quality.

Special Features/Reasons to Join Anexpertise:- 

  • They organise online as well as offline placement drives. 
  • Well-trained teachers. 
  • Well-grooming of overall personality of candidates through many in-house programs.
  • Training available for freshers as well as corporate professionals also. 
  • Pretty nice number of trainees have been trained by this institute.

After Training Opportunities:- 

Anexpertise has many companies as their recruiters which provide a high job placement opportunity like Crest, WhiteSnow, ProtoTech Solutions, SEDEMAC, Bristle Cone, Indus, and many more.

Reviews on different websites:- 

  • Google– 4.6 stars | 229 votes 
  • Just Dial– 4.6 stars | 179 votes 
  • Urban Pro– 4.9 stars | 6 votes 
  • Sulekha– 4.8 stars | 50 votes 
  • Yet5– 5.0 stars | 26 votes

10. MARSIAN TECHNOLOGIES – Marsiantech.com

machine learning course in pune

Who are they? 

Marsian Technology is an established software and IT industry training provider very known in Pune city for its Machine Learning and Deep Learning courses. 

Their teaching curriculum not only includes the course-related topics but also other soft-skills enhancement programs also which helps in the development of a candidate’s behaviour according to the industry.

Special Features/Reasons to Join Marsian Technologies:-

  • Highly experienced, well-trained IT professionals working already with reputed companies are here to train you. 
  • Soft-skill development of the trainees is also done to make them prepared for the industry. 
  • Career guidance is given along with the continuation of the course. 
  • The course is ended with the accreditation of the candidate by the ‘Course Completion Certificate’.

After Training Opportunities:- 

The Machine Learning candidates can also try hands-on practice on real-time projects through their Machine Learning Internship Program which will provide the trainees with a great experience in this field by taking some projects followed by the certificate accreditation. They have open job opportunities and welcome the aspiring candidates based on their capabilities.

Reviews on different websites:- 

  • Google– 4.8 stars | 162 votes
  • Just Dial– 4.7 stars | 164 votes
  • Urban Pro– 4.6 stars | 5 votes 
  • Sulekha– 4.3 stars | 37 votes 
  • Yet5– -|-

CONCLUSION (Machine Learning Course In Pune)

Here we have listed the 10 Best Machine Learning Course in Pune.

Now, you must have easily got your mind clear on the thought that which is the best institute according to your priorities in Pune

So, go and grab the very first opportunity to seek knowledge in the one of the most prominent fields today which is Machine Learning. 

Taking help from this article, you can now effortlessly choose the best Machine Learning Course (institutes) in Pune, all depending on your conditions, so, hurry up! The batches may become full soon. 

Thanks for your precious time!

*NOTE: The reviews or the information about different institutions discussed here, are not personal, in fact, they are taken from different reliable sources. 

There may be some changes in certain facts quoted in this article. Also, this article does not support ranking of the above-written institutes, rather a list is made consisting of the 10 best machine learning course institutes in Pune based on general reviews.

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