Top Money Earning Apps In India

Top Money Earning Apps In India | Best Money Earning Apps In India.

Yes, this is true that you can earn by app by just doing simpler things like reading, sharing, installing other apps and doing other stuffIn lockdown you also would have the urge to earn money while just lying around the house using your phone and internet. 

So, we have come up with the list of apps that help you earn some hard and real cash that you can use as you wish. I am not listing the apps that are vividly used and known to everyone but the ones which are less popular.

The biggest flex is you just have a stable internet and an average phone to earn through this app and you don’t need any investment. The apps you might know about are paytm, google pay, loco and mobiKwik. 

Top Money Earning Apps In India

1. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan: This app is available on play store with 4.1 star rating. As soon as you install and open the app for the first time, you would get an option for your preferred language, then you need to sign up and for the first time you login you get 50. 

You can sign up using three options: Mobile number, Google and Facebook.

After installing and doing the basic things you need to do tasks for earning coins which can be converted into paytm cash and then you can send that to your bank account if you have done your basic KYC(know your customer) for paytm.

You can also earn by sharing your referral code and this directly gives you 25 rupees.

2. Databuddy

Databuddy: This app is available at play store with 3.5 star and in this app you can directly sign up using your phone number. This app is also the same as the roz dhan app and it also has features like earn while sharing. 

Now, a trick for you if you don’t want to spam your friends create a whatsapp group and remove the persons you added now you alone would be in that group now so share in it. 

3. True Balance

True Balance: This app is available at play store with 4.0 stars. In this app too you can directly sign up using phone number and you can earn using referral. 

The base function of this app is you can earn by playing games and installing other trending apps. It is a great app if you have a stable internet and good amount of storage.

Just download the app as soon as your task completes uninstall that app and do read basic requirements like what data the app you install requires and I would suggest you don’t open those apps and while uninstalling clear the data and cache first. True Balance is one of the best money earning apps in India.

4. Magic Pin

Magic Pin: This app is also available at play store with the rating of 4.1 stars. This is the most innovative app i came across but it might not be helpful for people who don’t shop more.

But the shopaholics this is a boon to you, now you would be thinking that you need to buy from that app no.

You just need to buy from the shops around you see in that app what they offer and when you shop you earn cash from the app while seeing and buying from the shop of your choice. 

5. Swag Bucks 

Swag Bucks: This is a website where you need to sign up using any of the options provided which you feel good. This app gives you a swagbuck for one task completed and 100 swagbucks contribute to 1$. 

So each task is worth a penny. This website doesn’t ask you to do anything additional you can earn while searching, playing games and all the other stuff. 

6. PerkWiz 

PerkWiz: This is an app available on play store with the rating of 3.9 stars. 

This app let you avail discounts at your nearby shops, cafes, gyms, and all sorts of stores and despite the discount this provides you money for going and shopping or buying from that shop. 

The problem with this app is that you don’t have discounts in all areas or cities so check if that exists in your city.

7. MooCash

MooCash: You can’t download this app from play store but you can download this app from the official site which is www.getmoocash dot com as this was the first result that popped up while searching and in this app you just need to the tasks like playing game, installing apps referring and all the boring stuff but that would let you earn the money you never thought you would get. 

8. Google’s Opinion Rewards 

Google Opinion Reward: As you can read and know by reading the name that this app is owned by multi dollar company Google, So by this it is a guarantee that you would get money for spending your time. 

In this app you cannot earn by playing games or viewing ads or installing apps rather than you have to do surveys and this will gain you points which you can use in almost any apps.

This is most trusted and used app for surveys there are more apps to this but this is trusted and supported by google. One of the best money earning apps in India by Google.

9. Earn Money

Earn Money: This app is available on play store with the rating of 3.2 stars. You need to sign up with your google account or your facebook account or any of your social media account or obviously your mobile number.

In this app you get daily spin as well as the features like seeing ads, playing games, installing apps and referring.

But the only problem with this app is the limit is 20,000 coins before you can transfer your funds to your paytm account but coins are not money they would be converted to money that would be less but that would be sufficient with your work done which is almost none. 

10. Cointiply

Cointiply: This app is available on play store with the rating of 4.5 stars. This app lets you earn bitcoins, Yes you read it right bitcoins and you can transfer that to cash I personally would suggest you to look forward to this app as its games are also pretty simple, transfer of cash is also decent and even a kid can do that. 

It provides features similar to all apps like ads, games, daily spin and all other stuff

11. U Speak We pay 

U Speak We Pay: This is the most interesting app as it pays you to speak sentences that appear on your screen. You can download and install this app from the play store as it is available with a rating of 2.8 stars. As you open this app after installing it would ask you for your preferred language. 

The biggest problem with this app is it only provides only 4 languages Malayalam, Punjabi, Urdu and Kannada. If you are a native speaker of any of these languages then you can earn money without any problem and there are other languages but it is not available. 

Now, you would be thinking that what will they do with your voice they would train api or any A.I. to make them better.


Here we discussed everything about the top money earning apps in India. Hope you liked this article. We have tried to explain the concept in a simple language. 

There are numerous ways of sharing your referral code you can put it on your social media, in the comment section of any trending topic or video, in quora where the topic is how to earn money at home or any stuff like that.

If you are willing to earn there are numerous ways like writing blogs, creating youtube videos, making content on instagram and much more. It just requires strong will power.   


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