Ocean Of Movies 2020: Download Free Movies

OCEAN OF MOVIES: It is the website where you can find almost any movie or series, latest or old, no matter what you want to watch Netflix, amazon, Hulu, voot or any Another name you know. 

  • This website has all of it covered. Whatever genre you want to watch it has them all.
  • Many websites make it best but the most salient features that I like about it is that you can segregate movies on too many criteria, like actors, genre, year, and much more this helps you to narrow your search for the movie you want and it would save you a lot of movies as everyone wants things fast as easy.


There are many websites that make it best but the most salient features that i like about it is that you can segregate movies on too many criterias, like actors, genre, year, and much more this helps you to narrow your search for the movie you want and it would save you a lot of movie as everyone wants things fast as easy.


  • The features mentioned above are solely enough to make it the best choice but that is not it. 
  • More features that it provides are that it provides you all the series as well as movies from all the genres and languages as some like to watch Hollywood, some Bollywood, some Tollywood, and other content too. 
  • This website provides all movies despite languages Tamil, Hindi, English, Punjabi, and all that you can think of that are seen in India.

Is it legal to watch movies/series from the ocean of movies?

No, it is illegal to watch or download movies/series from this website including but not limited to section 63, 63-A, 65, 65-A of the Copyright Act 1957. But surfing that website is not illegal.

It is ok to surf through the website but downloading or streaming any stuff to it would be dangerous.

What movies/series you can download?

Any movies or series that have been launched on any OTT platforms are available at the time difference of just an hour or two. 

So, you would be thinking that this website won’t offer movies that make a theatre release and the answer is no that movies are also available at the website within a day or so. 

Which VPN to use and how?

  • There are plenty of VPNs on play store like, super VPN, turbo VPN, secure VPN, secure VPN lite, fast VPN, free VPN and not to forget these are just for mobile browsing and if you are using a pc or laptop or all in one I would prefer you to download the firefox browser as it is one of the most secure browsers and if you use duck go as your search engine and then use a VPN.
  • It is a greater possibility that you won’t be caught by police doing this. Now my favorite VPN and which I used in my mobile browsing our VPN free and secure. 
  • Now just open this app and select the server of the country you want but leaving it on the default is also absolutely good as it would select the fastest server from the available options and mostly it would be Germany or France.
  • If you are a laptop or pc user then you don’t need to install a software for VPN you can install the extension of touch VPN which is available for free on its official website and you just need to click connect on that extension to connect to the VPN’s server.

How to download movies from Ocean of movies?

  • Open the website with the VPN as mentioned above or without it as you wish but using it with the VPN will make you just more secure. 
  • Now, there would be the post of all the available movies or series in randomness you can use the search option if you are searching for a specific movie or series.
  • But if you want to explore then sort them with the genre tag or year or actor or popularity or the series provider like Netflix, amazon prime or else, any way you like and then tap on the desired movie or series you selected and then just tap on the download now with the quality of the movie you want to download and download would start after few clicks.

What latest movies/series it leaked?

  • The list goes so long that it would take almost an hour for you to read.

I am mentioning the most recent movies: 

  • Tenet(2020) 
  • Sadak 2(2020)
  • The new mutants(2020) 
  • Virgin Bhaskar(2020) 
  • All together now(2020) 
  • Khuda Hafiz(2020)
  • Lucifer season 5(2020) And the list is ongoing. 

How can you download them in just 300-400mbs?

  • So, now you would be thinking that you need plenty of data to download or stream on this website. 
  • NO, you are wrong you need data as per your requirement, if you have less amount of data then you can go with the 480p that only requires 300-400 MB. 
  • Yes, you heard me right just 400 MB for a movie whereas a series would take more as its duration is much higher than a movie.
  •  If you have a decent amount of data then you can go with 720p which would take around 900 MBs of data and then the last or best available quality is 1080p. It is not available for all the movies but it takes around 1.3 GB of data and believes me it is worth spending.

Its alternates

  • There are hundreds of alternatives to the movie of the ocean but there is no alternative to the website where you are reading this blog.
  • I am mentioning some of the websites and they are as same as the ocean movies, the alternates are: Khatrimaza Moviesfliz Moviesflizpro Mkvmokies 123movies
  • Worldfree4u And many more websites are available for these things and again downloading or streaming videos there is illegal.

Its legal alternates

  • The list for the legal options to stream movies is also long but the only problem is that they are not free as the ocean of movies. 
  • The list consists of Hotstar(the subscription of this website is now available with jio), jio cinema(this is free), Amazon prime(freely available with jio fiber’s silver plan), Netflix(far most the best to use), and so on. 

Why it is not banned till now?

This website does not keep its IP static due to which it is too hard to backtrace its server and in addition to that the domain(.com, .kim, .vip) of the website is changed frequently and this makes it even harder whereas sometimes the subdomain(ocean of movies) is also changed by adding several such to it. 

But the main thing that saves it from getting brought down is it follows DCMA rules and removes its content if the owner sends a mail, which no one normally does as they are not so free to go through the website and search their content.

Why does the owner of this website does this(google Adsense)?

So, now you would be thinking why the owner of the website does so. It is pretty clear he does it to gain traffic on his website and then as the traffic grows so does his income by the app or service known as Google AdSense(it would take a lot of time to explain what is this or how it works).

What are the consequences of downloading movies from Oceanofmovies in?

As mentioned above what sections are you abolishing when you watch online or download any movie for free but what punishment you get after abolishing these websites is a good question and the answer to that question is that imprisonment of 3 years and a fine up to 3,00,000. 


Most asked FAQ

All the questions that you might have about these topics would be clear by now but I had some additional questions when I used to use these websites that were

1. Are there any viruses in the files that we download from Ocean of movies? 

So the answer is no the files that you download contain no virus as if there would be any viruses on the file it would also corrupt the server of the owner and they would not want that so if anyone says that they contain the virus is hoaxing and nothing else.

2. Will I be paid if I upload any movie to oceanofmovies??

So, the answer is the no you can’t you would need the permission of the admin of the website and it is his choice that you would be paid or not and you can not do anything about it.

3. What you can do to protect you from getting caught into serious trouble ?

So the data your browser or internet provider share with the website is too harmful and enough to get you caught and you can stop that from happening by simply using a VPN(Virtual Private Network) there are hundreds of VPNs available on the internet which work fine. 

CONCLUSION (Ocean Of Movies)

So, I would conclude by saying you can download or watch movies online on oceanofmovies but you shouldn’t use this to do these things as it is illegal.

All of the content now is available for almost no cost at genuine resources. Be safe Use VPN.


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