Olx Fraud In INDIA

OLX Fraud Cases | OLX FRAUD | Scams In India

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● What OLX fraud is happening
● How they are doing it probably
● How to be secure from this attack
● How to be on the safe side


I got across a video on social media on which this was taped, let me explain what happened or how it may happen with you.

Suppose you post an ad on any site or you got a call from someone that claims to be a army officer so you trust him and say that he would be sending you a QR code to receive money or for any reasons which so ever they think you might be comfortable with and you would think it is okay as he/she can’t do any harm to your account without the OTP. 

But NO! As soon as you scan that your account will be wiped out completely, Without the OTP. 


A few days ago I started learning python, a programming language that We can use it for almost anything hacking, AI(Artificial Intelligence), ML(Machine Learning), Programming, software building, etc and I am in the learning process of hacking so I probably know how they are doing it.

I came across a python module which could be used to change your python program to a QR code and then now I heard about this scam as soon as I heard it was done by just scanning the QR code the first thing that strikes my mind was this that they are using three different payloads (*this is a malicious application used by hackers to go into a system):

  • The first payload is for the malware that steals the cookies and password stored in your phone for google pay, Paytm, or any other UPI based to make payments.
  • The second payload is for deleting the trail from which number it came, so they couldn’t reverse engineer the QR code and get to the actual culprit. 
  • The third payload is the main payload for there as it is used to bypass the OTP and don’t think that it is too hard to do just combining these payloads and using it like a level 3 hacker thing.

But the people doing this are not hackers, not even basic hackers; they buy these tools from the deep or even dark web for a lot of money with the instructions and then earn a lot from this


Just update all your apps with which you do your UPI transactions and update your phone. 

Do not scan any QR sent by any random stranger. Do not even talk more than a minute with any random number.

If you think you scanned turn off the net as soon as possible there is still a very little possibility that you can be saved change your UPI app password and UPI pin from another phone don’t be stupid and turn on the net And after changing all these reset your phone and delete all the UPI based apps.


Suppose its any other attack and you or anyone in this are unaware of this attack so how will you be safe from this. 

The simplest answer would be if you could afford to use a different SIM and phone for all your transactions. If you couldn’t do, not at least post ads with the same number as it would attract the scammer.

Never ever without talking for a decent time share the details of your bank account, if you want to send your bank details to anyone just send the IFSC code and account number that’s it. 

Do not accept money from strangers on any UPI app if he is saying he would send you money or stuff, never share UPI ID share account number and IFSC code as it is impossible to get away with scamming on the bank website.

CONCLUSION (OLX fraud/Scams In India)

Hack: No one can hack you if you are smart enough to not fall. They only hack if you fall for it, no one can hack you without your knowledge hacking you would require you to be stupid. Please don’t be stupid. 


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