Easy Step By Step Guide To Restrict Background Data


With the advancement in technology, smartphones have become the most essential part of our life. 

We perform various activities on our phone in whole day like using whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter, playing music, watching videos or movies, playing games, doing office work, online classes, online shopping etc. All these activities consume a great amount of internet or data.

The importance of internet is increasing day by day in our lives. If we are using unlimited WIFI connection, then we do not have to worry about the data usage. 

But if we are using internet through mobile data then it is necessary to control the data usage as some apps consume a big amount of data in the background. 

Due to the background data usage we end up consuming all our mobile data before the data pack validity ends. We can control our data usage by turning off the background data consumed by the different apps on our mobile.

Now lets read some information about mobile data, WIFI network, background data and how can we reduce or restrict background data usage in our smartphones.

What is Mobile Data?

We can access internet on mobile in two ways:

  • Mobile Data
  • WIFI

Mobile data allows us to use the internet anytime and anywhere we want. We just have to switch on the mobile data option on our phone and we can start using the internet. It is a wireless cellular connection through which we can transfer information.

WiFi is a wireless network technology that provides users high speed internet connection.

Anything which we want to do on our mobile that requires internet, can be done using only cellular data(mobile data) or WIFI network. WIFI network is limited to a certain range but we can use mobile data anywhere, whether we are at home or somewhere outside.

So if we turn off the mobile data or WIFI, we cannot use the internet services.

What is Background Data?

Many apps consume internet or data even when we are not using them. This data consumed by the apps is known as “Background Data”. It is also known as background syncing. It refreshes the apps, keeps checking for the updates in the background and provides us with the latest notifications and messages. 

These apps that are running in the background use a lot of data without our knowledge. These apps connect to the internet automatically even when they are not open and also drain the battery of our mobile quickly.

Difference between Foreground Data and Background Data

The data that the apps consume when they are actively used is known as Foreground Data. It is the data consumed when we are using the apps, like sending and receiving messages on whatsapp, playing music on Spotify, sending emails or watching movies.

Background Data is the data that the apps are continuously using, whether we are using our phone or it is just lying on the table.

What happens when you Restrict Background Data?

If background data is on, all the notifications of the apps gets updated automatically even when the mobile screen is off. For instance, if the background data is on, we get notifications of Facebook, Whats-app or Gmail, even if we are not opening the app. 

When we switch off or disable the background data of certain apps of our mobile, the apps do not refresh in the background and we do not get notifications of these apps until we open them. 

So the data will be used only when we open the app for checking the notifications.

How to Restrict Background Data in Android Mobile

When we switch on the internet, some apps start running in the background automatically even if we do not open them. Switching off the background data helps to reduce the unnecessary data usage.

We can restrict background data in Android with the help of few simple steps given below

Step 1: Go to settings from your home screen

Restricted background data

Step 2: Then go to data usage

Restricted background data

Step 3: You can see the list of all the android apps installed on your mobile. Tap on different apps from the list to view their data usage history

Restricted background data

Step 4: Now tap on the particular app in which you want to restrict background data usage and disable the “Background Data” option given

How to Restricted Background Data


We can restrict background data in iPhone with the help of few simple steps given below:

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Click on General

Restricted Background Data iphone

Step 3: Tap on Background App Refresh option given here

Restricted Background Data iphone

Step 4: Turn off the Background App Refresh option

Restricted Background Data iphone

We can also select some particular apps from the app list given and turn off their Background App Refresh option.

Restricted Background Data iphone

How to Restrict Data Usage In Crome

We mostly use crome to search for any information we want. We can save some data consumed by crome by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to chrome

Step 2: On the upper right side, tap on the three dots you see

Restricted Background Data Google Crome

Step 3: Go to settings option

Restricted Background Data Google Crome

Step 4: Enable the “Light Mode” option

Restricted Background Data Google Crome

How to Restrict Data Usage in YouTube

According to our internet speed, sometimes YouTube plays videos on high definition mode. We can restrict it from playing high definition videos automatically by following some steps given below:

Step 1: Open YouTube

Step 2: Tap on the profile option at upper right side corner

Restricted Background Data Youtube

Step 3: Go to settings option

Restricted Background Data Youtube

Step 4: Tap on General

Restricted Background Data youtube

Step 5: Enable the “Limit mobile data usage” option

Restricted Background Data


Almost all the apps that are installed on our mobile consume background data. I hope this article is useful for people who are worried about unnecessary data usage on their mobile. 

By following these few simple steps and changing some app settings we can reduce or restrict background data usage to a minimum amount and save a great amount of data from our monthly mobile data pack. Kindly leave your queries and comments in the comment box below.

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