Top 10 Rooftop Restaurants in Pune

Close your eyes and imagine for a minute where would you take your beloved for a night of revelry in Pune? Yes, we know. You would say a hip bar or a nightclub but imagine yourself on the 18th-floor terrace with a table set just for you. Candles lit, soft music serenading and a spread that can put a MasterChef to shame. This is the rooftop restaurant experience, my friend.

The experience of rooftop dining is unparalleled, and it would be a shame if you did not know which ones to choose when you are in Pune. Here we are, let us help you look for the perfect spot to woo your significant other, have a quiet drink, or make your next move!

Let’s discover the Top 10 Rooftop Restaurants in Pune and brace yourself for an upcoming Pune Rooftop restaurant experience.

Pune Rooftop Restaurant Experience

Rooftops in Pune are much-coveted spaces and thanks to restaurateurs, we now have some cool places to vibe with. The skyline hits different from that height and late evenings are much more magical with the setting sun and flowing alcohol. Also, the food and ambiance add to it. We are about to find out which are those places in vogue and why you need to check them out ASAP!

Top Rooftop Restaurants in Pune

1. Paasha, JW Mariott, Senapati Bapat Road

Paasha JW Mariott Rooftop Restaurants in Pune

Paasha holds the distinction of exclusive options for Northwestern Frontier Cuisine’s bonus view of the city. The Murg Peshawari and Dal Paasha are the signature dishes that have patrons coming back for more. The view of the Pune skyline from the rooftop coupled with the soothing wind that blows over the city is worth every single penny that you spend here. Imagine yourself sipping an espresso martini under the canopy of the stars!


The cuisine is tasteful and limited and the hand-crafted cocktails will keep you hooked. The cost for two can go up to 3000/- if you are having alcohol. It’s good to find out if anybody is offering deals or discounts so that the bill can get lighter.

For e.g Dineout, Zomato. Amongst the Pune rooftop restaurant experience, it is simply the best! Unanimously considered as one of the best Rooftop restaurants in Pune.

2. Open Window Cafe Bistro, Model Colony

Open Window Cafe Bistro Rooftop Restaurants in Pune

Located on the 6th floor of Hotel Ambassador in Model Colony, this gives a Parisian chic vibe meets English garden feels for its ambiance. It is quirky, wholesome, and eclectic, all at once. It is BrainyWit recommended especially if you are meeting a girl/guy for the 1st date and you want comfort, good food, and the safety of crowded spots.

It is a very popular hangout for college students, and young professionals in Pune as it offers some decent grub, and a spectacular view. Some of the popular items on their menu are Kitkat shake, potato wedges, grilled chicken and butter garlic prawns

What is interesting though is their selection of cocktails with specials like Gentleman’s cocktails, Beer cocktails, Ladies’ cocktails so go grab a drink or a cappuccino, they are both likely to be amazing. We rate Open window Café Bistro as the second-best Rooftop restaurant in Pune.


The cuisine ranges from popular favorites and small bites, to healthy dishes, steaks, and continental mains so if you are going with a fussy eater or a motley crowd, do not worry. There is something for everyone. Their prices are reasonable with 1500 including alcohol for two. So, if you are in Pune, it is a good idea to have a sundowner and then grab dinner at FC road which is the street right next.

3. Addah – The O Hotel, Koregaon Park

Addah Rooftop Restaurants in Pune

This place happens to be in the poshest neighborhood of Pune. Located right opposite to the former Osho commune, it is redolent of opulence and pizzaz. It comes with a huge pool which is well lit and serves as the perfect foil for a lovely evening, right on the 9th floor. The lush green that envelopes the neighborhood is a relief for sore eyes.

They have three restaurants you can order from – Addah which serves North Indian and Mughlai food, Harajuku which caters to Japanese cuisine that also happens to serve Sashimi if you are feeling adventurous post Sushi, Blue Pepper serving Mediterranean and Continental platters giving you a fill of falafels, hummus, and steaks.


The rooftop dining experience here is luxurious and hence its pricey, in the likes of Paasha and Aasmana (covered next). Therefore, the wine and dine bill for two can go up to 4000/-. It is a special place, and you need to bring your special somebody here for the rooftop dining experience in Pune.

4. Aasmana, Ritz Carlton, Yerwada

Aasmana Ritz Carlton Rooftop dining in Pune
Image source:

The newest kid on the block and Punekars are lapping it up. Located on the rooftop of the decadent and classic Ritz Carlton, this hits the right spot. The view is spot on with symmetrical glass structures dotting the skyline and the airport close by. It just lives up to the charm that Ritz Carlton is known for

Their food as described by them is Modern Indian and Classic Indian food. This description has helped them expand their menu to classics like Nalli Nihari, Harissa, Murgh Qorma alongside Chettinad Mushroom Kakori with truffle cream and porcini dust.

Their spread of cocktails is quirky like from their Signature collection, you can have “Crescent at Equinox” that is spiced butter rum along with pineapple and custard apple.

Their Classic with a twist collection features some really unique G&Ts like “Somm Rasa” that has a dry gin paired with Reisling, chamomile, and fennel bitters with honey and black pepper, or “Cucumber Spritz” made of blackberry, elderflower tonic, and sparkling water and of course, gin.


The cost for two in this rooftop dining experience may set you back by 4000-5000/- at a minimum inclusive of taxes and if you go gung ho on the alcohol but it is worth every penny for the experience of getting to sip your cocktail while soaking in the canopy of stars above and the mild hum of traffic, up in the air.

5. Mineority by Saby, Kalyani Nagar

Mineority by Saby Rooftop restaurant in Pune
Image source: mineority by saby

When Sabyasachi Gorai decided to put up a shop for an authentic dining experience inspired by the coal mining belt in central and east-central India, Pune was the place. The restaurant opened its doors in 2016 and since then, has become a rooftop dining experience staple.

The décor and ambiance are reflective of the ethos of the mining community that he grew up in and are an ode to his environment while growing up.

The food here spells rustic and countryside and looks towards the North East and South East Asia for flavor profiles like Litti Chokha, Shillong Mylliem Chicken, Guwahati pork, Burmese Khao Suey, Nasi Goreng fried rice. Throw into the mix some stone-baked pizzas alongside Fish and chips, Pastas, and chicken buckets, you have a winner at hand.

What really caught our attention was the handcrafted cocktails which gives you a story behind the drink. For example, “Coal Blooded” is inspired by a drink given to miners which comprised of jaggery and bananas as a blood purifier.

The cocktail is vodka-based and blended with seasonal fresh fruit, bananas, honey, jaggery, and fresh cream. Similarly, “Three drunk sisters” is a nod to the 3 hills of Northeast – Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia.

One Rooftop restaurant in Pune that we would definitely recommend you to go to.


A meal for two will be 2000/- subtracted from your wallet which is reasonable with alcohol. It’s a chill place for you to hang out with your friends and have a good time over cocktails. Also, they have a Big Miners brunch on Sundays with unlimited mojito with appetizers, mains, pizzas et al just for 1299/- inclusive of taxes. So, put on some decent athleisure, drink, and dine to glory.

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6. SKYE – Rooftop Eternia, Senapati Bapat Road

SKYE Rooftop Eternia Rooftop Restaurants in Pune

Coming at the 6th position in our list of top 10 Rooftop Restaurants in Pune is SKYE Rooftop Eternia. This is located on the 9th floor of ICC trade tower and is a chill hangout space for professionals and the IT crowd. The ambiance and the décor shall remind you of Mykonos and Santorini Island with its azure blue and white theme, complementing its name literally.

The food is standard Indian fare and pub grub, which is something you can never go wrong with. Their selection of North Indian cuisine alongside pastas and pizzas is decent.

They have a wide selection of alcohol starting from premium whiskeys to some superb cocktails like “Bonbon” that’s whiskey with fresh cream and Bournvita or “Tokyo drift” which is a potent mix of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, red wine, triple sec and citrus fizz. It has a superb view of the busy Senapati Bapat road and Chatushringi hills which is a green patch that also has peacocks, yes you read that right.


A meal for two with alcohol will set you back by 2000/- inclusive of taxes. So, weekend plans can be sorted, and you can also avail a corporate discount. Do check out their T&C for the same.

A night out cannot be more fun as they also have Flair bartending. Plus, they keep hosting fun workshops like drinking and painting, and game nights so grab your friends and make plans right now.

7. Eviva Sky Lounge, Crowne Plaza, Pune City Centre, Bund Garden

Eviva Sky Lounge Crowne Plaza rooftop dining in Pune
Image Source:

This place is a whole experience for rooftop dining in Pune as it glows up when the sun goes down. The rooftop lounge has the chillest vibe with a casual dress code. They have bar food that leans heavily towards Asian and Indian food so you can Golden fried prawns, Murgh Reshmi Tikka, Fried Calamari, and some exquisite desserts like Date walnut pie, Tiramisu, and their best seller Churros Pastry.

Their bar menu is modern and classic. You can help yourself to a Daiquiri, Martini, Mojito, or some Evviva signature cocktails like Litchi lemongrass martini, or Puneri current which is a heady mix of Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, triple sec, and sour mix. So, dress up or dress down but make sure to soak in the vibe as they have a dance floor and a fantastic view.


A meal for two with alcohol will set you back by 2500/- inclusive of taxes. With football season coming up, their live screening of sports is a popular attraction so make sure to check it out.

8. The Rooftop Project, MG road, Camp

The Rooftop Project

Located on the 6th floor of Tej House on the street of some legendary eats like George, and the Blue Nile, it provides for a space which is a chillout zone for friends over drinks or coffee. A very fuss-free, no-frills seating like a café meets pub space. It has an Asian-inspired menu and some standard Indian fare like kebabs, tandoor, and Mughlai for mains. This place is for a hearty dinner with friends or colleagues while sipping some cocktails and beers.

They have some quirky cocktails like “Imli Taka tak Caipiroska” which is an Indian twist to your standard Caipiroska with tamarind and roasted cumin and “Pain Killer” which is pretty intense with white rum, dark rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. So, wind up here after a long day of work or play and say yes to good times!


 It is extremely reasonable considering a meal for two with alcohol will only be 1500/- inclusive of taxes. Look out for coupons and discounts and enjoy your night.

9. Marine drive, Hinjewadi

Marine Drive Hinjewadi rooftop dining in Pune

For all, we know Pune is no Mumbai but a slice of the seaside heaven on the rooftop is an experience one should partake in. With their live Dj and a 10th-floor view of the city’s growing IT hub, it is the perfect place to let your hair down after your boss has harangued you enough for the day or you want to just drink down your breakup.

They have a wide spread of appetizers like Brady flamed chicken, Chicken hot Pan, and continental and East Asian-inspired food like Asian Bbq chicken, and Kung pao chicken. Their live grill has a selection of kebabs, pizzas, and an enviable seafood selection.

The selection of alcohol with cocktails and beers, whiskeys et al is pretty standard, nothing that stands out but is not jarring too.


A meal for two costs 1800/- inclusive of alcohol and taxes which is reasonable in terms of the dining experience. Look out for corporate discounts as this Rooftop restaurant in Pune is located right in the heart of the city’s IT hub.

10. Atmosphere 6, Sky Max mall, Viman Nagar

Atmosphere 6 Rooftop restaurant

In their own words, they are a contemporary rooftop restaurant with an al fresco ambiance. They are listed as one of the top restaurants for a romantic date night dinner so no guesses there as to who shall be accompanying you.

They have a diverse menu with an extensive Italian spread, Indian and Asian inspired seafood, and continental food that features Chicken Moussaka, Stroganoff, and the usual suspects of pizza and pasta

The alcohol selection is fuss-free and some unnamed handcrafted cocktails which is sure to make you tipsy for your dinner date and you might dance the night away.


 A meal for two comes to reasonably around 2000/- inclusive of alcohol and taxes. The USP of this Rooftop restaurant in Pune is the breathtaking view of the airport road close by and the gorgeous neighborhood is something to experience.

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History of Rooftop Dining

Rooftop dining was an indirect effect of capitalism coming to terms with the working class. It’s very interesting to know that in the late 1800s when people were becoming more “woke” in their context, refused to stay above their neighbors and did not want balconies because it would associate them with the immigrant working class. Eventually, these rooftops and terraces were relegated to machineries, laundry, and other sundry activities. Rooftops were not coveted.

Things changed when New York-based conductor and businessman Rudolph 2Aronson visited Europe and observed the use of urban gardens that were used to host musical performances. He realized that “Summer Gardens” was a popular attraction among people and it brought out the community to sing, dance, and make merry.

Attempting to do the same in Manhattan, the lack of space and of suitable venues prompted him to locate himself on the roof of his Casino Theatre on Broadway. The roof garden quickly gained popularity as a summer feature as it enabled concerts and musicals to be held in a cooler environment than a hot and stuffy indoor theatre.

When did Rooftop Restaurants in Pune become popular?

The popularity of the roof garden continued into the 1920s and 1930s when upscale hotels such as the Waldorf-Astoria advertised rooftop dining and dancing to attract crowds in the summertime. Then it again dwindled in the 1940-50s when air-conditioning started to rule the roost.

Attempting to revive its charm, the new age developers decided to remarket it as prime pieces of property promising a skyline view. Attach a restaurant and a bar, people were willing to shell out money for a night to remember.

In India, the metros like Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta were the stronghold of the British charms that came with fine wine and dining with that rooftop dining experience.

Taj Mumbai’s Golden Dragon and Supper Club was the place to go for some fine jazz or cabaret music, free-flowing alcohol, and good food. Thanks to our post-colonial hangover and upmarket ambitions, we still wish to continue with the tradition of rooftop dining

We hope you discovered some Rooftop restaurants in Pune to plan your next weekend getaway. We think all the Rooftop restaurants in Pune have a different vibe to offer and you must try a few to experience the Pune Rooftop Restaurant Culture.

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