7 Tips To Fix Slow Internet Issue on Your Mobile


Tip #1 Close Background Apps

I recommend you guys especially if you have a very old device is to close any app that is running on your phone so I’m gonna be using the Chrome browser and the tip I recommend you guys is to close any app that is running other than the browser by closing other apps I have created more RAM available for the browser on my device this will also make more processing power available to the device as well and can improve your browsing experience.

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Tip #2 Install Good Browser

the second tip is to install a browser that compresses data I recommend you guys to install the puffin web browser and going to settings once you have installed it and make sure data savings is set to always here you also have the ability to adjust the streaming quality and if you lower it your videos will be buffering a lot less here are my stats for a couple of webpages I loaded and it was able to have savings of 84% which is amazing.

Tip #3 Start Using Download Accelerator

The third tip is to start downloading files using a download accelerator the one I recommend you is called advanced download manager, its break the downloadable file to multiple small parts and the download manager can actually increase your download speeds. Using the ADM app is pretty easy all you have to do is tap on the plus option and then you’ll need to paste the link of the file you want to download once you do that you do have some additional configurations that you can always adjust however for basic users all they will have to do is just scroll down and look for this start the file will get downloaded using the download manager.

Tip #4 Use

The fourth tip is to try out a faster DNS service the one I recommend you is called and the app is available for free on Google Play Store. Once you have installed it open the app and make sure that in settings you set the option just using the Cloudflare DNS the app does have the warp option as well however I noticed that just using the DNS has increased my speeds however feel free to try out the warp as well and see if it increases performance for you I’m just gonna go with the first option and once you have done that go back and make sure it’s set to enabled.

Tip #5 Use Lighter Versions of Apps

Another thing I would like to recommend is for you to start using lighter versions of apps when available for example Google has a lot of lighter versions for each app for photos it has gallery go it has Google go for search and you can download these apps and notice that they actually help you search faster or access your photos faster.

Tip #6 Compress files for uploading

if you have really slow upload speeds what I recommend you is to start compressing those videos, for example, I have this which was originally 127 megabytes and I compressed it to 41 megabytes, it would reduce my upload time by less than half of what it would originally take you can find a ton of these video compressor apps on the Google Play Store and most of them are available for free in case you upload a lot of images you can actually compress those images before you upload them and that will save you a lot of time.

#7.Some Bonus Tips

If you are on 4G or 5g networks what you can do is you can try disabling a VoLTE and see if that leads to faster download speeds for you please make a note that once you disable VoLTE on your phone you cannot make calls and use data at the same time depending on which area and network provider you are within certain cases 3G might perform better than 4G which is also called as LTE.


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