Top 10 Apps For Small Scale Business Entrepreneurs

Small Business is an independently owned company. It needs to design with the right apps. The small scale business has big potentials and to make your business successful and you have to do a lot of smart as well as hard work even if its a small scale.

Here the top 10 apps for small business, that you should know for the better small scale business.

Top 10 Apps For Small Business Entrepreneurs

1- MS Office For Mobile Phones:

  • It is used for taking the notes of events meetings and to check the excel sheets of your work on your phone anywhere, without using the laptop this a is very useful and is free for all.

2- CISCO WebEx Meetings:

  • This app is like other video chat but it is more professional than this. for attending video conferencing and online web meetings. With Cisco Webex Meetings Audio, video are so much clear and sharing of screen is easier.

3- Evernote: 

  • This app is very useful for small scale businesses for note taking, organizing, task lists, and archiving. it’s hard to remember everything so this app helps you to note out down everything on your mobile.

4- TripIT Travel Organizer:

  • It helps you to find your alternative flights. if you want to plan your trip this app is for you.
  • You can access your travel plans using any device like a mobile, laptop, tablets etc.
  • You can Sync TripIt with your Google calendar, your travel plans displayed beside other meetings or proceedings.

5- Mint:

  • With Mint the budget planner take your charge of finances.
  • This app is your personal financial assistant. It can manage all the financial calculations, tasks, and other things.
  • It can maintain all your money and bills at one place.Its easier to manage your finances. It tracks down all your financial activities you.

6- Square Register:

  • This app integrates all your business tools.
  • You can allow all your business part from anywhere most of the people use them for fund transfer.
  • It can accept any card. and can send receipts via mail or text.
  • This app can customize your Products with photos, names, and also Price.

7- Trello:

  • This app is used for content management. By Trello You can send an update to the people that you make changes in your projects.
  • It gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on your project.

8- WhatsApp Business:

This app is not just for chatting and sharing photos or text. You can promote yourself, can create groups of your business and do other such out of the box stuff with the help of this app.

9- Salesforce1:

  • It is used to directly connect to your customer.
  • This app can integrate your all customer information into single platform enable you to build an client centered business which include marketing, sales, customer service, and business analysis.

10- Pocket:

  • This is also known as read it later. You may want to read a lot but you have no time to read it and it is important to you, then this app is for you.
  • You can save content from everywhere. It save articles, videos, and stories from any publication, page or app. Create your own space filled with everything you can’t wait to.
Apps For Small Business

More apps that can help in your small business. (Apps For Small Business)

  • Buffer

    This is a great app for Managing your social media accounts and scheduling your post which saves your lot of time and efforts.

  • Slack

    Whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Slack is for you to brings team communication and collaboration into one place.

  • Accompany
    The web and mobile app that makes you first-to-know and respond to relevant news about the most important people in your network.
  • Motivation Daily & Positivity
    This is the app which keeps you on track by delivering a daily motivation to you.
  • Toggl
    The Time tracking app with powerful reports and cross-platform functionalities.
  • Workflow
    It combines a bunch of steps across apps into a single tap. 
  • MobileDay
    A one touch conference call app.
  • Box
    Box used for share and manage content across your businesses.
  • Wunderlist
    A cloud based task management app which can allow user to manage their task from any device from anywhere.
  • CloudMagic
    This app is for free which can allow the 5 email accounts Works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps.
  • Wave
    The app is for financial services and online software provider for small businesses. 
  • HelloSign
    A signature app for sign documents right from your mobile or desktop devices. 
  • 1Password
    A simple password manager app that manage your all account passwords.

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