Top 15 Venture Capital Firms In India

Looking out for detailed information about venture capital firms in India or VCs? Here is what you need to know before getting into the in-depth knowledge of VCs.

Having existing knowledge or attaining prior information about topics you are thinking of to invest your time in is very essential.

Before getting in talking about the firms first we will understand what exactly is VENTURE CAPITAL. Venture capital is a type of private equity or a form of investment that already existing firms or established investors are willing to do where they find hope.

The investors willing to invest their capital in your start-up/small business /is what venture capital is all about. Now, why will anybody invest in your idea?

The answer to this is if your idea has a long term growth vision and investors believe in you and your idea and see the chances of it making big monetary benefit in the future that is what will intrigue any investor to invest in you and that is how venture capital firms work around the globe. 

So now how can you look for venture capital, how will it come your way?

See, certain well-off investors will willingly do, it’s just a matter of reaching out to them and impressing them with your idea. For reaching out you must use the social media platforms to their maximum extent. I find LinkedIn best for this purpose. Other than that, there are investment banks and other financial institutions that will cater to your needs.

See now, along with everything from an investor’s point of view it’s very risky to put his capital on you which has equal possibilities of not working. But here what eases up the situation created it, still investing knowing the adversity makes him a bigger stakeholder or shareholder.

Now the firm or if you were dealing with an individual he/she will have a say in all your decisions and he’s a working member of the decision making institution and can drive decisions according to his will and wish.

So now we have enough knowledge to move into the next target information i.e. knowing the venture capital firms in India.


1. Sequoia Capital India

SCI is an affiliation of SC which is there in California. It is one of the many VCs that we have around the globe. There is an American company that was founded by Don Valentine in 1972. He has funded so many start-ups in various sectors like financial areas, healthcare sector, outsourcing, energy, consumer internet, and technology sector.

At the seed stage, SCI could invest up to $ 1 million. $ 10 million in the early stage and around $100 million in the growth stage of any start-up. They invest at Every stage of the start-up.

This firm holds up a program where they mentor and guide and invest in companies of south East Asia including India.


Startups Funded by SCI are Just Dial, Knowlarity, Practo, Akosha, Zomato, Groupon, Iyogi,

Investments Made: 245+
Investment values: $500 Million to $1 Billion
You should know them: Shailesh Lakhani and Shailendra Singh.
Investment Structure: SCI invests 
Contact: 8041245880, 2240747272, 01149567200

2. Accel Partners

It is an American company founded in 1983 by Arthur Patterson and Jim Swartz in Silicon Valley, and has invested in over 1,460 startups across the globe but has its dominance or just spreads over the developing countries like China and India. 

There major focus is on internet technology companies. In the subcontinent they can’t invest capital ranging from $500k to $50 million and capital investment varies from company to company. 

They have actually been one of the oldest VC’s to be existing in the market with more than three decades of history in Indian start-up industry. They have been investing in sectors like infrastructure, mobile and software, internet and consumers services. 


Startups Funded by Accel partners are FlipKart, BabyOye, Book My Show, Myntra, Common Floor, Freshdesk, Swiggy, BlackBuck, Bounce, etc.

Investments Made: 300
Investments value: $2 Billion
You Should Know them: Subrata Mitra, Prashanth Prakash and Mahendran Balachandran
Contact Details: 8041232551, 8043539800

3. Nexus Venture Partners

Straight away adding facts your way, they were given India’s best venture capital firm in 2009 and 2012 by venture intelligence apex.

They show interest in investing at the seed stage and investing $500,000 in the seed stage which later increases to $10 million in the early growth stage. They have been investing in companies like mobile, data security, agribusiness, energy, media, and consumer businesses. This turns out to be another name in the list of top VCs in India.


Startups Funded by nexus are SnapDeal, Komli, Delhivery, Housing, Craftsvilla, Shopclues, etc.

You Should Know them: Suvir Sujan and Anup Gupta
Number of Investments Made: 20
Value of Investments: $100 Million to $125 Million
Contact: 8049456600, 2266260000, Email

4. Blume Ventures

Now, they focus broadly on start-ups coming from subcontinent specially from India. They keenly show interest in investing around start-ups related to digital media, mobile and internet companies, research development, telecommunication equipment, mobile application.

Their capacity of investing in your idea ranges from 10-100 crores depending upon different project over the span of 2.5 years.

They were eshtablished in 2011 and they are one of the oldest in the industry. With experience comes the ability to mentor young ideas. So along with investing they also show interest in mentoring start-ups at the early stages.

This way understanding the market and getting a larger grip in the existing idea becomes a great asset.


Startups Funded by them are Exotel, Printo, Carbon Clean Solutions etc

You Should Know them: Karthik Reddy and Sanjay Nath.
Number of Investments Made: 50+
Value of Investments: $100 Million
Contact: Twitter

5. SAIF Partners

They have been showing constant support to the companies since 2001 which added up the worth of $1 billion. They are one of the most successful VC firms in India.

It shows interest and provides capital in sectors like IT, consumer products, internet financial services, digital healthcare, logistics, etc.

It looks to invest in both seed-stage and growth-stage individually adding $5 million in seed-stage and $35 million in a growth stage.


Startups Funded by them are Paytm, Just Dial, HomeShop 18, Acko, Aye, BookMyShow, Chaayos, ClearTax, Meesho, etc

You Should Know them: Mukul Arora & Mukul Singhal
Investments Made by them: 50+
Investments values: $1 Billion
Contact: +91 124 496 5500,

6. Intel Capital India

Intel is known for making processors does show interest in investing in start-ups with the potential of making big in the future. Their investment pattern is quite widespread.

They have invested over $11 billion in 1000+ companies around 50+ countries.
If they find potential in your thoughts/ideas they can willingly invest anything between $1 million to $100$ depending upon the needs.

Over the period by following the traits you can point out close to $500 million investment which intel has done around the globe. They put in their money in companies like research and development, mobile, labs, digital media.


Startups Funded by them are Hungama, SnapDeal, etc

You Should Know them: Pradeep Tagare, Bhavanipratap Rana, Amit Behl, Sudheer K Kuppam.
Number of Investments Made: 35+
Value of Investments: $200 Million
Contact: Website

7. Inventus Capital Partners

They have been willingly providing funds and capital to 100+ big or small companies and invested around $30 billion.

They show investing interest in a wide range of companies like mobile, e-commerce, financial, Consumer, Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure, Media, Internet and Catalog Retail, Healthcare, Information Technology, Hardware and Equipment, Telecommunications, etc.
During the initial stages, it invests up to $2 million, and later during the rest of the stage increases its capital to $10 million.

Their Sole idea is just to make new-age entrepreneurs successful. It does not invest in capital-intensive companies. It initially does the first venture round with $1 million to $2 million and later as the business grows it adds up to that.


Startups Funded by them: Savaari, Poshmark, Policy Bazaar, etc

You Should Know them: Samir Kumar and Kanwal Rekhi
Investments Made: 30+
Investments value: $240 Million
Contact: +91 80 4125 6747

8. IDG Ventures

IDG is also known as an international data group venture. This company is global and has a worth of $4 billion and has huge dominance over Indian markets.

They like to invest in Digital Consumer – Internet, Mobile, Media, and Technology-Enabled Consumer Services, Enterprise Software – SaaS, Software Products and Enterprise services, Engineering.

Along with investing in the subcontinent they also actually show interest in diversifying their portfolio and investing globally. Their investment ranges from $1 million to $10 million.


Top Startups Funded:, Myntra, First Cry, Ozone, etc

You Should Know them: Manik Arora and Sudhir Sethi
Investments Made by them: 200+ across the world
Investment Values: $50 Million to $70 Million (India)
Contact: +91 80 4043 4836, +91 11 3019 4145

9. BESSEMER Venture Partners

This is a US-based firm but an office was founded in India too in 1911. They are one of them who have been in the industry for so many decades now. 

They could invest from $100,000 to $50 million in a company depending upon the needs. They have diversified their portfolio by investing globally.

They have invested in various industries Cyber Security, Financial Services, Mobile, Cleantech Cloud Computing.


Startups Funded by them: Snap Deal, Taxi for Sure, Motilal Oswal, etc

Investments Made: 20+ in India
Investments values: $50 Million in India
Contact: +91-80-3082-9000

10. Zodius Capital

They have been in the business since 2011. Their work has been appreciated globally. Their intent to grow and develop regularly has been a remarkable takeaway at the receiving end.

Their intent to build companies Every six months and keep working on its growth and speeding up things has been the reason for exceptional growth and profitable business.

There is no specific investment structure that we have been noticing this while. They have been showing a lot of interest while investing in industries like Data and Analytics, Digital Media and Commerce, Education.


You should Know them: Neeraj Bhargava, Gautam Patel
Start-ups funded by them: BigBasket, Culture Machine
Contact: Email

11. Helion Venture Partners

The firm was founded in 2006 and they have been focusing on spreading the business in India by having offices in Bangalore and Gurgaon.

Their investing portfolio allows them to invest an amount of sum $10 million. Their major focus or we can say their target is to grow in India and the future of India.

They have been Focusing to invest in industries like Industries: Outsourcing, Mobile, Internet, Retail Services, Healthcare, Education, and Financial Services.


Startups Funded by them: Make My Trip, Red Bus, Yepme, PubMatic, TAXI for Sure, Komli

You Should Know them: Sandeep Fakun, Kanwaljit Singh
Investments Made: 40+
Investment value : $600 Million under Management
Contact Details: 8040183333, 01244615333

12. Fidelity Growth Partners

They are a part of fidelity international limited. Adding another fact that they have been investing in India since 2008.

Their investing ranges lie between $10 million to $50 million and along with that they also try to seek a stake in the company.

The industries which sought their interest where they have been putting their money are Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Consumer, and Manufacturing.


Startups Funded by them: Yebhi, Net Magic, etc
You should Know them: Abhinav Sinha,
Investments Made: Not Known
Investments value: Not Known
Contact: Email

13. Norwest Venture Partners

It is a globally acknowledged firm with branches in Indian cities like Bangalore and Mumbai.

This is a multi-stage investment firm that works with Indian entrepreneurs to build their businesses. The industries that they have been looking forward to being the Internet, telecommunications, financial services, and education sector.

NVP could invest up to an amount of $75 million at different stages of your idea. At early stages, it only invests up to an amount of $2 million.


Startups Funded by them: Indus Ind, Komli etc
Investments Made: 30+
Investments value: $200 Million
Contact: 912261501111

14. Kleiner Perkins

If we talk about the current scenario, they have left the Indian market as far as investing is concerned. But before they left India they have made some really serious contributions or you can say investments in Indian companies.

They have invested in around 30 Indian companies. Their idea or reason to leave India was that they thought of shifting their total focus to the US that made them leave India.


You should know them: n/a
Startups Funded by them: In Mobi, Cleartrip, Greendust
Investments Made by them: 30+
Investments Values: $50 Million to $70 Million
Contact: n/a


It was founded in 1915. It is an international firm with a presence in India too. They are a leading multinational media group. They were also listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange in September 1994. There is no defined investing pattern that we’ve noticed over the period they have been investing in industries like Ecommerce, Print Media, Pay Television.


Top Startups Funded: Flipkart, OLX, etc.
You should Know them: N/A
Number of Investments Made: 5 to 10
Value of Investments: Not Known
Contact: Twitter

That was it, these were some insights on venture capital firms in India. All researched information is given, in case of any query comment down below.

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