Top 21 Weight Loss Bloggers (2021 Updated)

In this era everyone wants to be fit, slim and healthy and you must have tried to lose your weight and tried to have a flat belly but I think you have failed to do so. So here we are to give you the details of Top 21 best weight loss bloggers to keep you motivated.

These amazing weight loss bloggers can help you to achieve that slim and fit body. These women not only have their own transformation but they also had a great impact on the audience with their stories, motivational speech and their tips to be healthy.

Thanks to the internet these days, you can find many exercises and diets to be healthy with just one click so if you are thinking about losing your belly fat and getting a slim body for real this time then these inspirational weight loss bloggers will definitely help you and keep you motivated throughout.

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Top 21 Weight Loss Bloggers

1. Erika Nicole Kendall

Losing 170 pounds through diet and exercise, made Erika Nicole to start her blog to help others in the journey. She was a 330-pound couch potato but now look at her, with her strong dedication and motivation she has become a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. 

Kendall writes about fitness, food, beauty and body image on her blog. You can find information about meals, nutrition guide and weight loss planning plans.

Blog: blackgirlsguidetoweightloss

2. Sonia Lacasse

When healthy food comes to mind, we all must think about boring and dull food.  But Sonia Lacasse proved it wrong. A former overweight smoker, Sonia started to write simple personal online food diaries till it became a real passion. 

Now, her blog serves you with delicious and easy recipes and of course nutritious. So, anyone who wants to follow a paleo lifestyle or just wants to eat healthy food, then here they will get wealth of knowledge. 

She herself experimented with different kinds of exercise and diets to shed those pounds. She wishes to inspire you all through her blog to be healthier.

Blog: thehealthyfoodie

3. Andie Mitchell

New York Times, best-selling Author Andie Mitchell shares light and healthy recipes of breakfast, lunch and dinner with great inspiration. She herself lost 135 pounds through eating healthy and better and exercise. 

So, she knows what she is talking about. She always writes like a friend in her blog so that no one feels alone in their weight loss journey. Her memoir, “It was me all along” shares her inspiring journey of her weight loss. 

Her book was also chosen as amazon’s 100 best books in 2015. In her blog she shares you will find about lifestyle, her low carb and healthy recipes and inspirational stories.

Blog: andiemitchell

4. Christina Russell

Health and wellness coach Christina Russell runs a weight loss blog “Body Rebooted“. She took some time off from her work to be able to lose her baby weight. 

She changed her approach to nutrition and tried some new workouts which made her lose weight, feel healthy and have energy and now she empowers women to get a body they see on social media, with her tons of gluten free recipes, self-care tips and home workout videos. Body Rebooted concentrate on these three things- fitness food and family.

Blog: bodyrebooted

5. Katie

Katie, mother of two children, never thought she would become a runner. When she lost 125 pounds, she started the blog to share her thoughts on healthy eating and exercise. Katie shares all the incidents in her life which made her lose weight in her blog. 

You will find many recipes, tales from the day-to-day activity, inspirational stories and resources for the people who wish to start their own weight loss journey with training plans.

Blog: runsforcookies

6. Lisa Cain

Lisa Cain runs the blog which she started with just one thought: what if she could replace chips, ice cream, cookies and candy with something healthier and this idea grew quickly.

It not only got restricted to snacks but she also started including meals and desserts to live a healthy life. 

Now Snack Girl shares healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She shares recipes, views food products and supports those who are in their journey of becoming healthy. You can even get packaged food buying tips on her blog.

Blog: snack-girl

7. Payal Banka

RD Payal Banka is the founder of the blog Dietrrup and she knows your love for food, so she made a diet, your best friend. She has thought “Why starve when you can plan your food!”. 

In her blog you can find varying methods and diets to lose your weight. There are also many posts about PCOS and thyroid, Indian keto diet, pregnancy, diabetes and heart diseases. She also runs her own obesity and Diabetes clinic.

Blog: dietburrp

8. Tina Haupret

Tina Haupret, one of the top weight loss bloggers and founder of carrots ‘N’ cake started this as her personal blog and this blog served as a food diary of sorts to help her get “wedding ready” but this hobby grew into passion. 

Now carrots ‘N’ cake have been greatly evolved as a resource for Wellness. She shares many healthy recipes and exercises to keep you fit and healthy.

Blog: carrotsncake

9. Monica May

A personal trainer, meal planner, nutritionist, cook and writer Monica May inspires and motivates you to be fit and healthy by her diary. Her blog is like a personal fitness blog for all those girls out there who are struggling. 

She supports everyone in their weight loss journey through her diet and exercises and also with her self-care tips.

Blog: fitgirlsdiary

10. Amanda Brooks

The founder of the blog “Run to the finish” Amanda Brooks is certified personal trainer and also an avid runner. She is here to show you a new outlook for living a healthy life. 

She shares healthy eating recipes, workout ideas, Running tips and her personal weight loss journey. She has run this blog since 2007. She started her blog to interact with other runners but now she is sharing her all-running tips here.

Blog: runtothefinish

11. Alexis Eggleton

The founder of one of the most inspirational blogs, Alexis Eggleton shares healthy recipes, positive and inspirational messages and features weight loss success stories in which she also includes her own story. 

In her free time, she loves to hike, bike or do any kind of exercise, cook or prepare healthy recipes. She is here to tell you that you can be healthy without having to sacrifice your favorite food and your smile.

Blog: cardioforcosmos

12. Belly Laugh living

The blog “Belly Laugh living” is run by a mum and daughter duo. They have lost 100 lbs together and they are here to share their journey and provide you with step-by-step picture instructions to develop easy recipes. 

They are sharing all their fat cutting tips, recipes and the kitchen hack which they have learned in their weight loss journey.

Blog: bellylaughliving

13. Jen Mellor

A full-time mum and writer of the blog “Just Average Jen“, Jen Mellor lost 140 pounds through healthy eating. She shares her healthy vegetarian friendly recipes, weight loss tips and difficulties of her life and journey to keep that weight scale down on her blog. 

Her weight loss journey is indeed inspiring and she also showed us that she is nothing but an average. She writes this blog to keep you to be healthy and to help you to live a stress-free life.

Blog: justaveragejen

14. Biz Velatini

Biz, the creator of the blog “My Bizzy Kitchen” is a healthy recipe developer. By working a desk job for nearly 10 years she struggled to maintain a healthy weight and when she became serious about her health, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

Being an insulin-dependent Diabetic, she learnt to navigate her weight loss. In her blog she shares her healthy diabetes friendly recipes, her weight loss journey and a dose of humor.

Blog: mybizzykitchen

15. Monica Olivas

Monica Olivas is a certified running coach, holistic health coach and founder of the blog “Run Eat Repeat” who manages to get her name in one of the top weight loss bloggers. She is a passionate runner who has completed almost 50 half marathons and 30 full marathons. 

She lost 20 Pounds with the help of running and on her blog, she shares running tips, healthy recipes and motivation to help in your weight loss journey.

Blog: runeatrepeat

16. Nicole Morissey

Nicole Morrisey is mother of two little girls, registered dietitian and writer of prevention RD. She lost 75 pounds in a year after being overweight nearly her entire life. 

Her blog is an inspirational guide to a straightforward, practical and maintainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. On her blog she shares numerous healthy recipes and lifestyle to be healthy and fit.

Blog: preventionrd

17. Shelly

Shelly, is the founder of the blog “My journey to fit” and she lost 110 pounds in 2 years. Her blog serves as a way to remember all of her success, failures and plateaus. 

The blogging community supported her throughout her journey of weight loss. This blog is all about running, knitting and everything in between.

Blog: myjourneytofit

18. Becky

Becky, after struggling with her weight nearly entire life and being almost 250 Pounds decided to change her lifestyle. She understands that there is no quick fix and now her philosophy is about making one small change.

With this mindset, she lost over 100 pounds and uses her blog to share healthy recipes with healthy living tips and motivation. She realized her potential to help others in making healthier choices. She is a certified personal trainer and health coach.

Blog: soveryblessed

19. Kelly

In 2010 the blog “no thanks to cake” was created by Kelly as an online journal for documenting her weight loss journey, but later it transformed into a Healthy lifestyle and healthy cooking blog.  

She had shared her weight loss related ups and downs and now sharing how she maintains her weight loss. You will find lots of healthy recipes to put down your weight and to be healthy on her blog.

Blog: nothankstocake

20. Julie

Julie is the weight loss blogger who is a breast cancer survivor, weight watchers’ leaders and Ambassador. On her blog she documents her weight loss journey beginning with 212 Pounds. 

The main motive of her is to stay healthy, maintain the weight and to inspire others to be healthy. She shares weight loss tips and healthy recipes on her blog to find balance throughout your journey.

Blog: theweightofmyweight

21. Faya Nilsson

The writer of the blog “Fitness on Toast” Faya Nilsson, is a personal trainer. She shares healthy and unusual recipes with her clients. She shares effective workout ideas and nutritional tips in her blog. 

Her blog has won the Cosmopolitan and UK Blog Awards ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’. She shares all her knowledge and experience which she has gained as a personal trainer.

Blog: fitnessontoast


The most important thing that we can learn from these stories is that weight loss is not a Cakewalk you have to be consistent, motivated, dedicated and patient but the most important thing is that you should love yourself and feel great about yourself. 

These are top weight loss bloggers who will be there to help you out in achieving your dream body. If you find this information informative, please do share with your friends. If you have any doubt leave us a comment.

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