Top Financial Blogs in India (2021 Updated)

Top 21 Financial Blogs of India | Best Financial Blogs India

We all know that finance is one of the most important aspects of our lives, in one way or the other. So, to build a stable foundation of financial ground, one must well-educated for the same.

It is also a proven and an accepted fact that only a few percentages of the whole population in India is illiterate with respect to finance. Although, now people have started to gain interests in this much avoided field of learning, which is good news.

So, to help these people in building their strong financial ground right, there are many resources which one can use or refer for the same. Here, I have suggested a list of some best financial blogs in India that will help and guide you to secure your future financially, starting from the very moment you start learning.

If you are planning to get yourself educated and prepared for the future, refer this list of 21 Best Financial Blogs in India

List Of Top Financial Blogs in India You Must Follow

1. BasuNivesh

Marking its place in one of the most educative and best financial blogs in India, also referred outside the country. This blog is focused on various personal financial aspects like insurance, loans, tax payments, personal funds, investment and much more can be discovered on his blog.

It was founded by Basavaraj Tonagatti in the year 2011, having the only mission in his mind to spread financial awareness among all as much as possible. Since then he has been writing articles on financial planning, growing his readers time to time.

Besides a blogger, he is professionally a certified Financial Planner for over 10 years and SEBI Registered Investment Advisor. He has written over 750 articles explaining different and easy ways to plan a healthy financial future.

Truly he has been succeeded in his mission so far, educating people all around the globe. The main aim of his blog is to provide the maximum of financial advice he can provide to seekers, also client-dependent services are also provided from his side. He follows the fee-only financial planning strategy to spread this much needed education.



Founded by two renowned personal finance writers and mentors Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai in 2008, who are followed by clients across over 35 countries.

This personal finance blog gives emphasis on educating people about their financial aspects and hence, improving their financial life. They provide investors all the basic awareness to build a strong financial ground.

Manish and Nandish have been writing about personal finance in the form of some famous books and also, conducting many sessions/seminars all around the globe to teach people how to realize they finance structure.



Certified Financial Planner, Sreekanth Reddy is the author and founder of this personal finance blog, which was created with the aim of presenting information in an unbiased and easy manner.

The author is a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from ICFAI Business School. He has been spreading knowledge about personal finances since 2008. Also, he has worked with some reputed companies for Investment Banking related projects.

This blog is about giving basic awareness to people about their personal finances like home loans, insurances, mutual funds, tax planning, stock markets, gold purchasing, etc., basically everything related to personal investments.

This blog is not related to any product selling or service offering, only giving information through this blog medium and readers also will get enough information only through his writings.

Blog: – Personal Finance Blog

4. Apna Plan

This is a personal finance blog emphasizing on different financial aspects like mutual funds, insurance, loans, taxes (saving/returning), budgets, etc.

This blog is considered to be one of the best financial blogs in India due to the quality of knowledge it provides. This blog also has an income tax calculator that provides extreme help.

ApnaPlan was founded by Amit Kumar, an MBA and certified by NSE and for financial planning advices.

Blog: – Apna Personal Finance Guide!

5. Money Excel

Marked its place among the top financial bloggers of India, Money Excel as created by Raviraj to aim about increasing the awareness about financial education among the people.

In this blog, you will find everything related to real estate, stock market, investment, financial planning, and other financial products. As the main motive of Raviraj is of helping the readers to get excellence for money.

 To be noted here, this blog is not affiliated with any sale, purchase of any product or any brokers.


6. TaxGuru

This blog provides you all the updated news, circulars or articles on different finance fields, be it income tax related or be it your personal financial guidance related.

Apart from this, you will also find some valuable courses which will help you increase your financial development and manage the taxes or GST related work.

This blog is only managed by highly educated CAs or specialized people in this field.

Blog: –  TaxGuru- Complete Tax Solution

7. Money Control

India’s one of the most referred, hence, one of best financial blog sites of India. This site contains all the necessary information regarding investments, financial planning, asset management, and much more.

This site was created in the late 1990s with the objective of being the No. 1 in creating a platform for providing people effective knowledge and news related to the finance world.

You can definitely refer this site if you are an investor also, as it is a platform for checking update stock rates and stock market news updates at the end-of-the-day.

Blog: –  moneycontrol

8. Safal Niveshak

This site as founded by Vishal Khandelwal in 2011 with the high aim to teach his all life’s work through this platform.

His writings on this site are about business analysis, value investing, how to deal with when it comes to take hard decisions related to long-term investments.

One thing to be noted here is that after subscribing to this blog, one can get all his e-books, special reports on investing and stock analysis just for FREE.

Blog: –  safal niveshak

9. One Mint

OneMint was started by Manshu Verma in 2006, who is actually not a finance professional rather just a blogger who presents the important information and helps readers to make better financial decisions.

Not to get afraid of that this site contains blogs not written by a finance professional but yes, one can totally refer the amazing work done on this blog.

OneMint does not support any product sale/purchase or anything related to brokers.

Blog: –  OneMint- helps you make better financial decisions

10. Money Gyaan

Money Gyaan is a personal finance blog started by Santanu. His only aim is to provide the best tips and tricks for taking financial decisions about insurances, loans, personal finance, stock market and investment.

Blog: –  MoneyGyaan

11. FinanceBuddy

FinanceBuddy also stands among the best financial blogs in India by the work of its author Jitender Sharma, having more than a decade long experience in this field.

Jitender has been writing and sharing many money saving ideas/hacks, information about credit cards, loans, savings and other finance related services/products.

Here, he also gives important information about marketing and small business/start-up ideas.

Blog: –  FinanceBuddy

12. SubraMoney

The author of Subramoney is Chartered Accountant P.V. Subramanyam.

As the name of his website is interesting, likewise the way of his teachings is also interesting. His method of teaching includes the usage of interesting stories through which he conveys his knowledge related to boring numbers.

He has worked with renowned companies where he gave training on finance related topics.

He is also an author of 3 books, and he has been doing this work for over 19 years now.

Blog: –  Subramoney- We Make Smart People Richer

13. Bank India

Bank India is a banking and finance guide created by Suraj Tandon, an engineering graduate and now a professional blogger.

This blog site gives you information on different types of banking related stuff like banking deposits, tax payments, etc.


14. Be Money Aware Blog

This blog emphasizes on the simple teachings about finances, so that this basic and important education/learning should be understandable and easily available to numerous people out there, at the first place.

The writers do not have financial background, so their writings are very easily understandable and not very hard to memorize as they use interesting images, diagrams or some other pictorial representations to present their thoughts and teachings.

There are writings on the topics like filing income taxes, loans, EPF, PPF, mutual funds, investments, stocks, etc.

Blog: –  Be Money Aware Blog- Let’s simplify Finance

15. Capitalmind

An investment research and wealth management startup, founded by Deepak Shenoy, Capitalmind blog holds content based on original researches on critical financial aspects like investments and trading in the Indian market.

They are a SEBI registered portfolio management service and provide the same based on each clients’ requirements and portfolio.

They also have their own tool “SNAP” that provides analytics and charting solutions. They have a separate community which handles learning and engagement with people having interests related to the same field.

This blog helps people to make decisions related to long term investments and stock market handling.

Blog: –  Capitalmind

16. Cash Overflow

Started by Pradeep Goyal in 2015, one of the top Indian bloggers, making this financial blog to be in the top financial blogs in India.

This blog will guide you through difficult decision-making situations whether in investing, trading, stock market related learning, different types of insurances, loans, banking, and tips for earning money.

All you need to know about to start investment is what you will get here, from selecting the broker platform to how exactly to invest.

Blog: –  Cash Overflow

17. My Investments Pub

My Investments Pub is a personal finance blog which is counted among the best financial bloggers of India. Started by Ravi N, who is a passionate investor.
His aim to create this blog is to teach whatever experiences he has gained so far in the process of investments and saving money and also let people learn from his mistakes done in the same.

He has written a lot and still writing everything he knows related to finance.

This blog has constantly updated news, tips, tricks, and ideas to save, invest and grow your money.

Blog: –  MY INVESTMENTS PUB- Investments unleashed in India

18. Getting Money Wise

A personal finance blog, teaching people how to invest, save and utilize their hard-earned money into something useful, is what Getting Money Wise does.
It was started in 2008 as a free blog and grew to a level where it is being counted as one of the best financial blogs in India.
This blog will give awareness and knowledge about managing your debts, getting knowledge bout various types of insurances, growing a business from small scale, saving your money, credit cards, and much more like this.

Blog: –  Getting Money Wise

19. My Investment Ideas

This finance blog is created by Suresh Kumar Podishetti in 2012. He is a NISM Certified investment advisor and an MBA in Finance.

Through this medium, Suresh shares his 20+ years of experience in stock market and investing, basically playing around money.

This blog contains almost accurate experiences gained throughout these years and tries to aware people about the mistakes or critical aspects of the same.

You will find everything related to mutual funds, investments, insurance plans, stocks, etc.

Blog: –

20. The Financial Literates

The author of the Financial Literates is Hemant Beniwal, a CFP and a owner of Financial Planning Firm in 2009.

You will find writings on this blog based on financial planning, as Hemant believes that it is the only key to financial growth.

You can get help for financial planning, retirement planning, tax planning, mutual funds, insurance, investment planning, etc.You can also schedule an appointment for getting more detailed services.

Blog: –  The Financial Literates- Your Guide In Financial Journey

21. Good Returns

Good Returns is one of the leading best financial advisory blogs in India. It provides live-updated news and personal finance advices.

The interesting part is that this site posts writings in about six languages- English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu.

It as articles covering topics like insurances, mutual funds, taxes, investment, debts, banking, stock market, and also business news, etc. 

It also major aspects of the Indian economy, crude oil, gold. Besides this, you can find FD comparison, gold rates, currency converter and what not like this.

Blog: –  goodreturns

Conclusion (Top Financial Blogs India):

Looking at the success stories of these amazing and best financial blogs in India, we can say neither it is easy to make money nor it is easy to stand by your mark that you have created, it takes a lot of time, patience and courage but definitely, it can happen to anyone.

I hope you got something from this article and if you are also thinking to start your blogging channel, don’t just think, act accordingly and choose your mentors from the above list if you want any guidance.

I know you can achieve it!

Big thanks for reading.

Ritika Bharat
Ritika Bharat
Chief Editor & Technical Content Writer at BrainyWit

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