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There are not so many investors in India as there are out there in the whole world. Despite a humongous population of the world almost 1% of it is in the stock market as they think it is not a SAFE way of investing their money. 

They think keeping their money in the bank is good as they don’t know that due to inflation and interest difference their money loses an average value of 2% yearly. This is the upcoming place where everyone will surely seek upto as this is the most volatile but the most booming industry of India.

There are still numerous investors in India and some are the best who didn’t get lucky, because the only thing that the stock market doesn’t let it be is you get lucky. Either you study hard about that company and invest and get great outcomes or you invest blindly and lose.

Top 10 Investors In India

Top 10 Investors In India

Whenever you ask for the list you have to keep this in mind that there are more than you can think of and even know of. 

Here is a list of the Top 10 Investors In India who got perfect in and outs of any company they put their capital into.


Radhakishan Damani

I would like to put him just above Rakesh jhunjhunwala in the list because they both are connected as Radhakishan is/was the guide to the Rakesh. He was considered the seventh richest person in India in the month of July. 

His net worth is estimated to be around 17.6 billion dollars or 1,16,200 crore. He usually likes to wear white coat as well as white pants and due to that he is said as Mr. White and White. He is also a proprietor of D-store. 

His current portfolio consists of:

  • Avenue Supermarts Ltd (DMART).
  • India Cements Ltd.
  • VST. Industries Ltd.
  • Foods and Inn Ltd.

He holds stock in more than 12 companies but his majority stock is in Avenue supermart which is about 51.48%. The current price of the share is 2237.75 rupees.


Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Whenever you talk about investors in India, the first name that comes up is of him. He has also got the titles of “India’s Warren Buffet”, “the big bull” and more others. The point is he came into the market in 1985-1987 and since then he has almost got all his investment 100% of whatever he invested in. 

His net worth is about 20,000 crore rupees which is around 2.5 billion dollars. He has his own company named ‘Rare Enterprises’, which is taken by the name of him and his wife initials.

His current portfolios consist of: 

  • Aptech Ltd.
  • The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd.
  • NCC Ltd.
  • Rallis India Ltd.
  • Bilcare Ltd.

There are about 30 company’s stocks that he is holding but his majority stock are in these companies.


Raamdeo Agrawal

Founder and joint managing director of Motilal Oswal Group which was co-founded by him in 1987. His net worth is uncertain as of date but he was in a billionaire list of 2018 but unfortunately was dropped off that list in 2019.

His current portfolio consist of the following companies:

  • Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.
  • Maharashtra Scooters Ltd.
  • Bharat Wires Ropes Ltd.

He holds a very less amount of stocks as of now, which is a good thing as he might be waiting for the right stock to get at the right price, but still he is a great investor.


Porinju Veliyath

He comes from a middle class family, now he is the CEO of Equity Intelligence in Cochin, Kerala which he founded in 2002. His net worth is about 21.18 crore. He started at the age of 16 due to family financial problems. 

His current portfolio consist of:

  • Duroply Industries Ltd.
  • Eastern Treads Ltd.

He holds stocks in more than 13 companies but these are the companies in which he has his highest investments of September 2020.


Dolly Khanna

The only lady to come up high on this list but still she doesn’t buy stocks, her husband Rajeev Khanna who is an IITian from IIT Madras who did engineering in Chemical Branch in the year of 1986, does all the investment in her name.

She first came into the stock market in 1986 when her husband invested 1 crore. Her networth to be estimated is 200 crore.

Her current portfolio consist of:

  • Nocil Ltd.
  • Rain Industries Ltd.

These are the only two companies in which she holds the stocks of, as of now.


Ashish Kacholia

He is known for not having any interviews on any news channel. He worked for Prime securities for 4 years to gain knowledge of all the things he needed to rule out in the stock market. 

Then he worked for Edelweiss for an undetermined time but soon after quitting that he got incorporated his own firm, vividly known as Lucky Securities and this was founded in 1995. His net worth is about 700 crore. 

His current portfolio consist of:

  • Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd.
  • CHD Developers Ltd:
  • Vishnu Chemical Ltd.
  • Acrysil Ltd.

This is not it, there are almost 20 companies in which Ashish Kacholia holds the stocks of, but his prime investments are these.


Vijay Kedia

He has been involved in the market since when he was 19. He incorporated a company Kedia Securities pvt Ltd. back in 1995 and its current paid up capital is 76,30,330 unit. His current net worth is 364.1 crore. 

His current portfolio consist of:

  • Lykis Ltd.
  • Innovators Facade System Ltd.
  • Repro India Ltd.
  • Everest Industries Ltd.

These are his current top investments and there are a total of 19 companies in which he holds stakes of different values.


Ashish Dhawan

He is a private equity investor which is like a rare gem to this list. He co-founded and ran Chrysalis Capital for a long time as its CEO for a long time.His net worth is about 1137 crore. 

His current stockholdings are:

  • Palred Technologies Ltd.
  • Greenlam Technologies Ltd.
  • Equitas Holding Ltd.
  • Birlasoft Ltd.
  • IDFC Ltd.

There are more to it, there are 15 stockholdings to Ashish Dhawan.


Nemish Shah

The most intelligent investor according to me as his investment is as diversified as possible he doesn’t take risk by investing in averse. He is the co-founder and director of Enam Holdings. His net worth is estimated to be around 1179.5 crores. 

His top stockholdings are as follows:

  • Shreenath Investments Company Ltd.
  • Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.
  • The Hi-Tech Gears Ltd.

This list is just the trailer of what he holds and there are stakes about 7 % in all the above companies and all the other stocks he holds are below or around 1-3%.


Amit Shah

Yes you read the name right he is in this list because despite his excellence in politics he was a stock broker in 2012 his current net worth is estimated to be around 173.2 crore. He is a great investor and also said to be right hand to the Prime Minister. 

His current stockholdings are:

  • Rekvina Laboratories Ltd.
  • Seacoast Shipping services Ltd.
  • Renaissance Global Ltd.
  • Subway Finance & Investment Co. Ltd.

These are the stocks that compose his main portfolio and this means there are more to it and the list consist of 10 companies as per hear say.

How To Start Investing As A Beginner?

This article might inspire you for investing, but I would suggest you better start with trading. Now this is a new word I introduced to you but it is quite similar to investing.

This can be done for short term, momentum trading as well as long term. There is plenty of youtube content for this on how to open a demat account and I would like to introduce some apps like Zerodha and Alice blueThese apps have a very low brokerage charge.

Zerodha– India’s biggest stock broker offering the lowest, cheapest brokerage rates for futures and options, commodity trading, equity and mutual funds. (Source- Zerodha)

The only thing you have to remember is that when you wanted to get a simple engineering job you were required 4 years of preparation for the entrance 4 years of degree then you get a negligible amount of salary which can be earn in a single day of day trading, but the thing is you have to learn the basics, how the market flows follow a mentor if you think you are incapable, seek for help it won’t happen that your first trade without study would give you a million.

If you follow a specific person read his investments his entry point of investment stock price and his exit point try to buy the stocks when you a have a decent amount of money that way you can earn dividends, and spoilers you will think of quitting it as soon you have your first big loss.

Just for information, when I was offered this I incurred a loss of 600$ that was the size of my portfolio and then I cried for 2 days straight this happened between lockdown but I knew if I stop I would never turn that red amount green.

So, I am accumulating the basic amount and would jump again more concentrated and knowledgeable. Don’t worry everyone has losses so invest the amount that won’t matter to you if you lost. You will learn this in any course or by any mentor you follow.

Use the apps, I mentioned they are for beginners as well as experienced traders as its brokerage charges are too stoop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs on Investors In India)

1. Which country Invests most in India?

Singapore is the country which is the biggest investor in India with the highest FDI equity inflow to India, in the financial year of 2021 which valued around 1036 billion Indian rupees.

2. Who is known as king of Dalal street?

Harshad Mehta, His hand in the scam of Indian securities in the year 1992 made him infamous as a market manipulator. There is also a web series released in the year 2020 on Harshad Mehta’s scam story. 

3. Is there any secret to rich Investors?

The Ultra high net worth individuals or the ultra wealthy does not hold any secret investment strategy. They understand the importance of savings, how to take calculated risks and the basics of investing. They focus on achieving their goals instead of comparing to others.

4. What do investors look for in start-ups?

They generally give attention to the team, market size, product and valuation. They look if at some point the company becomes big so that later, they get a significant return on their investment.

5. Who is the youngest investor in India?

Nikhil Kamath, a 34 year old billionaire is the youngest investor in India. He is a Bangalore born entrepreneur who bagged this title in the last year with his brother and co-founder.


No matter what field you are in, if you have no knowledge of stock market you can consult any of the above listed investor’s companies for financial aid and in my opinion one should at least try once his knowledge not luck in stock market with or without help of his financial advisor.


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