Top 10 Tech Bloggers in India You Must Follow (2022)

The era in which we are dwelling now is the era of technology, digitalization, and online learning. We all know how much we are dependent on certain online platforms for increasing our capabilities in the technological domain. These online platforms are run and operated by some Tech Experts.

Today, let us know and grow our knowledge about some Top 10 Tech Indian Bloggers who write their technology blogs to guide their audience on tech topics and help others in exploring a blogging career by sharing their personal experiences.

However, you might find it difficult to get all the information on a single website. So, to provide you options for understanding tech topics in a detailed manner along with certain tips and tricks from the experienced people in this domain, we have given here a list of the top 10 tech bloggers in India.

And these names are not just randomly picked, rather they are selected on different parameters working here as proof to verify our facts. Continue till the end to know the best tech bloggers of India, so that you do not waste your time selecting your favorite best blogger, and just start learning.

List Of Top Tech Bloggers In India You Must Follow

1. Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal Top Tech Bloggers in India

India’s first professional blogger and one of the best in its kind, Amit Agarwal is an engineering graduate from I.I.T. Roorkee, who is also a Google Developer Expert in Google Workspace and Google Apps Script.

Amit is the founder and owner of the Tech company Digital Inspiration, established in 2004. Digital Inspiration is a platform and vision to assist various businesses in automating their processes and improving their productivity using Google Apps Script, GSuite, and Google Cloud.

Apart from this, the company has developed some amazing Google add-ons which are actually used by some renowned companies worldwide making it to about more than 10 lakh installations till now.

The popular productivity tools like Mail Merge for Gmail and Document Studio are made by this particular company of Amit Agarwal. Besides, they have created projects with various organizations like LinkedIn, Airbus, UK Embassy, and Disney.

He has worked on other several projects like single-page apps, transcription on web browsers, podcasts on Google drive, and also written many scripts and apps around Google drive. This shows his deep interest in tools that make our day-to-day lives much easier.

Winner of many blogging awards and his site being recommended in some popular magazines also, his success story is heard and viewed on different platforms.

Amit has appeared on various TV channels also and is also referred to as the ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker. He is said to be the founder of the Indian blogging revolution.

Income From Blogging:

After working for ADP Inc. for 5 years, he was the first in the country to choose blogging as a professional career. It has been around 16 years since then and this decision has not proven him wrong because he followed what he loved and liked the most.

His readers are from across the globe which proves this point. Instead of coding, he was more into the part of the working of software in any machine and it is continued till now also which is reflected in his work.

He earns from various sources like Google AdSense, contextual ad networks, some direct ads, etc. In addition to these, his other income sources include the revenue collected from the purchasing of premium versions of the tools he has built. Overall, his yearly revenue crosses 5 crores.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blogDigital Inspiration(earlier known as Labnol) -Related to domains like Google services, automation tools, productivity. He also writes about software tips and tricks, tutorials, and how-to guides.

2. Harsh Agrawal


Started the journey of blogging in September 2008, after being placed in one of the reputed I.T. companies, Harsh Agrawal emerged as one of the best technology bloggers from India.

He gained success in his goals of becoming what he is now by devoting a whole lot of time of around 12 years to this field enthusiastically. After all, success needs patience and working hard smartly.

He knew this mantra and used this well to mark his spot in numerous lists like these which include such famous bloggers’ names. As everyone has a story behind their start of the successful journey, likewise, Harsh also had an ‘accidental start’ of his beautiful journey. 

To know more about his amazing journey, click here: Harsh Agarwal’s blogging journey so far

An engineer by education, a successful blogger living a boss-free life, far away from getting regular pay-checks instead giving them to others, and an influencer gathering audience from foreign places also.

Harsh has grown to this by his consistency in making his career as well as others through various seminars he has conducted till date and will keep doing that further also.

Apart from his blogging career, Harsh also runs a company under the name ShoutDreams. All these achievements made him the owner of many renowned awards also, be it in the blogging industry or entrepreneurship.

Income From Blogging:

Quitting his 9-6 decent paying job, Harsh chose to be a full-time blogger which seems to be his best decision in terms of money-making as compared to his corporate job. As stated by himself in one of his blogs, he earns over 4 crores annually through blogging along with some other online activities.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- ShoutMeLoud -Related to domains like SEO, Marketing, WordPress, Podcasting and so.

Tech blog in Hindi- ShoutMeHindi -Related to domains like SEO, Marketing, WordPress, Podcasting, Google AdSense, Bitcoin and so.

Tech blog- CoinSutra -Related to Blockchain technologies and Bitcoin tips

Personal blog- Harsh Agrawal -Related to his personal information and achievements.

3. Ashish Sinha


Graduated from I.I.T Roorkee and I.I.M Bangalore, Ashish Sinha is an entrepreneur now, handling his tech blog very effectively and enthusiastically. He has chosen this as a career and works hard and smartly with his team to evolve his business and push it beyond levels.

Ashish has a well-formed experience in the management of products and building product strategies, which he has gained not only through his studies in this particular domain but also through his real-time adventures.

He has worked earlier with some renowned companies also as a Product Manager. Previously, he provided consultation to businesses through his blogs, which have now grown to help start-ups in build product strategies and connect those companies among themselves.

Income From Blogging:

Ashish gets an estimated income of around 1 to 2 crores from his tech blog.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- NextBigWhat -Related to guide start-ups/businesses on developing product management strategies, leadership, technologies, and entrepreneurship.

4. Amit Bhawani


Starting his web journey in 2004 and with his first blog in 2005, since then Amit Bhawani has been a webmaster and after trying out different ways to practice his love for blogging, he ultimately and successfully launched his first-ever blog site in 2007.

Due to high rankings on his posts and the quality knowledge that he gained about search engine optimization after hard work and practice, he started offering SEO services to his clients also. Amit is a full-time webmaster and a professional blogger.

He also runs a huge team of content writers and members who manage not only one but over 100 blogs and websites that offer information about technology and blogging-related areas.

Amit is the founder of the company Digital World Solutions’, which is about website development and offers its clients services related to the growth of their websites.

He was also a partner in a web hosting platform for the Indian bloggers called the ‘Hostbrains Softwares Pvt. Ltd.’, but it is closed now. He also has got many renowned awards in the mobile field as a part of his blog sites is dedicated to the mobile domain.

Income from blogging:

Amit has declared that he falls in the six-figure blogger’ category. Former owner of 2 companies, current owner of a company including various blogging sites and websites, Amit earns a few crores annually. 

Blog Sites Owned(Most-Prominent):

Tech blog- Phone Radar -Related to phone news, latest launched or even upcoming mobiles, and video reviews on mobiles in the market. 

Tech blog- Android Advices -Related to news and tutorials of installations related to android related gadgets plus the latest and up-to-date information on android devices. 

Amit Bhawani Blog -Related to blogs on his internet and technology experiences. 

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5. S.Pradeep Kumar


Pradeep Kumar, an engineering graduate, and a professional blogger started his blogging journey in his school days, but then he used to write his blogs on some free common platforms.

But began writing on his blogging site when he was 17, which was in 2009. Got aware at a very young age, and as soon as he knew the power of blogging, he decided to take his blogging love seriously.

It has been over 14 years since his start, and he has multiplied his areas of work, but his basics are the same. He is the owner of a blog network and web consulting media named ‘Slashsquare’, which started in 2011.

Besides, he also owns many other blog sites that include informative content about inspiring people to reach heights in this domain.

Under his network, he has diversified the areas of his content, like he has created some Facebook groups, each related to different areas such as gaming, food, books, photography, and traveling, to name a few.

Some of these domains also have separate blog channels that are listed in the upcoming section. Despite being the founder and owner of many informative blog channels and networks, Pradeep has never disappointed his audience. His name is always taken whenever it is about the best tech bloggers in India. 

Income From Blogging:

It is estimated that Pradeep Kumar earns around 2-4 crore per annum throughout all his blogging career.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- HellBound Bloggers -Related to domains like SEO, Web Hosting, e-commerce, WordPress, useful tools related to blogging, making money online, and some tips about businesses and social media. 

Tech blog- HostLater -Related to tips and tricks about web hosting, tech news, and marketing guides. 

Tech blog- DeviceBAR -Related to gadgets/electronic devices covering a huge variety of the same, irrespective of the type. 

Movie blog- MoviesDrop -Related to all leading genre movies, documentaries, and TV shows along with their reviews, explanations, and updates. 

Personal blog- Pradeep Kumar S -Related to his personal contact information, thoughts, and achievements through his blogs.

6. Srinivas Tamada


Srinivas Tamada is professionally a UI architect and a part-time tech blogger, popular for his detailed and informative lessons on various prominent domains of mainly web technologies.

He started his tech journey with the not-so-loved programming language, PHP, but he ultimately proved all the taboos wrong about PHP through his success and constant growth in this journey.

He began his blogging career as soon as he started working professionally as a PHP programmer for a company as his first-ever job. Although since then, Srinivas has worked with many tech companies and grown himself in the field of UI (user interface) development.

Currently, he is working with Equifax. Like his professional life, he is personally also drawn towards we development and these interests can be effectively seen in his work.

Besides the blogs that he writes, he also makes videos and products based on web development. Srinivas has developed a social networking software called ‘Wall Script’, which is a mere reflection of his proficiency in the web development sector.

This software is used for building a private social network, whether for a business, university, club, or any such organization/group of people.

Income From Blogging:

Though the blogger has not revealed his income, it has been estimated that he collects revenue of about 1-2 crore per annum through his blog, which is his side income only.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- 9lessons -Related to the web technology domain, teaching on website designing and programming, including tutorial blogs on JavaScript, PHP, ReactJS, jQuery, social script building, and so on.

7. Ankit Kumar Singla


Ankit Kumar Singla is one of the young and very popular full-time bloggers from India. He started his blogging journey in 2009 when he realized that this is what he has to do for the rest of his life.

To be quoted here, this wonderful and expert blogger is only in his mid-twenties! Choosing blogging as a career path turned out to be the greatest decision that made him what he is today.

His blog’s mission is to help others build their digital assets and make money from them by teaching tips and tricks about the same. It has been over 11 years since his first-ever blog, but he has owned a blogging site since only 2013.

His journey and adventures are a treat to know, also appreciated by some other top bloggers of India. He is not only a professional blogger but also an affiliate marketer and a public speaker as well.

He speaks at many conferences and seminars and teaches at his signature program ‘Master Blogging Pro’ course, which helps other bloggers to master this field from scratch.

Although 98% of the blogging basics will be covered from his blog only, if you also want to eat the cheery on top of the cake, you must enroll in his course.

To enroll click here:- Master Blogging Pro Ankit also has an online store, Ankit Singla Store, where you can view and buy all of his courses or rule books for getting tips and basic rules for writing your content or increasing your blogging sense. 

Apart from these achievements, Amit has also been featured in various renowned news sites and popular magazines for the amazing success story and experiences that he has. 

Income From Blogging:

He is a digital entrepreneur and a professional blogger who also has his courses and rule books for other people to buy and learn extraordinary things from them at a genuine price. As Ankit stated, all of his assets collectively earn him a revenue of over 50 lakhs annually.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- Master Blogging (earlier known as Blogging Tips Tricks) -Related to SEO, affiliate marketing, blogging tips, money-making hacks, or so.

Personal blog- Ankit Singla -Related to his personal information, some of his recommendations to other bloggers, and a view of all his products/courses.

8. Rajesh Namase


Rajesh Namase is an I.T. engineer by qualification, but his profession is full-time blogging and search engine optimization. His name comes whenever there is a discussion of tech geeks in the blogging world.

It all started when he decided to quit his decent-paying I.T. job after his graduation completed in 2012. However, the spark for blogging was lit in 2010. From the start, he did blogging along with affiliate marketing, which was quite an in-boom those days.

Rajesh is very well aware of what magic can blogging do in this world and knows its bright future as well. This becomes enough reason to justify that he owns over 35 domains which are mainly for affiliate sites and niches, but he is active only on one of them, which is his main blogging site.

However, he wanted to start his blogging with some differences that could make his content other than usual. So, one of his content topics was theme modifications, and one could say that this created a stir in the market full of other tech content.

In short, he is a digital entrepreneur, an internet marketer, an expert in blogging, and a geek in search engine optimization. His work areas may not be diversified, but surely, he knows well what he is doing with his well-skilled team and having a basic parent domain keeps him focused throughout which can be very well seen in his work.

Having said that, he is the co-founder of two companies, one for guiding businesses about marketing, named Prudour, and another WebGeeksMedia for managing their online businesses, both related to his niche. 

Income From Blogging:

Income sources for Rajesh arise from those domains, which are his expertise. He runs two companies in partnership, and of course, his blog also serves as a revenue source.

So, it is estimated that he should be earning a decent amount of money, although he does not think money to be the major boss here; hence, he never talks about it.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- TechLila is Related to technology guides on several operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Linux, Android, their how-to guides, tips and tricks, and tutorials along with some genuine unbiased reviews.

Tech blog- Blogging Tips -Related to guidance on blogging, SEO, WordPress, web hosting, tips for online money-making for the beginners of this field. 

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9. Abhijeet Mukherjee


Not a college-goer, Abhijeet Mukherjee graduated through correspondence while working at a call center for helping out people with their technology-related problems, but little did he know that this practice of helping out people with their tech queries will make him a Tech Guide of the era and give him success just by doing so.

He worked with reputed companies before he entered the blogging field. His love for writing was always there, and the want for self-employment pushed him to quit his job and start his blogging career in 2008 from a personal blog related to tech topics.

He soon picked up the pace to begin his professional blog asset finally in 2010. His restlessness and eagerness to grow, led to make him a professional blogger and the CEO of ‘Guiding Media’, which was started in 2015, covering a large variety of consumer tech topics.

Abhijeet has grown over the years from being just a blogger to a supervisor, strategist, a businessman, and whatnot. He has served many renowned companies also through this domain. Not only personally, but he plans to up-scaling his company also.

He has updated his blog site very much from the very start according to the latest trends and interests of people but never compromised on the quality of the content. 

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- Guiding Tech is Related to technology guides to solve various consumer tech problems and help them in gadget buying decisions. 

Personal blog- Abhijeet Mukherjee Book Notes -Related to notes from some of his favorite and best books from which one can take some advice in the related field. 

10. Imran Uddin


A mechanical engineering college dropout, Imran Uddin chose entrepreneurship, followed by blogging and then digital marketing. This was a tough decision, but he proved himself in the domain.

Started as a young blogger, he still manages to make his mark on the list of top tech bloggers in India. Since his start in the field in 2011, he has been increasing as a blogger and never looked back.

Mastering SEO and digital marketing, he has grown his blogging into a business by founding a company ‘All Tech Media’ focusing on digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Income From Blogging:

His main source of income is from Google AdSense and direct ads. His marketing sense really gets him revenue, which is estimated to be in lakhs per annum.

Blog Sites Owned:

Tech blog- AllTechBuzz -Related to tips and tutorials about WordPress, SEO, technology, making money online, phones, and accessories.

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Conclusion (Top Tech Bloggers In India):

Looking at the success stories of these amazing and best tech bloggers in India, we can say neither it is easy to make money nor it is easy to stand by the mark that you have created, it takes a lot of time, patience, and courage but definitely, it can happen to anyone.

I hope you got something from this article and if you are also thinking to start your blogging channel, don’t just think, act accordingly and choose your mentors from the above list if you want any guidance. know you can achieve it!

Big thanks for reading.

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