Top 10 Travel Bloggers in India (2022 Updated)

Leave Nothing but Footprints. Take Nothing but Pictures. Kill Nothing but Time. Say Yes to Adventure.

Travel bloggers in India are gaining recognition day by day. Most people’s dream is to travel. Who wouldn’t enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people, and feasting on new cuisine? Plus, those thrilling adventures you get to have – those lovely beaches, majestic mountains, crystal clear river valleys, vivid and colorful flora — the world is rich in unknown yet beautiful locations that have kept many of us on our toes.

We’ve all heard at least one of our coworkers talk about quitting their jobs to travel the world, but how many people make a living off of being on vacation full-time or part-time? There aren’t many.

These are some of the most well-known social media-savvy travelers and digital nomads who are inspiring others to pursue what makes them happy and take risks.

Every city, town, and village in India has a different language, culture, food, dress, traditions, and climate. There are so many amazing lesser-known gems buried away in far-flung locations that go undiscovered most of the time.

This is where travel bloggers come in, shedding light on such beauties for the rest of us to uncover. There are a plethora of travel bloggers in India that have visited various locations and explored the unknown. These are the people who have abandoned their traditional job paths in favor of wanderlust as a path and a passion.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of fantastic travel bloggers in India for you to follow and stay informed while you plan your next trip to see some hidden gems.

Having a list of favorite and informative travel blogs that helps you to inspire and also plan your holidays is cool. Isn’t it? By reviewing many travel blogs, considering the quality and original content, we listed all the 10 Best Travel Blogs in India to help you out. It’s the dedication and uniqueness of these bloggers that helped them to be on the top.

Keeping this article crisp and easy, let’s get started. Keep on reading. Keep on the Curiosity.

Top 10 Travel Bloggers In India to Follow for Travel Freaks


Shivya Nath - Top travel bloggers

The shooting is a blog run by Shivya Nath. Hailing from the beautiful valley of Dehradun (Uttarakhand). Shivya quit her job in 2011 and set a mission to inspire many young women who are passionate to travel and want to be independent in life.

She has been honored with many travel blogging awards. The shooting star stands out as one of the best travel blogs in India.

  • She has been featured among Travel + Leisure‘s 15 trailblazers of 2021
  • Awarded gold for best communicator at the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards India (2020)
  • Featured by National Geographic Traveler (global) among travelers of color smashing stereotypes (2020)
  • Featured by Conde Nast Traveller among Instagram accounts to follow if you care about the planet (2020)
  • Featured among Positive Women in Travel for Ethics & Consciousness (2020)
  • Featured by The Washington Post among travelers changing the way we think of the world (2019)
  • Winner of the Best Indian Travel Blogger at Indian Blogger Awards and many more.

Blog: the-shooting-star dot com


Indrani Ghose 

For almost ten years from now, Indrani Ghose has been working on travel blogs. She creates unique content which is the reason for the success of her blog. Before starting her career as a freelance writer, she was a trained engineer in the Indian Air Force. 

She also expanded her blog to global travels. She has traveled to over 19 countries and more than 225 cities.

Her blog is filled with patriotism and she successfully covered all the domestic wonders. In her blog, you will see British PM Theresa May dressed up in a full-blown traditional Indian saree during her visit to India recently. Her blog is a mix of both interesting facts and information.

Blog: isharethese dot com



Lakshmisharath is already a well-established journalist. She switched her media desk job for a continuous traveling life hustles.

She beautifully publishes her backpacking travel tales as she sets out every nook and corner of India, where she magically explains our heritage, culture, history, and also mythology. 

She also keeps her blog so informative as she pens down her own experiences about all the mysterious places she visited. 

She is among the Top Indian travel influencers out there and also has been featured repeatedly in global as well as national publications from National Geographic Traveller to the Deccan herald. Her work makes her blog stand out as the best travel blog in India. 

BlogLakshmisharath dot com


Dheeraj Sharma

This is one well-curated and systematized one by Dheeraj Sharma. He dedicated this blog to appreciate the beauty of the great and ancestral Himalayas. 

His subtle way of writing about the snow-filled pleasant Himalayan valleys is impressive. 

Dheeraj Sharma is a software employee, you might be surprised how he handles both his work and maintaining the blog, this is what is unique about his blogs. 

He is extremely passionate about traveling which is undoubtedly depicted in his blog.  

Blog: devilonwheels dot com


Mridula Dwivedi 

For the past few years, Mridula Dwivedi has been successfully running her blog Travel tales from India. Firstly, it all started with just a simple article about traveling in India, since then she has gradually expanded her outlook. 

She gave up her academic career just to focus on writing and blog cover articles. This precisely explains how dedicated and determined she is, towards her work.

Her blog has almost all the things covered, whether it is monsoons in Kerala or the hot deserts of Rajasthan, she handled everything with ease. Mridula Dwivedi is also honored by getting featured by the BBC and also the Guardian. Nothing could stop her blog from being the best travel blog in India.

Blog: Traveltalesfromindia dot in


Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal has been running the blog for over a decade now. She has traveled every nook and corner of India including the less-visited extreme north. 

She keeps her content clear, confident, and fearless. She also does Indian bird photography on her blog, which is genuinely impressive. These things make her blog attractive, informative, and unique. These things make her blog attractive, informative, and unique and make her blog the best travel blog in India.

Blog: inditales dot com


Siddhartha Joshi - Travel Blogger

Siddhartha Joshi is a product designer by profession and a blogger (The by passion. He travels around the world and captures the heritage, culture, cuisine, magnificent beauty and posts them on his blog.

His subtle way of maintaining his blog is what makes him unique to others. His subtle way of maintaining his blog is what makes him unique to others and stands out as the best travel blog in India.

Blog: sid-thewanderer dot com


Sankara Subramanian

Sankara Subramanian is a biking blogger, who runs the blog named 

In this blog, he talks about various topics about traveling. He left his high-paying corporate sales job and chose to travel around the world, which he was passionate about. 

He also captures photographs that are a feast to the eyes. His photography got featured in National Geographic Traveller India magazine.

Blog: beontheroad dot com



Sandeepa and Chetan, a couple from Mumbai maintain this personal blog named

They incidentally sold their house to travel the world, two years ago. This shows how passionate they are about traveling. 

Be it, the best topography in India, trekking areas or best train journeys, or about anything and everything about traveling, their blog has it all. 

They also give you the information about the electronic gadgets and photographic set-ups they use for capturing moments in their Our track gear section separately. So keep track of them and keep on traveling too.

Blog: sandeepachetan dot com



Prasad NP is a sole voyager, passionate traveler, self-certified man. He runs a blog named

What makes him stand out unique as a top blogger is because of the eye-catching photos he takes.

His pictures perfectly portray the spirit of India. If you want to learn about traveling tips in-depth, you will find answers for everything in his blog.

Blog: desitraveler dot com

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Some More Top 10 Travel Bloggers in India – Honourable Mentions


Arti is a Mumbai-based blogger, who runs the blog named If you are passionate about traveling, her blog is the best option. 

Her blog inspires you and boosts your interest in traveling to various places. With a slight poetical touch, she relates her own experiences and writes the blog. 

This strategy is the reason for her blogs being unique. Her blog focuses mainly on the spiritual landing places in India. 

She says it as a personal attestation for her continuous and unending affection for love and seeking the truth. She is honored and got quoted in The Hindu and also got featured frequently on the travel website of Times of India

Blog: myyatradiary dot com


This blog is run by two active travel enthusiasts from Mumbai. Their blog content will give you the true spiritual essence of Indian heritage and culture.

It is useful, particularly for travelers from foreign, who are looking forward to coming to India.

The content they post on their blog is very much useful and informative. They also provide essential information about navigation.

 Blog: indiasomeday dot com


Tony John from Kerala and his equally enthusiastic crew’s passion for traveling is depicted in their blog named 

This Indian Traveling blog is extremely useful for people who want to explore tour and travel companies, accommodations, and many more.

They provide valuable information that helps you to escape the ordinary and visit places on your bucket list.

Blog: indiatravelblog dot com


  • Ruchika Vyas with her blog Traveller stories explores the places that are lesser visited. She is a risk-taker and a passionate traveler. 
  • Her blog platform reflects her work and the philosophies she follows and we can know a lot about various unknown destinations. The way she represents her blog ideas is absolutely impressive. The way she represents her blog ideas is absolutely impressive. All these above-mentioned things collectively make her blog, the best travel blog in India.

Blog: travellerstories dot com

What do travel bloggers do?

Travel bloggers or travel writers are someone who travels all over the world, visit a destination location in order to gather fascinating, educational experiences that they later post on their blog, and derive their income from various sources. To be precise, their blog is a depiction of what they see and do while traveling.

How do travel blogs help us?

Travel blogs introduce us to places, adventures we didn’t know existed. They inspire us to travel and explore various exquisite places. To be accurate travel bloggers are nothing but storytellers. We all need some sort of story to expand our boundaries.

The fact is we won’t be able to visit every destination, but we can inevitably learn about people and places through their stories. Travelling is one of the best ways to escape the ordinary and gives you the chance to learn more about yourself. It helps you grow.

The beauty that nature offers is what makes one take up travel as a passion. Everyone wants to travel least to their closest destinations, while some take up travel full time. All the best Indian travel bloggers are prime examples of this. Some even take it so seriously and end up making a living out of it, which indeed is the best occupation that one can have. “Earning Out of Your Passion“.

Travel brings new experiences and connects new people. It makes the world a better place by bringing harmony and bringing together various cultures and traditions. Besides, tourism is also one of the most significant sources of income for a country. Countries with the most exotic places have a great deal of money flowing in through tourism.

Frequent traveling helps you to understand the insights into who you are in reality. Traveling is the best remedy for stress, anxieties, and depression. It helps you to change your perspective towards life and makes you feel fresh. So, include traveling in your life and stay optimistic.

Hope this article made your quests about traveling much easier, informative, simple yet compiled, and interesting. So don’t just wish and dream about places you want to visit, go through this article and the blogs mentioned above, seek the information and inspiration too, and slay in traveling.

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