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Find Your Friends Location

Hey there…

Your friend is in a different location or in a different place from you and you want to find your friend’s location??

Probably, to find a location we need the IP address of that person’s personal device i.e mobile and GPS location must be on to find the exact location.

There are many different but hard ways which are generally used by hackers but this trick which I’m going to tell you is easy to implement.

It doesn’t show you the exact address but finds the location of a city, IP address and also the information about the internet service provider(ISP) so let’s do it…

  • Open your google go to the “” open the site.
  • Create a shortened link, send the created link to your targeted person. 
  • He/She has to click on this link.
  • Then back to the site, and check the logged IP’s you’ll see the location of that person, IP address and which network he/she uses currently.
  • Below site will open in your browser.
Track Your Friend Location
  • Type the link name which you want to create for example, I created FACEBOOK.COM 
Track Your Friend Location
  •  Click on shorten button it will take you to the another page.

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Track Your Friend Location
  • Copy the link “your IP logger link” and send it to the targeted person after that person goes on this link,
  • Go back to the site and click on Logged IP’s and refresh the page. Hence, you will see that you have got that person’s location.
Track Your Friend Location
  • The above image shows the IP address and location of the targeted person who clicks on the link which I created and you can see the results.
  • The same thing you can do with “”.
  • Hence using the IP address we can find the location not exact but nearly can find.
  • An Internet protocol is a 32-bit address every device has, due to this we can trace that device.
  • This technique is used for many purposes but in different ways, this is just a simple and fun way to find the location.
  • This is only for the learning purpose, don’t use this for illegal purposes because everyone’s privacy is important and we don’t have any right to disturb them.


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