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Track Your Friend Location

Find Your Friends Location ​

Hey there…

Your friend is in a different location or in a different place from you and you want to find there location??

Probably, to find a location we need the IP address of that person’s personal device i.e mobile and GPS location must be on to find the exact location.

  •  There are many different ways but its hard to do which is generally used by hackers but this trick which I’m going to tell you is easy to implements.
  •  It doesn’t show you the exact address but finds the location of a city, IP address and also the information about the internet service provider(ISP) so let’s do it…
  • Open your google go to the “” open the site.
  • Create a shortened link, the created link send to your targeted person. 
  • He/She has to click on this link if the person clicks the link you created.
  • Then back to the site, and check the logged IP’s you will see that you’ll find the location of that person, IP address and which network he/she uses currently.
  • Below site will open in your browser.
Track Your Friend Location
  • Type the link name which u want to create similarly I create FACEBOOK.COM 
Track Your Friend Location
  •  Click on shorten button it will take you to the another page.

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Track Your Friend Location
  • Copy the link “your IP logger link” and send it to the targeted person after that person goes on this link,
  • Back to the site and click on Logged IP’s and refresh the page .hence you will see that you find that person’s location.
Track Your Friend Location
  • The above image shows the IP address and location of the targeted person who click on the link which I created and you can see the results.
  • The same thing you can do with “”.
  • Hence using the IP address we can find the location not exact but nearly can find.
  • An Internet protocol is a 32-bit address every device has due to this we can trace that device.
  • This technique is used for many purposes but in different ways, this is just a simple and fun way to find the location.
  • This is only for the learning purpose, don’t use this for illegal work because everyone’s privacy is important and we don’t have any right to disturb them.


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