What are Internet Bot?

The Complete Guide To Internet Bot

Internet bot is a software or a robot which is build for performing some task and the task may be legal or illegal, i.e some hackers build the internet bots to perform their illegal tasks like, perform DDoS attack, steal data, send spam, and allows the attacker to access the device and its connection.

  • Internet bots are generally used for time consuming task, the task which is impossible for humans and for repetitive task.
  • Like random comments on the YouTube videos or comments on blog most of the traffic on blogs, YouTube and internet is due to internet bots.
  • “Internet bots are programmed by programmers, hackers they program the internet bots according to them for what the task they want to perform by internet bots.”
  • Mostly the internet bots are used for destructive and harmful way, being so that it considered as a malware.

Types Of Different Internet BOTS​

Chat bots: Chat bots is a type of Internet bots who are build to communicate with humans in natural languages, it also communicates with other bots means a chat bot can communicate with other chat bot, like Natasha on Hike. She is a chat bot robot she chats with us, get users’ query and replies them. This chat bots are made by using Artificial Intelligence which can simulate conversation.
  • The ‘Siri’ , ‘Alexa‘, ‘Google assistence’ these are the super chat bots and capable of having conversation with real life human assistant.
  • Crawlers: Crawlers is the programs that visits the web pages and reads the sites and creates the entries for a search engine index like a Google web crawling bot used to update and add new pages to the Google index and these are also called as spiders.
  • Transactional bots: These are trained on top of structured data and can do a set of limited operations. Like think of what a bank operator can do for you over the phone, verify your identity, block your stolen credit card, give you the working hours of nearby branches and confirm an outgoing transfer or so.
  • Knowledge bots: Knowledge bots are programmed  to search for any information, it provides the information of any topic, like how do I reset my password? or How to install this software and etc.
  • Entertainment bots: Art bots, Game bots these are the internet bots which are used in entertainment area for gaming, arts, YouTube and many more. add music selection, auto play these task are done by these entertainment bots.

CONCLUSION (Internet Bots):​

The internet bots are nothing but the robots created by humans for doing different tasks which use Artificial Intelligence and make use of Machine learning algorithms.


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