What Happens In An Internet Minute 2021? (Updated)

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The extent of digital activities happening in just one minute over the internet is that which you can not even measure. 

This increase in the rate of activities resulted in 4.5 billion internet users today and it is incredibly increasing day by day. This article will help you to know what happens in an internet minute.

How times have changed?

Youtube, Instagram, Twitter from the past five years till now hold their position on top. However people are losing their interest in the Apple day by day. 

Online shopping apps are getting more and more popular which increases their uses. Due to this pandemic, platforms like Zoom, Microsoft team are getting more users.

Netflix is becoming trending and most of us wants its subscription. People are spending more time on social media platforms like Whats-App, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder and many more.

Let’s see what happens in an internet minute.

This is what happens in an Internet Minute in 2020


E-commerce is a booming industry and most of the people prefer to shop just sitting in their homes. People are spending more than $1 million over buying things online in just one minute all over the world. Amazon ships 6,659 packages to meet up the demands of the people. 

Cash transfers 

On Venmo, around $240,000 cash transfers occur in an internet minute. This serves as catalyst for the parental company PayPal and evolved along successfully with Fintech trends. The stocks of PayPal trades nearly all time high nowadays.

Collaboration tools

The tools like Zoom and Microsoft host around 208,333 and 52,083 users in just one minute respectively. As seeing the condition of this pandemic, this shows that this trend is going to stay for long. 

In 2020, the pandemic has forced us to explore new things over the internet and towards web-based app or tool to stay connected with our loved ones and outside the world.

Facebook: The biggest social network where 973,000 logins in an internet minute and uploads 147,000 photos just in a minute and shares 150,000 messages.

WhatsApp: The most popular app for texting over internet shares 41,666,667 messages in an internet minute.

Instagram: In this trending social media platform, 174,000 feeds are scrolled every minute with 347,222 stories getting uploaded on the users’ account.

Google: Google answers 3.7 million search queries in just a minute. It is the most popular search engine among people.

Twitter: This social media platform where people share their thoughts to larger mass gains, 319 new users every minute and 481,000 tweets are sent in an internet minute.

YouTube: This is the most popular video sharing and watching platform where 4.3 million videos are viewed in just a minute and 500 hours of videos get uploaded on this platform.

Messages: The very first text messaging app but it still receives 18 millions text every minute.

Google Play store: Google’s pre installed app where people download 375,000 apps in a minute.

Spotify: A music streaming platforms where 28 tracks are added to the music library and 40,000 hours are spent.

LinkedIn: The world largest professional networking website gets 120 new users in an internet minute and 69,444 people uses it to apply for jobs.

Snapchat: This multimedia app where you can send messages via photos or videos that provides you with many filters and creates 2.4 millions snaps.

Netflix: The subscription based streaming platform where users stream 404,444 hours of videos. 

Tinder: The online dating app gets 1.1 million swipes from their users. 

Emails: 187 millions emails are sent through this in an internet minute.

What Happens In An Internet Minute 2020

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People make 1,388,889 video calls or voice calls and spend $3,805 on mobile apps. 

Consumers are spending $1,000,000 online. Tik-tok is getting installed 2,704 times/minute. 479,452 people are seen to engage with content on Reddit.

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